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Modi as PM World View“ The Future of India as a democratic country is at risk”

Modi as PM World View“  The Future of India as a democratic country is at risk”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Silicon Valley later this month. But over 137 US-based academics and intellectuals have already filed a petition to the Silicon Valley Enterprises expressing concern about Modi and his ‘Digital India’ campaign. It is not surprising that Richard A. Falk is one of the petitioners. The professor emeritus of law at Princeton University, a highly respected academic, has always been an outspoken critic of governments and policies that violate human rights and civil liberties. 

I and others have questions about Narendra Modi’s record on religious tolerance, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression. Digital India as an initiative has enormous potential to affect positive social change, but it simultaneously poses dangers for abuse. The Modi administration can make use of digitalization to target members of minority communities or those who are critical of its policies.

The fact that a policy or program is popular does not make it right or suggest the in appropriateness of constructive criticism. We have witnessed this tension between what is popular and what is right numerous times in recent history, perhaps most vividly with respect to the implementation of US foreign policy. Modi’s support appears to rest on several factors, but he and his administration have at times disturbingly invoked Hindu nationalist rhetoric to gain the enthusiastic backing of the Hindu majority, raising insecurities among minority, raising insecurities among minorities.

I will not comment too much on internal dynamics. I have come to believe that democratic institutions have been weakened under Modi’s administration. It’s true that some of these anti-democratic tendencies were evident in the behaviour of prior Indian governments, but it is also the case that the last administration brought out the Right to Information package of reforms that has greatly increased government transparency. The background of his record as Gujart CM and the experience of his first year as PM gives rise to a legitimate concern that the future of India as a democratic country is at sufficient risk. Yes, they are relevant even legally: there is currently an undecided appeal in the Gujarat judicial system that raises serious questions about whether Modi took adequate steps to control the Gujarat violence in 2002, and whether he was actively implicated in its unfolding.

Silicon Valley Enterprises has a great deal of influence and wealth, perhaps in some respect greater than that possessed by any government. Outsourcing labour is very convenient for many corporations, and not just for Silicon Valley Enterprises. So some questions we have about the Digital India initiative involve anticipated impacts on basic labour conditions in India that are presently poor and often abusive. It is important that digital India evolves in tandem with the protection and advancement of fundamental rights of all workers. On the one side, given the current agenda of security threats, all governments engage in espionage. On the other side, all states criminalize activities that target state secrets. This creates ethical and political confusion, making it difficult to distinguish heroes from villains. The US has the most extensive, sophisticated, and intrusive systems of surveillance in all of history. One of the reasons to be concerned about Digital India or digital America is that the borderline between the pursuit of reasonable levels of state security has become almost indistinguishable from the Orwellian nightmare state of permanent war and total control over people.

An extract of an interview published in outlook Sept.2015

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AsI Saw It: Boycott, Not Sehwag

Boycott, Not Sehwag                                                                                                       14 Sept 2015

Modi’s record on economic reforms contrasts unfavourably to NDA under Vajpayee
It Prime Minister Narendra failing the India right? On the face of it, the very notion appears preposterous . For the true believer it verges on heresy.
After all, no other BJP leader can claim credit for dramatically catapulting his party from the margins to the heart of national power. No other right wing politician-neither Atal Bihar Vajpayee as prime minister, nor Lal Krishna Advani in his heyday-ever enjoyed such nationwide popularity. On social media cultural and economic conservatives don’t always see eye to eye, but both tend to agree that the prime minister is India’s tallest leader by a distance.
On foreign policy-recent flip-flops on Pakistan notwithstanding- Modi has given the right little cause for complaint. His successes include boosting ties with the US and Japan, publicly embracing the special relationship with Israel, and building a bridge to the vast Indian diaspora. On social issues the prime minister has done little, either for good or for ill, belying exaggerated fears of the threat he posed to secularism. The disappointment stems, ironically, from what was supposed to be Modi’s great strength-his stewardship of the economy.
Thus far, Modi’s approach to the economy has been timid and lacing in any obvious conviction. His over reliance on the bureaucracy suggests a prime minister who has yet to outgrow a chief ministerial style of administration.
Despite being constrained by coalition politics, Vajpayee set out to curb the over bearing role of the state in India’s economy. He opened up telecommunications and quickly transformed a perpetual shortage into one of the developing world’s great success stories.
Both of Vajpayee’s finance ministers-Yashwant Sinha and Jaswant Singh-will be remembered for pushing the envelope on reforms. Perhaps most importantly, the Vajpaee years ended BJP’s old reputation as a party of Luddites reflexively opposed to all change. This brought the party in line with a middle class that had little time for economic theory but could nonetheless see how liberalization had improved their lives.
What economic legacy will Modi leave his successors? Even his most vocal supporters don’t claim that he has lived up to expectations by blazing a bold reformist trail. Borrowing from cricket, they liken Modi to an opening batsman playing a cautious knock-more Geoffrey Boycott than Virender Sehwag. Alternatively, Modi the architect is credited with carefully laying a foundation from which the shimmering skyscraper of reform will inevitably rise.
Well, by any reasonable yardstick 15 month is long enough to wait for a sign. Unless he changes course, Modi will be remembered as neither a solid opening batsman nor a great architect. Rather, he will be footnoted as the general who famously won the battle of 2014 but somehow managed to lost the war.

A  simly on cricket –by Sadanand Dhume-From Washington

As I Saw It : Make-or-break Indian century

Make-or-break Indian century                                                                                 09 Sept 2015

Choosing the right option will determine if India can encash its human dividend. Failure to do so would result in disaster. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his supporters are fond of saying that the last 60 years of Congress rule has been disastrous for India. They are right about the time period. Except for the eight years of Janata and BJP rule, the Congress has held sway since the first post constitution general election in 1951. They are also right, in many senses, to lay India’s third-world conditions at the congress’ doorstep.
So how should we assess India’s journey over these six decades? That question cannot-should not-be answered without walking over a foreground of perspective, some of which is hidden adidst the call charges in my mobile-phone bill.

I pay 50 paise per minute-as many of you do-for local or long distance calls on my mobile network. Indian mobile-phone tariffs are among the lowest in the world. It is hard to imagine that in 1950, a long-distance call was 10 times costlier at Rs 5 per minute, a small fortune at a time when an officer entering the civil service earned no more than Rs 350 per month. The Indian economy has just emerged from the effect of a world war and a bloody partition. Its gross domestic product (GDP) was about one-sixth the cost of building a metro for Mumbai and about as much as the Supreme Court wants Sahara chief Subroto Roy to pony up as bail. The government’s revenue: Rs 332 crore.

But telling the story in the manner the BJP and its supporters do is plainly unfair. India has clearly grown richer and more educated, and Indians live sustainably longer and healthier lives. It is this human capital, generated over the years of congress rule, that Modi intends to use to vault India into the ‘good days’ he promises.  The 2000s and 2010s, first under Atal Bihari Vajpaee and for the most part Manmohan Singh, were a period of unprecedented growth-with more people raised out of poverty than ever-regardless of what Modi and his supporters say. But the congress also delivered crony capitalism, corruption and offered no vision to match soaring expectations in this age of instantaneity.

Modi knows those decisions are his to make. The past indicates that incremental or selective change never works in India, yet he is in danger of following just that path. Like the congress, Modi’s track record is mixed. His supporters talks of the Gujarat model, but the latest data clearly show that while his state’s economy flourished (as did a few others, such as Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu), social and health indicators floundered. At the national level, ignoring these issues is no longer an option. There is currently a vacuum with respect to institutions and policies to address these challenges (health, education and training needs) in India, “Harvard economist David Bloom wrote with prescience in a 2011 paper. Choosing the right option will determine if India can encash its human dividend. Failure, said Bloom, could result in disaster.

As briefly noted by Samar Halarnkar-HT


07 Sept. 2015

India will overtake Chins as the world’s most populous country by 2022, six years earlier than previously predicted.


People who ate spicy food, especially fresh chilli peppers, 1-2 times a week had a 10 percent reduced overall risk of death and eating them 3-7 times a week reduced the risk by 14 per cent. Death from cancer, ishaemic heart disease and respiratory diseases were all lower among spicy food eaters. Capsaicin, the main ingredient in chilli peppers, is known to have anti-obesity, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.


Listening to the music of their choice, considerably improved the quality and efficiency of wound closure of plastic surgeons.


Zion Harvey, 8, became the first child in the world to receive a bilateral hand transplant. A team of 40 physicians, nurses and other staff participated in the 10-hour operation which was done at the children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the US.

As I Saw It : Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder                                                                                   03 Sept 2015

SO LONG As the Constitution is not amended beyond recognition, so long as elections are held regularly and fairly and the ethos of secularism broadly prevails, so long as citizens can speak and write in the language of their choosing, so long as there is an integrated market and a moderately efficient civil service and army, and-lest I forget- so long as Hindi films are watched and their songs sung. India will survive.
RAMCANDRA GUHA, historian in India after Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy

A SOCIETY whose dominant tone is snark is ultimately one that is politically disengaged. A culture that is mostly about pointing out how vile, venal, stupid an hypocritical political leaders are, and how ineffective if not downright harmful government is, is a culture in which people will conclude that there is no point in being politically involved, even with as slight a commitment as voting.
CHRYSTIA FREELAND, former journalist and current politician, in politics magazine

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

THERE IS a super expensive new drug coming out. It reduces heart disease by 60 percent, cancer by 27 percent, Alzheimer’s by 50 percent, and arthritis by 47 percent. It’s now out best treatment for fatigue and low back pain. It cures a third of erectile dysfunction and cuts anxiety and depression by 48 percent. People even lose weight on this stuff…Okay, it’s not new or expensive or even a pill. It’s walking.

DR MIKE EVANS, associate professor family medicine and public health at the University of Toronto

As I saw it : MILES TO GO-Modi and his DREAMS?

MILES TO GO-Modi and his DREAMS?                                                                     22 Aug 2015

As signature schemes unveiled last I-Day barely get off the blocks, PM Narendra Modi may do well to focus more on implementation.
“I wish to connect the poorest citizens of the country with the facility of bank accounts through this yojana”.
The scheme was launched on August 28, 2014. Till July 29, 172.9 million accounts have been opened, with a deposit of Rs 2.1 lakh crore. Banks are crying “Efforts gone in and the responses.
“Very shortly, we are about to move in a direction when an institute would be functioning in place of planning Commission.”
The Planning Commission was reconstituted as NITI Aayog on January 1, 2015. The name is changed with diluted functional authority.
“I urge upon MPs to select any one of the villages having population of three to five thousand in your constituency.
It was launched on October 11, 2014. Untill now, 498 Lok Sabha MPs have identified villages. Little progress has been achieved.
“The first work I started here is of cleanliness. People may feel that it is a trivial work for a Prime Minister but for me this is big”.
The mission was launched on October 2, 2014, to make India open-defecation-free by 2019. The government claims that more than 12 million toilets have been constructed in rural areas. Reality progress much lower than expectation.
“Have we ever thought what the sex ratio in the country is like/ Nine hundred and forty girls are born per thousand boys. This disparity points to female foeticide.” In some of the states is around 850.
“I want to appeal to people the world over, from the ramparts of the Red Fort, ‘Come, make in India. The programme was launched on September 25, 2014, to promote manufacturing in India. Hardly any investments.
“Millions and millions of Indian youth should go for acquisition of skills and there should be a network across the country for this, not archaic systems. They should acquire the skills which could contribute towards making India a modern country.”
Mission was launched July 15, 2015, to skill 400 million Indians by 2022. Under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, 2.4 million youths are to be trained by next year. A very noble thought, where are the employment opportunities?
When I talk of Digital India, I don’t speak of the elite, it is for the poor people. You can imagine the quality education children in villages will get if all the villages are connected with broadband. This scheme was launched on July 1, 2015. The government proposals worth $75 billion.  Again a dream.
A follow up mechanism, monitory may help in implementation to some extent.

Wake up India

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As I Saw It

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See big, think big, act big and get big result

The parameters for living come from the bone-crunching limitations of your past. It is like walking though a narrow lane, thinking that this is the only way through. But did you not look for a broader, brighter, greener and freer road to walk through?

Just imagine, if life were to narrow down your chances further. You will have to walk narrower lanes than those which you walked through first. And finally, you will come to a dead end.

As you read this and visualize the scenario, you may feel defeated and a bit claustrophobic with your breath failing you momentarily. Life is the other way round. Your past is not an example not is it a guide to your current life or the future. It is just a bundle of events that happened. One must leave it at that. If you have a bright, evergreen and a vibrant outlook towards life today, you must look forward to live a brighter, greener and more vibrantly abundant life tomorrow. Visualize it and live like that. You work for what you wish. And your thoughts and actions will be all open, free from hurdles and full of opportunities to choose from.

Abundance is not about growing richer materially, it’s about the value and wealth of your positive thoughts, your ability to think the right way, and in harmony with others. Being big is to care and share one’s abundance of life. Remember, what you give to others and with whatever attitude is exactly what you will get back. So, open up your heart, and become magnanimous. See big, think big, plan big, and also interact with people who think the same way and you’ll see the result will also be big.

And continue to share your big heart as you go along. Nature has no limitations.

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Beijing’ s Cat’s Paw                                                                                             26 March 2015
China may improve relations with India, but not at Pakistan’s expense.

Is China’s alliance with Pakistan in trouble? Pakistan’s recently announced intention to invite Chinese President Xi Jinping as chief guest at their joint military services parade and subsequent postponement has encouraged some to see cracks in the relationship. Like periodic reports about China’s unhappiness with Pakistani militants’ role in training and arming Xinjiang;s jihadi Uighurs or Beijing’s  supposed distancing itself from Islamabad on the issue of Kashmir, this more recent flurry is also much ado about very little.  Pakistan’s security situation and President Xi’s busy calendar may delay his first visit more than Islamabad would like, but the Sino-Pak friendship is based on too long a history of strategic cooperation to be affected by minor irritants.
If china decides to develop formal alliances, Pakistan would be the first place we would turn. It may be the only place we could turn. This seemingly total trust in Pakistan is rooted in intimate and unwavering collaboration over decades from which both countries have benefited. It is also based, small writes, On China’s steady, long-term commitment to ensure that Pakistan has the capabilities it needs to play the role that China wants it to. Mao passed away shortly after meeting Zulfikar ali Bhutto and blessing nuclear cooperation with Islamabad. His funeral in September 1976 provided the occasion for AQ Khan, father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, to meet china’s top nuclear official in Beijing. Their secret collaboration has since enabled Pakistan to build an arsenal of warheads and long-range nuclear capable missiles. On the other hand Pakistani transfer of pilfered western know-how-from centrifuge design to US Tomahawk and stealth helicopter technology-has given China bility to leapfrog the West.
Pakistan has also benefited from China’s close collaboration with Washington against Moscow while helping china with its own contacts. Small notes that Kissinger joked with Chinese leaders that the best way to contain India’s ambitions was to arm Pakistan and Bangladesh with nuclear weapons. Like its earlier role in facilitating secret US and Chinese contacts leading to opening of relations, Pakistan’s privileged ties with Saudi Arabia (which at the time had no diplomatic relations with Beijing) enabled it to arrange secret meetings between Saudi and Chinese officials. It eventually culminated in the sale of Chinese long-range nuclear capability: warheads produced by Pakistan could presumably be made with Chinese-built Saudi missiles if Riyadh wished to do so. Ties between Beijing and Islamabad flourish in asymmetric warfare as well. Small shows that China was “intimately involved in Pakistan’s history of using irregular forces as an instrument of its military strategy. One of the two sides’ closest areas of tactical cooperation. That cooperation with Pakistan involved the supply of arms not only to the anti-Soviet mujahideen, but also to Naga, Mizo and assamese insurgents battling central rule by New Delhi. While brutally suppressing Uighhurs and urging Pakistan to do the same, China itself has maintained contacts with ihadi groups offering moneyand small arms in exchange for pledges not to target China or support Unighur separatists.
Today, facing a nascent alliance between India, the US and Japan, Beijing may indeed seek to improve relations with New Delhi, but this will not happen at the expense of its all-weather friend. Whether or not Xi Jinping attends a parade in Rawalpindi this year,Beijing alliance with Islamabad remains rock solid.
To Conclude China follow the “Principle” enemy’s enemy is the best friend

Grateful to Nayan Chanda

Advantage Modi 18-2015

Advantage Modi 18-2015                                                                           30 April, 2015
 Beef Up Governance
BJP’s social engineering bids can derail Modi government’s development promise
Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power promising minimum government, maximum governance. This was a liberal promise that appealed to India’s burgeoning and globally networked young, driving the electoral wave that gave BJP its historic mandate. Now, almost a year later, now BJP state governments from Maharashtra to Haryana appear to be upending Modi’s original promise with divisive social engineering bids. They seem more bothered about regulating what we eat, wear, watch ad think than what they were voted in for : to make everybody’s lives easier.
After Devendra Fadnavis’s Maharashtra government banned beef, Manohar Lal Khattar’s Haryana government followed suit. Then Maharashtra’s advocate general Sunil Manohar tried to cover up the patently communal aspect of the beef ban by claiming that the ban on cow or bullock slaughter would be extended to other animals-before the government clarified, of course, it wasn’t banning mutton too. Now, even as NDA at the Centre wants to examine how to make it easier doing business, state culture affairs minister Vinod Tawde offers a textbook example of how not to do this by decreeing that multiplexes compulsorily screen at least one Marathi film during prime time every evening. Promoting Marathi films is a worthy cause. But it’s inexplicable why the political class is generally of the view that in order to promote x you need to ban y or bludgeon z.
While these are state government, technically outside the purview of the PM’s administrative domain, they were voted into power on the back of his personal  campaigning. Muscle flexing by central BJP ministers such as Giriraj  Singh and Smriti Irani and state ministers in Maharashtra and Goa-where one minister said the his wife has never been teased because she wore a sari- add up to the impression that BJP has forgotten about its governance promises and is trying to implement its old hindutva agenda. Already India Inc is fretting that the sheen is falling off the Modi government-as Marico chairman Harsh Mariwala has argued-even as BJP’s washout in Delhi elections sent a message  about its cultural disconnect.

The spirit of today’s youth demands ‘thou shalt not discriminate’; a spirit captured well in Modi’s own slogan of ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’. The PM should now lead a course correction, clamping down on erring ministers and party members and refocusing on governance and development. 

Advantage Modi 17-2015

Advantage Modi 17-2015                                                                                  21 April 2015
Voice of the People
Narendra Modi projected himself as an alternative to a meek PM and a corrupt Congress. Nine months later, people have begun to realize that this talkative man cannot deliver.
Deepak Kanungo, Bhubaneshwar
When you have the RSS and the VHP running ‘ghar wapsi’ campaigns. Alienating the minorities and tarnishing the image of the government, who needs an opposition. Also the BJP may find it convenient to accuse the parties in opposition of behaving irresponsibly, but in the last 10 years, it had acted in a similar fashion and stalled Parliament on numerous occasions. The government must get its house in order and prepare itself to face tough times ahead.
Ambar Mallick, Kolkata
Having two ideologically opposite parties-the BJP and the Peoples Democratic Party-form the government in Jammy and Kashmir meant heated debates would be the order of the day (False Start in the Valley, March 23). While the PDP is constantly mindful of not alienating its Kashmiri vote bank and doesn’t want to be seen as following a ‘right-wing’ agenda, the BJP has the challenge of running a government in a troubled state while keeping its national interest and image intact. It is too early to pass a judgment on the success or failure of this alliance. Both parties have been out of power and have worked hard to win back the mandate; they will not be fooling and throw away the opportunity in J & K.
J.S. Acharya, Hyderabad
India has always ben patted for its tolerance unfortunately, the numerous instances of Muzzling of free speech and expression in the past few months have tarnished India’s global image. From banning movies to the sale of beef in some states, we have shown ourselves to be no better than fundamentalist countries that we so often make fun of.
V.K. Tangri Dehradun
Banning a documentary on the December 16 gang rape is no solution to the problem of growing incidents of violence against women in India. A ban culture cannot cure society of its crude mindset, whereas tough laws and strict punishment surely can.
Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

 Adopted from India Today

Advantage Modi 16-2015

Of ‘presstitutes’, (as good as prostitute) politicos                                                             17 April 2015
and other ‘buyable’ types

The unwritten rule in the UK and quite a few other Euroean countries is that, once you rise above a certain rank in the military, you automatically bar yourself from anything like a political career. This is a good rule: it keeps top-level command decisions from being influenced by anybody’s future ambitions; it stops old generals, air marshals and admirals from interfering in military matters; it ensures that the defence minister will always be a civilian providing critical checks and balances for the armed forces; it protects against a certain military mindset from bleeding into civilian life, where the requirements of a democracy are fundamentally opposed to the unquestioning obedience all top brass have got used to over their careers, It short, it’s regrettable that any retired general should enter politics in India. In any care, V K Singh was an utterly avoidable choice, and it’s now clear that he’s out of his depth in the job he’s been given.
It’s an untrue cliché that minds steeped in military manoeuvres usually lack a sense of humour and are blind to irony. History provides us several examples of witty and self-aware generals but perhaps V K Singh is not among them. Had he been, he might have hesitated before broadcasting this little coinage, realizing that if the Indian fourth estate is a house of ill-repute, then its most frequent customers, not to mention its managers, are people from his own political formation. He might also have given a thought to all the ‘keeping’ our politicians owe to the oligarchs. In any case, one coinage often inspires another-so I, for one, would must rather be a presstitute than a polstitute.
Extracted from TOI 12 April 2015
Why can’t Mr Zaveri live where he wants?

Modi doesn’t like answering unscripted questions but if I had the chance I would like to ask him: When you told an audience in Paris on Friday that your government will defend the rights of citizens of all faith, does that include defending the right of a Muslim citizen to live where he wants? If the answer is yes, do you intend to arrest Togadia and other like him who constantly attacks the right of Indian citizens of the Muslim faith? Since you became PM, you have given us all sorts of great advice. Don’t defecate in the open. Pay your taxes. Make in India. Would you consider exhorting the Hindus of Gujarat to stop discriminating against Muslim citizens? Are you prepared to tell India that Mr Zaveri’s house can be wherever he wants it to be?
Extracted from TOI 12 April 2015
On one hand PM Modi addresses people of Indian origin in France “I will provide equal and safe environment to the people of all castes and color”. And at the same time BJP alliance partners in Maharashtra & the central govt calls for taking away the voting rights from Muslims and the BJP maintains utmost silence , whom to believe? And now the same people have advocated castrate them so that they don’t grow and further.

It is surprising how come no Bajrangi and hard “Hindutva” advocates have made no noise on channel “Zindagi’ relaying Pak serials and the Pak cricketers actively participating in the ongoing IPL (Wasim Aktar/Ramees Raja/Shoiab Akhtar) not only now since beginning of IPL.

Wake up India. 

Advantage Modi-15-2015 (Ambedkar Jayanti)

Advantage Modi-15-2015       (Ambedkar Jayanti)                                          14   April 2015
An opportunity lost
To start a debate you need a measure of sobriety, not name-calling. Mature leadership demands the encouragement of conversation, not a chilling effect on speech by using words and language best left to anonymous trolls on social media.
Two separate remarks, one by the prime minister and the other by the minister of state for external affairs, seem to have raised the pitch in a polarized environment. In a nation of perpetual outrage, the words-‘five star activist’ by one and ‘prestitute’ by the other-have erupted in controversy. And the fact that they stem from the top political leadership is cause for concern.
Modi’s cryptic reference cautioning the judiciary against ‘five-star activists ‘ made at a conference of chief justices and chief ministers has led some commentators to conclude a case of legislative overreach; other believe that it is a call to the judiciary to delivery judgments without fear or favour to prevailing public sentiment.
In contrast, Singh’s use of the word ‘prestitutes’ has no ambiguity and is so reprehensible that even his party has distanced itself from it. By choosing to use it to describe a critical media, Singh has managed to mitigate the excellent work of his ministry in evacuating citizens from Yemen. It leaves him open to being branded as an immature hothead, unsuited to diplomacy.
Perhaps Singh was smarting from the insinuation that attending a Pakistan Day function in New Delhi to which separatist leaders from Kashmir had also been invited was ‘anti-national’. The questioning of the former army chief’s patriotism by the Times Now channel was certainly out of line. But with ‘presstitutes’ the general has scored a self-goal.
These are valid questions and must be asked in a vibrant democracy. Equally germane are questions about the media’s rapidly falling standards. Paid media, the trivialization of news, a cosy proximity with sources, the failure to self regulate, media trials, and the lack of accountability are genuine concerns that must be debated if any semblance of public credibility is to be restored.

But to start a debate you need a measure of sobriety, not name-calling. Mature leadership demands the encouragement of conversation, not a chilling effect on speech by using words and language best left to anonymous trolls on social media. 

Advantage Modi-14-2015

Advantage Modi-14-2015                                                                                  30   March 2015
Disruptive ,Destructive, Irrational politicians supported, by RSS and protected by BJP.
Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Union Minister of State “Aapko tay karna hai ke Delhi mein sarkar Ramzadon ki Banegi ya haramzadon ki (you must decide whether you want a government of those born of Ram or of those born illegitimately),” she said at a public event in Delhi in December.
Yogi Adityanath, BJP MP : “The issue of ‘ love jihad’ would certainly be an issue,” the Yogi had declared ahead of by election in Uttar Pradesh.
Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MP : “Madrasas are making them terrorists and jihadis. It is not in national interest,” Sakshi Maharaj had said in September. “Godse was a nationalist. Gandhi ji also did a lot for the nation,” Maharaj was quoted as saying in Maharashtra in December.
Sadhvi Prachi , of VHP has joined them. The fire brand lunatic is spitting venom. Calling MG all possible names British agent/communal etc.
Subramaniam Swamy: A political discard for last 3 decades. Ram his one man show ‘President of Janta Party’. Suddenly changed colours. Became a Bajrangi about 18 month back. Spreading communal hetred at Gauwahty states masjid and  churches are not religious places just constructed buildings can be demolished. And recently at Muzaffarnagar stated “Ram Temple” would be built at Ayodhya by 2016. (Even against the count order)
Markandey Katju: Another buffoon, wants to remain in media attention. His earlier utterance.
·         90% Indian are fools
·         Katerina Kait should be the next president of India.
·         If shazia Ilami was the CM candidate in Delhi election, BJP would have won.
·         Any now he has crossed all possible decency’s and limits and calls Gandhi a British agent and Subhash Bose a Japanese agent.

They have been let loose to keep the communal tensions high on the agenda. It appears they can’t be tamed.  Just because our constitution is liberal we can’t even shut them up.

VK Singh

If that was not enough VK Singh (Minister of States External Affairs)  was directed and ordered to attend Pak function on 23 March at Pak High commission in New Delhi. He found himself in the company of separatist leaders from J & K (Hurriat). Though he left in ten minutes and expressed his anger and invited the wrath of the PM and others.

VK Singh you have to forget that you were a “General” and “COAS”; now you are just a stooge and obedient soldier under the orders of Bajrangis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Advantage Modi 13-2015

Advantage Modi 13-2015                                                                                       23 March 2015
Saffron purged
The Delhi debacle is a reality check for Modi and Shah
Around 10.40am, a senior officer came up to a Union minister with a clutch of papers, and requested him to sign them. As the minister began reading the first sheet, the officer told him there was no time for that. “You tell me then what it is, “the minister said. The officer exasperatedly told the minister that he had to reach the prime minister’s office with the papers by 11 am and would explain it when he returned. “This is my fate. I am the minister, but it is almost as if the PMO is running all the ministries,” the minister told his confidantes on February 10-the day the BJP faced its first crushing defeat since Lok Sabha 2014. Sources say this minister was among, including BJP MPs, who discreetly rejoiced in the first failure of the Modi-shah duo. The joy was about the halt, however temporary, to the control freaks who have little freedom to others in the cabinet to do their work.
But what went wrong? A BJP leader narrated what he witnessed a few days ago: A party worker was waiting for three hours before his note was accepted Amit shah’s staff. Two hours later, he learnt that the more had landed in the trash and Shah won’t meet him. “Workers simply have no acess to him nowadays,” said the leader. “Modi and shah had not figured that Delhi was not Gujarat, where they had other links to reach the masses.”
“They seem to have forgotten that there is a Delhi BJP unit, which has its ears to the ground, knows people and their issues,” said a BJP candidate who lost the election. “We were completely bypassed with Modi and Shah taking all the decisions. It was not our election, really.” A senior BJP functionary in Delhi echoed the sentiment, saying. “I had gone to give some suggestions. But the suggestions given by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were implemented. He has not won an election, and he declined to lead the party in the 2008 Delhi polls.

The Modi magic may not have vanished, but the constant self-projection possibly did him in. The over-the –top display of ‘my friend Barack’; the self aggrandizement in the form of a golden pinstripes suit combined with his inability to explain the continued with his inability to explain the continued price hike and the arrogance of his ministers who meet capitalists but not workers or the public gave a picture of a prime minister who talked too much and acted too little. Alos, there are murmurs within the BJP that Modi’s style of campaigning in Delhi substantially contributed to its defeat. “One swallow does not make a summer,” said a BJP leader. “Let us wait and watch. The AAP cannot replicate the Delhi experience across the country in the short term. And we play for the long term.  Some consolation.

Advantage Modi 12-2015

Advantage Modi 12-2015                                                                                       05 March 2015
Constitution is my govt’s only scripture, says PM
“My governments only religion is ‘India first’, my government’s only religious book is ‘Indian constitution’ our only devotion is ‘Bharat Bhakti’ and our only prayer is ‘welfare of all’, he said in Lok Sabha while replying to a debate on President’s Address.

He declared that as the Prime Minister, it was his “responsibility” not to allow “anaap shanap (ridiculous) comments in the name of religion. “Nobody has the right to discriminate on the basis of religion… “No one has the right to take law into his hands, “he said. “Communalism for political reasons has destroyed the country. Hearts have been broken,” Modi said, asking why question are being “posed to us”.

Insisting that “We want all religions to prosper”, the Prime Minister said it is possible only in India under its constitution which has been prepared with the thinking of thousands of years of the country’s history. “This nation full of diversity. We are for unity in diversity, not disunity. All religions should flourish. It is the uniqueness of India because of its Constitution, he said.

“We want to take the nation forward within the frame work of the Constitution,” Modi said, adding he saw only the “tricolor” and “no other colour”.

The words of the PM sounded superficial and artificial. His (PM’s) present organization (RSS) and other affiliates are spilling venom and creating an atmosphere of social & religions disharmony. Every day a new chapter is opened by some one or the other.

The latest is quoted below:

Hindu must boycott khan films: BJP leader

“Hindus should boycott the films by the Khans of Bollywood as they “promote love jihad”, said BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi at a meeting of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Dehradun on Sunday. She also criticized Mother Teresa, saying she was opposed to laws against conversion, and suggested president Rahul Gandhi marry an Indian girl”.

Would anyone shut them up, Happy Holi

Wake up India.

Advantage Modi-11-2015

AdvantageModi-11-15                                                                                                                             02 March 2015                              17 Commandments For Modi                                                                                                                    
1.       Here is a list of 17 action points if BJP wants to remain the dominant political party in India.
2.       The PM, with all due respect, is floating too high. Come back to earth. Don’t try to present an image of a global statesman. You have won an anti-in-cumbency election when Congress was weak, by increasing BJP’s vote share by a few percentage points.
3.       Don’t just get claps from NRIs. If they love you so much, ask them to pay.
4.       Get the Lokpal. Have a good, independent CBI and CVC office. Clean up corruption systemically. Don’t say if Modi is there, nobody can be corrupt What if Modi isn’t there tomorrow?
5.       Don’t bully the media or juniors in the party. Inspire respect, not fear.
6.       Shut up regressive Hindutva fanatics.
7.       Don’t be overconfident in your speeches.
8.       Dress down. Charisma comes from integrity, competence and compassion. Not from expensive clothes.
9.       Stay connected to and do something visible for the youth.
10.   The party president may be really clever. But sometimes it isn’t about who is most clever but who genuinely cares.
11.   Don’t talk down to people. Talk to people. Don’t address people if you never want to take questions. Don’t give monologues on radio.
12.   Open more colleges. Open up tourism. Reduce taxes on high employment sectors. Give tax breaks for companies that move head quarters to smaller cities. Do anything to take skills and jobs to the interiors. Fix the primary schools. They have to teach well. Half our school kids can’t read properly.
13.   Be real. Have work life balance. Why can’t the PM catch a movie sometimes? Or eat chaat in Delhi somewhere? A humanized PM works better than a glorified PM.
14.   No statues, please. School or statue? Hospital or statue? No need to explain further.
15.   No personal attacks on opponents.
16.   No hanging out with rich industrialists.
17.   Ultimately, all of the above comes down to the party listening and acting according to the wishes of the people.
As listed by Chtan Bhagat and compiled by self.

Advantage Modi 10/2015

Advantage Modi 10/2015                                                                                         21 Feb 2015
fnYyh ds taxy esa eksj ukpk ¼rek’kk½
yks th] ftUgsa taxy esa gksuk Fkk] og vc ‘kgjj esa ljdkj cukus tk jgs gSA oSls Hkh taxy esa eksj ukpk] fdlus ns[kk-----A ij blls ‘kgj vksj taxy dk Qklyk feV x;kA vc eksj dgha Hkh ukp fn[kk ldrk gSA ysfdu vcds Hkktik ds eksj us ukpus ls bUdkj dj fn;kA fpafrr Hkktikb;ksa us eksj ls iwNk fd vki d;ksa ugha ukps\ eksj cksyk] rqEgkjk rks vkaxu gh Vsfdlh dh etky] tks vfer HkkbZ ds vkaxu dks lh/kk djus dh lykg Hkh ns ik,A
bl chp] irk pyk gS fd fnYyh esa nqxZfr ds ckn dkaxzsl vc jkgqy xka/kh ds jksM ‘kks ds lhlhVhoh QqVst [akxkyus tk jgh gS] ftlls ;g irk yxk;k tk lds fd tks bruh HkhM+ tqVh Fkh] os vkf[kj Fks dkSu\ D;k os flQZ gyok iwjh [kkus vk, Fks fd ikVhZ dks thjks fQxj  lkbt esa cny fn;kA ij Hkktik okys ;g ugha le> ik jgs fd yksdlHkk pquko esa ns’k dkaxzsl eqDr gqvk] rks mudh >ksyh Hkj xbZ] ij tc fnYyh Hkh dkaxzsl eqDr gks xbZ] rks mudks >ksyh esa tks Fkk] og Hkh D;ksa tqV x;k\ Hkktik us viuh lRrj >ksfy;ka nksckjk psd dhA bl nkSjku dbZ Nsnksa dk irk pykA vc fnYyh esa eQyjeSu dh /kwe gSA cank cnulhc Fkk ij eQyj us ykt cpk yhA eQyj ds fdLer dusD’ku dks ns[krs gq, vki dh ljdkj fnYyh esa eQyj dks jkT; izrhd fpUg ?kksf”kr dj ldrh gSA ij fojksf/k;ksa dh pyh] rks Hkfo”; esa fnYyh pquko fpyfpykrh xehZ esa djk, tk,axsA blls dstjhoky eQyj ugha vks< ik,axs vkSj cxSj eQyj ds mUgs igpkusxk dkSu\ ,d vkfi;s us iwNk ] crkvksa 16 ebZ vkSj 10 Qjojh esa D;k QdZ gSA og cksyk] ugha----- ukS eghus dk QdZ gSA ljdkj  dk ikao Hkkjh Fkk] ij fodkl u gqvkA fQj iwNk] ljdkj uDlyokn dk lQk;k D;ksa ugha dj ikbZ\ eSus dgk] rqEgha crk nksA mlus dgk] iwjh ljdkj fnYyh ds ,d uDlyh dks rks fuiVk ugha ikbZ] udlyckn dk [kkd lQk;k dj ik,xhA
A satire on Delhi state Election. Kejriwal was called Bhagoda ¼HkxksM+k½, Badkismat ¼cnfdLer½ Naxlite, Mufflerman ¼tks gj le; eQyj igurk gS½, all there adjectives were used by no less a person than PM Modi.
PM Modi addressed 4 rallies and BJP got 3 seats, if he (PM Modi) had addressed 60 rallies may be BJP could have got 45 seats.  Delhi election is certainly a direct referendum on Modi & Amit Shah JODI ¼tksM+h½.

Wake up India

Advantage Modi-Series-9/2015

Advantage Modi-Series-9/2015                                                                              14 /02/2014
Modi during electioneering: Shivalaya se pahle shauchalaya-uttered only once, May be sangh directions to balance his statements towards Hindurva.
Sloganeering : Achche Din Aane Wale Hain/Abki Bar Modi Sarkar/Less Govt more governance/Sabka Vikas Sabke Sath. And now, Rise of Hindu Rhetoric and Voice of fundamentalist is more vocal. Inflation/Corruption/Black Money/Women’s Safety is in the background.
Too Much Hindutva Rhetoric : Modi’s silence on communal speeches by members of the Sangh casts a shadow on his governance. Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Union Minister of State “Aapko tay karna hai ke Delhi mein sarkar Ramzadon ki Banegi ya haramzadon ki (you must decide whether you want a government of those born of Ram or of those born illegitimately),” she said at a public event in Delhi in December.
Yogi Adityanath, BJP MP : “The issue of ‘ love jihad’ would certainly be an issue,” the Yogi had declared ahead of by election in Uttar Pradesh.
Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MP : “Madrasas are making them terrorists and jihadis. It is not in national interest,” Sakshi Maharaj had said in September. “Godse was a nationalist. Gandhiji also did a lot for the nation,” Maharaj was quoted as saying in Maharashtra in December.
But I have promises to break
10 of Feb a historic day of Delhi. 67 seats going to AAP- a party of less than two years existence. Congress in any case was destined for bashing and to near decimation. BJP’s deduction to just 3 seats is amazing & astonishing 22 cabinet ministers, 120 MP’s and all CM’s of BJP ruled states were pumped in. As a last sort MODI factor was also brought in. Though BJP is not accepting, but this defeat  is certainly a referendum on MODI’s functioning. Briefly 4 ‘S’ s Sangh (RSS) Sangathan (org) Sarkar (the Control govt.) and lastly Shah (Amit Shah) The BJP president are responsible for BJP’s debacle in Delhi.
Narendra Modi’s first eight months in office reflected “ache sitare” (lucky stars) more than “ache din” (good days). But luck can turn nastily. Suddenly, dark global clouds over Russia (and maybe even China) signal the risk of “bure din” (bad days) ahead.
Rashtra Neeti National Agendra by Sarsangh chalak –RSS and BJP to frame RajNeeti Accordingly.

Wake up India