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Advantage Modi-Series-9/2015

Advantage Modi-Series-9/2015                                                                              14 /02/2014
Modi during electioneering: Shivalaya se pahle shauchalaya-uttered only once, May be sangh directions to balance his statements towards Hindurva.
Sloganeering : Achche Din Aane Wale Hain/Abki Bar Modi Sarkar/Less Govt more governance/Sabka Vikas Sabke Sath. And now, Rise of Hindu Rhetoric and Voice of fundamentalist is more vocal. Inflation/Corruption/Black Money/Women’s Safety is in the background.
Too Much Hindutva Rhetoric : Modi’s silence on communal speeches by members of the Sangh casts a shadow on his governance. Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Union Minister of State “Aapko tay karna hai ke Delhi mein sarkar Ramzadon ki Banegi ya haramzadon ki (you must decide whether you want a government of those born of Ram or of those born illegitimately),” she said at a public event in Delhi in December.
Yogi Adityanath, BJP MP : “The issue of ‘ love jihad’ would certainly be an issue,” the Yogi had declared ahead of by election in Uttar Pradesh.
Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MP : “Madrasas are making them terrorists and jihadis. It is not in national interest,” Sakshi Maharaj had said in September. “Godse was a nationalist. Gandhiji also did a lot for the nation,” Maharaj was quoted as saying in Maharashtra in December.
But I have promises to break
10 of Feb a historic day of Delhi. 67 seats going to AAP- a party of less than two years existence. Congress in any case was destined for bashing and to near decimation. BJP’s deduction to just 3 seats is amazing & astonishing 22 cabinet ministers, 120 MP’s and all CM’s of BJP ruled states were pumped in. As a last sort MODI factor was also brought in. Though BJP is not accepting, but this defeat  is certainly a referendum on MODI’s functioning. Briefly 4 ‘S’ s Sangh (RSS) Sangathan (org) Sarkar (the Control govt.) and lastly Shah (Amit Shah) The BJP president are responsible for BJP’s debacle in Delhi.
Narendra Modi’s first eight months in office reflected “ache sitare” (lucky stars) more than “ache din” (good days). But luck can turn nastily. Suddenly, dark global clouds over Russia (and maybe even China) signal the risk of “bure din” (bad days) ahead.
Rashtra Neeti National Agendra by Sarsangh chalak –RSS and BJP to frame RajNeeti Accordingly.

Wake up India

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