Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fact File 3/2017 - Wake up India (16-07-2017)

Modi in US and Germany (G-20 Summit)  
Hon. PM of India
Certain facts need to be elaborated a
(a)              Barak Obama was from a modest background who had an upward swing due to his    extraordinary connectivity with the people. You could easily connect with him.
(b)              Donald Trump is a different kind of fish. He is one of the richest businessman in US He is very fond of aristocratic style of life. Melenia is just his third wife. He is erratic untrustworthy, unpredictable and can never be trusted for long term plans and decisions.
(c)              He is comparable to our Mulayam Singh Yadav for his above mentioned qualities and also for having placed all kith and kin in all suitable appointment in the White House.
(d)              Why did Trump forced himself to embrace you. In the last 5-6 months Trumps popularity has come down from 62% to 22%. Through his gestures Trump was trying to influence the Indian fraternity and enhance his popularity level. Sorry to say neither  you raised the issue of H-1 Visa nor Trump thought it viable. Which hurting the most Indians.
(e)              Modi ji you were very happy that Salauddin was placed in global terrorist category by the US. Sir what about Daud, Masood Azhar, Hafiz Sahid, Lakhvi an now even Nawaz Sh
(f)               arif (the PM of PAK) deserves to brought in the same category (for his utterances on 8th July to pay his tributes to the slain terrorist BURHAN WANI. ).
(g)              The joint Indo US declaration was generic in nature with no specific. For example on terrorism the joint statement said “We shall fight terrorism UNITEDLY, every country supports this wherever Modi Ji you have visited.    


(a)              Modi Ji you cam face to face with XI – no interaction.
(b)              More than Lac people demonstrated against the G-20 summit there agenda was G-20 HAS BEEN AN IN EFFECTIVE ORGANISATION AND IS DEFUNCT. DO YOU AGREE OR NOT.

We have to decide
Are we Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian
Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fact File 2/2017 - Wake up India - 9 July, 2017

To All Cricket Lover’s of India     

India’s champion’s trophy final against PAK on 18 June, 2017 can never forgotten. The country was totally dejected, perplexed and highly disappointed to see 180 runs defeat in the hands of PAK. India had registered three very elegant and convincing victories to reach the final of CT.

The news of a rift bit been Virat and Kumble was ripe and was circulating all round.

The cricket fans should not forget India – Australia test series in Australia, where Ravi Sashtri was director of the Indian Team. He was responsible to create circumstances, that Dhoni was forced to resign and announce his retirement from test cricket. Dhoni was compelled to hand over the captaincy to Virat Kohli a favorite of Ravi Shastri.

Some how the other Ravi Shastri could not manage the status of a coach when Kumble was assigned this task. RS could not swallow this defeat. RS relentlessly through VK and kept on trying for the ouster and finely a situation reached when Kumble took an honorable decision to quit as the coach of the Indian team immediately after the champions trophy.

Now the desire of RS would be fulfilled to achieve his ultimate aim – “The official coach of Indian cricket team”. The three musketeers, Sachin, Sourav and VVS appear to be as helpless as was expected.

Long live the Indian Cricket and the ‘COA’ appointed by the Supreme Court. Some body rightly called ‘A most incompetent Administrator is heading the ‘COA’.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fact File 1/2017 - Wake up India Dated 29 June 2017

Honorable Shri Modi Ji, PM of India    


Though you have always been in election mode. You sounded the bugle of 2019 general elections on World Yoga Day, 21st June. You have made this a religio / political event rather than a World or National health program. You also chose lucknow as your lunch pad (in UP), as UP afford you the best electoral victory in 2014 & 2017. You reached your target of polarizing and communalizing the electorate of the country.
As you are not satisfied you chose 25th June (Man Ki Bat) on electronic media (AIR) and you only spoke on the emergency of 1975 – 77. You could have easily left this to your 3 musketeers Jaitely, Venkaiha Naidu and Ravi Shanker Prasad.

General Election – 2019 :-

Your victory is certain. Your Master Tactician / Magician (AS) is expert in Tod / Jod/ Marod and offers them most lucrative posts. There is no space left for principled politician and whatever is left your master tactician and Jadoogar would spare no afford to finish them.
Political Juggrnauts predict 2019 would be the last general election. WHY –
(a)    Complete political polarization – 2019 to 2024. You would have established a Hindu Rashtra.
(b)   Ram Mandir would have become a reality.
(c)    Almost marginalized opposition would have been “DECIMATED”.
The dream of Sar Sangh Chalak Guru Golwalker, (who headed RSS for 30 yrs), would have materialized.       

We have to decide
Are we Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 11/2017 (25-06-2017)

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

Honorable Shri Modi Ji, PM of India    
(A)       Foreign policy initiatives:- Your best efforts to woo China, and Pakistan remains as robust as ever.   
(B)        The Cow and Savarkar:- Where the bovine is not divine but the framework is still hardline Hindutva. The cow was, for savarkar, a highly usefull animal. But its worship, he argued, made no sense because humans needed to worship something super-human.
(C)       Modinomcs Rings Hollow:- Look beneath government hype, and signs of deep economic distress are evident. Private investment, the engine of growth, has dried up. Rate of savings is below 30% of GDP, whereas during UPA regime it was over 35%.
(D)       The age of resentfull majoritarianism :- Though Donald Trump Rushes to tweet after any islamist terrorist attack around the world, He is slow or often unwilling to react to incidents of horrific right-wing violence.
(E)        We don’t need more Mandsaurs:- Owing to political apathy towards farmers, the fires of dissatisfaction are raging in the country.
(F)        If intolerance is on the rise, so is our tolerance to abuse of power:- It isn’t intolerance, India’s perennial alilment, that alone is ascendant. It is tolerance to the abuse of power that is also steeply on the rise.
You have patronized MANREGA, ADHAR CARD AND GST, at one time you’re the biggest critic of all these UPA government initiatives. Now you are promoting them and surviving on these initiatives.
You inaugurated some major projects”-
(A)  Parliament building in Kabul    (B) Railway tunnel to the valley (Kashmir)
(C) Road Bridge connecting Aasam to Arunachal Pradesh
All these three projects were that of previous government you were only fortunate to have inaugurated them, a small mention of those who were responsible having conceived and initiated these projects would have added a great deal to your image.

Modi Ji you still oars above the fray
Spite of the fact last three years many things have gone wrong. But the But Mr. PM your magic touch remains high because your head of DIRTY TRICS DEPARTMENT (AS) IS A MASTER TACTIAN AND MAGICIAN.

We have to decide – Are we Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 10/2017, 20 June 2017

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

Honorable Shri Modi Ji, PM of India

Recent Happenings:-    
(A)    The plight of farming fraternity:- You had promised Kisans a great deal, that MSP for all the produce will be production cost plus 50 %. I hope you may be aware of the Kisans are disposing off there produce below the MSP or even at the cost of production. To make a promise or give an assurance, that can not be full filled – If this promise is to be full filled the retail price will boomerang? Inflation will go high.
(B)     This is what is leading to:- Kisan agitation in MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and many others places. Police firing killed 6 kisanas in MP and number of Kisans have committed suicide in MP and even UP is not spared. (Kisans are dying MP CM undertakes 28 hrs fast – expenditure incurred Rs. 2.2 crore by the exchequer).    
(C)    How demonetization lead farmers in a loan trap:- Farmers needed cash which had dried-up. So the poor Kisan was left at the mercy of Bania, the local money lender. These money lenders offered loans to the farmers @ 2% months i.e. 24% a year. Wherever there was delay the money lender ensured Kurki of the farmers properties. This caused  humiliation and lead to suicide by the farming community.
(D)    Even the business community is deeply distressed:- A business man penned these lines ^^VwVh [kfV;k] QVk gS yaxksV Qal x;k O;kikjh eksnh dks nsdj oksV] lkspk Fkk ------ cfu;ku ds Åij “kVZ vk tk;sxh] D;k irk Fkk ------ ckn esa irywu Hkh mrj tk;sxhA gekjh Hkwy] dey dk Qwy^^ As posted on social media by a well known local businessman.   
Kashmir Continues to burn:-
Mufti Mohd Saeed the then CM of J&K in 2002 had said ^^u cUnwd ls u xksyh ls] ckr cusxh cksyh ls^^. The same words are repeated by Mehbooba Mufti a few days back. Where she very emphatically repeated ^^u cUnwd ls u xksyh ls] ckr cusxh cksyh ls^^. Are we ready for a dialogue with all the stake holders including the Hurriat as stated by the present CM of J&K?            

We find no response from the ruling party on these policy dictates on such very important issues.

We have to decide – Are we
Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 9/2017, 19 June 2017

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

Honorable Shri Modi Ji, PM of India

As a matter of your election campaign and initiatives you indicated various programs. They are (A) Swach Bharat (B) Make in India (C) Skill India (D) Standup India (E) Digital India (F) Cash less India (G) Foreign Investment. I intend making small comments on some of these.  
(A) Swach Bharat :- An excellent initiative. There are two indicators of any developed country, discipline (vuq”kklu) and cleanliness. No initiative of this nature can be stand alone. Society can be disciplined if the population is under control – and the youth of the country can be kept engage in constructive activities. Can we think of National Population Policy ?  
(B)  Make in India :- Make in India has fallen far short of expectations. A trending social media hashtag alone will not generate jobs. Only a major boost to the manufacturing sector will. Make in India is not a new concept. This was started in the early sixties when MIG 21 aircraft were acquired from erstwhile Soviet Union. The founder of this concept was Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru the first PM of India. You just celebrated 70 yrs India Russia friendship in St Peters Berg with Putin. But we the people of India are quite sure you would not have made any reference to Nehru. The great visionary and creator of modern India.       
(C) Skill India:- Centre fails in skill test. Concerned govt appointed panel says skill development program has failed in deciding role of different stakeholders.
(D) Foreign Investment:- Remittance to India slump by $6.2 bn, govt urged to take steps. The World Bank said last month that remittances - money citizens send back home from working abroad – fell for the second successive year, with India recording the biggest dip.
(E)  Jobs Creations :- You promised during election campaigns to create nearly 20 millions jobs ( 2 crores) annually. But the situation is
(a). Create jobs, the rest will fall in place of the million people added to India’s workforce every month, only 0.01 % actually find work. – Says Harsh Mander.

(b). Executives search firm head hunters India said the job cuts in IT sector would be between 1.75 lakh and 2 lakh annually for the next three years.

 (C). Protectionism could take us to a ‘jobless’ India. According to the World Bank, 69 % of our existing jobs will be threatened by automation in the near future.

We find no response from the ruling party on these policy dictates on such very important issues.

We have to decide – Are we
Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 7/2017 11, June 2017

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

Recent Happenings
a)     Raid on NDTV – an attempt to muzzle independence of the media. Other main  channel INDIA – TV the owner was awarded Padamshri. ZEE-TV owner was elected a RS member from Haryana by the BJP Support. And TV-18 Group ‘owned by Mukesh Ambani is in NDA’s Jholi.
b)      Kisan – agitation in M.P. takes a very violent shape. Six people are killed in police firing and property worth crores is demised BJP fully defends the happenings and blames the main opposition Congress.                      
BJP’s  Policy is very clear any thing goes wrong within the country, is wrong doing of the Congress Party. And if any thing happens in the Valley, the responsibility is that of ISI and Pakistan.
c)      Hindu bodies to meet, chalk out plan for a Hindu rashra by 2023 Approximately 150 Hindu outfits will meet in Goa from June 14 to 17 for a convention to chalk out a programme for establishing ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in India by 2023.
d)     Vegetarianism is fine, but food terrorism will misfire – How I hate those who are dedicated to producing conformity. “You can trust a government to convert the virtues of vegetarianism into a vice-like grip of tasteless statism. Says Anirudh Bhattacharya
We find no response from the ruling party on there policy dictates on such very important issues.

We have to decide – Are we
Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.