Saturday, January 20, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Recent Happenings and likely trends 5/2018 (21, January 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

LOC is Simmering (Part-1) : - Some very heart rendering questions need to be answered
a)      Can we annex  POK ? A Big NO.
b)      Can PAKies Capture J&K ? Again A Big NO.

Pak Army is a burnt up Army. They are facing defeats since 47-48.  Worst happening was surrender of 93000 troops and creation of Bangla Desh 1971 (16 December). They would like to see India burning and bleeding throughout.

We have to analyze what is in our interest :
a)      A stable and peaceful PAK or
b)      A PAK in the hands of Jehadi elements, PAK becoming a centre of ISIS.
c)      We lost 200 security personnel between 2004 to 2014. But since 2014 till now we have lost nearly 800 security personnel. This heap of Body Bags is not healthy for any Nation.
d)     We have lost the advantage of conventional war fare since both the Countries are Nuclear, and certainly PAK is an irresponsible Country in this design.  

What should we Indians should do :
a)      A process of dialog should continue all the time
b)      Military strategist of India are already warning” why PAK could well become another SYRIA. Non state actors have become the governing body, with politicians and military as their allies.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Recent Happenings and likely trends 4/2018 (07 Sunday 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Irresponsible, Stupid and Idiotic Statement  :-
Dr. Nepal Singh M.P. from Rampur of BJP stated “Fauji to Marte hi Rahte Hain” a very insensitive statement. BJP MLA from western U.P. states” Be careful Muslim population will take over Hindu Population. Muslim are producing 10-12 children and be Hindus are producing only 1-2 children” He also stated that the percentage has reached 30%. The same is finding its place on social media. How incorrect is the information? Muslim population presently is 14% and as within its limit of growth. This appears to be only to create a communal and religious tension.
We have had stalwarts of BJP namely Giriraj Singh, Sakshi Maharaj, Vinay katiyar and Don’t forget Sadhvi Niranjan Joyti. She was the first one who gave a slogan in December 2014 ‘Ramzade’ and Haramzade.
Modi’s Personality Traits:-
a)      Before the elections make tall promises which can never be full filled. Could be a bundle of lies.
b)      Make all candidates feel only Modi can make you win so that all MP’s remain sub subservient and subordinate to Modi.
c)      Create a fear psychosis among the minorities, Down trodden and Under privileged so that there voice remains totally dormant and subdued.
d)     Don’t make any public statement to condemn the SCOUNDRELS of the party.

Cant we make a Law on hate speeches and statements

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Recent Happenings and likely trends 3/2018 (31, December 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Gujrat Elections :-
Modi Ji you won Gujarat by a narrow margin. No candidate of BJP won by more than 5000 boats. The tide in favor of  BJP was with big cities (Ahmdabad), Vadodra, Surat,). Out of total 46 seats in these three major cities BJP won 39 seats if the Congress Party had won even 1/3 of the seats the story would have been different.
Now you have placed Ram Madhav in the North East to engineer defections, to garner support for BJP as you did earlier in Manipur and Goa. Ram Madhav is suitably being trained for dirty tricks departments. He is being trained in all aspects of dirty politics to take over finely the position of Amit Shah. In all probability RAM MADHAV bill take over as president of the BJP before 2019 General Elections.
Modi Ji in all probability 10% of your MP’s would revolt before the nest general elections Mostly you would have rejected them and some with a probability factor of not making it for the next elections. Because none of MP’s have made it on their own merit. Though BJP would emerge as the largest single party (240 to 260 seats). You would need a larger coalition.

What the Congress has to do :
  • To become a 24/7 party. Identify state vise young leaders (below 60 years).
  • Strengthen youth wings, Students federations.
  • Ex-Servicemen Department to be given larger role and importance. Aam Janta has significant support for the veterans of the armed forces.
  • Create a hyper active dirty tricks department to beat the efforts of Amit Shah and Ram Madhav.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Idiotic, Stupid-Bakwas Era 2/2018 (17 December 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Some Recent Happenings
A)          As a part of dinner diplomacy-a part of track-II diplomacy, which has been well attempted. VajpaeeJi was a great admirer. The way P.M. Sir turned the whole event in to a political conspiracy to interfere in Gujrat Elections. A very shallow thinking.
B)          Sambit Patra a spokes person of the BJP has already designated you BAPU. However you didn’t spare any Congress leaders by calling them some names. Your Nautanky and Drama is Superb and need to be complimented.
C)          ModiJi you should designate yourself as a candidate for every election any where and for any post-Panchayat, Block, Assembly or Parliamentary seat. You are in a election mode though out. You just finished Gujrat, with 34 meetings, and you have already launched election campaign from Mizoram and Meghalaya. You have established beyond doubt that no election can be won by BJP without you spear heading the campaign.
D)          Just to prove a point you flouted all norms for a ride on the Sea Plane  a) aircraft was flown in from Pakistan     b) A foreign pilot was the captain      c) A single engine aircraft  d) No security check was carried out.     e) Where was the Blue Book on PM Security ?      f)  Were the SPG guidelines on PM security followed?

To My Fellow Citizens :
We Must Learn to keep it simple and move on from the past- We need to keep things simple by moving on with life without being stuck in the past. It is essential to disperse the cloud of negative thoughts that hold you back in time where everything in life may have been pleasant.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Idiotic, Stupid-Bakwas Era 1/2018 (10-12-2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Mani Shankar Aiyar :
The utterances of MSA are unwarranted, deplorable and to be condemned at all levels. One can easily recall when Hon’ P.M. Sir had used Jumla “Main Neechi Jati Ka Hun” It was used to garner political gains. May be MSA couldn’t differentiate between “Neechi Jati” and “Neech”. After all MSA is a Brahman from Tamil Nadu.

Rahul Gandhi :
Undoubtedly he will occupie the position of president of AICC after having gone through the democratic process of the congress party. Though everybody would call this a Stage Managed elevation. The BJP spokesperson Rao calls Him Babar and Khilgi Vanshaj, and PM Sir adds further fuel to the fire calling him AURANGZEB. What a pitty.

Who decides in BJP on the president of the party, He is nominated by the SANGH. BJP certainly have no moral ground to question “The Internal Party Democracy”

Comment :
The standard of Polity and Electioneering has come to its lowest standard of the era. And the PM Sir I have no hesitation in saying that you have set such standards. PM Sir don’t remain only a politician to catch votes. Go beyond and try to achieve the status of STATES MAN.   

To My Fellow Citizens :
We should always be ready to help others in our own small ways. We should think of our selves as fortunate to help people. We should not confine our selves to our comfortable life style, but rise to the occasion to help others.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 11/2017 (3rd December 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Electioneering, Elections & Political Environment  

A)       90 Years of RSS planning & hard work ? has given adequate dividend to their political outfit the BJP. First sign was electoral victory of 2014 elections when the polarization of votes was visibly evident. The BJP emerged with full majority. Same experiment was experimented in U.P. in the big success was achieved. The same formula has been applied for Nagar Nikay elections in U.P. and they seem to have succeeded in this experiment also
B)    Modi Ji we have to see where we stand in terms of Social Cultural and Political Environment in the country. The environment is polluted, diluted & full of hatred.  (a) Sanjeev Baliyan-a former minister and M.P. from Muzzafnagar (b) Sanjeev Som an MLA form the same area  (c) BJP head of Bihar State announced to cut fingers and hands of those who will be critical of the P.M. The first two announced bounties of rupees 10 corore who will behead Bhansali & Deepika Film of “PADMAWATI”.
C)    Your utmost silence indicates your tacit approval. Their appears to be no doubt that you would succeed in 2019 as well. What is going to happen to further consolidate Hindu Votes. Firstly – your hardcore Hindutwa CM of UP will erect a Ram Mandir by April 2019.  Secondly - 2022 would be Diamond Jubilee of our independence. You would ensure a new constitution for India. Basically it would change the PREAMBLE from secular to HINDU RASHTRA. Your dream of NEW INDIA would have materialized and 90 years old philosophy of RSS – A HINDU RASHTRA would have taken shape.

What Our Present Thinker’s Say

(a)    Arun shourie – No PM office weaker than today’s because of insecurity of people of the top: He further states in 40 years of observing politics he had never witnessed an exaggeration of false hood of the kind happening now.  
(b)   Anuradha Chnoy (Prof. J.N.U.) Don’t stifle creative freedoms. For the nation to scale greater heights, academic autonomy and cultural space are vital factors.
(c)    Jayant Panda (BJD) M.P. Moody’s: Glass Half Full. Upgrade vindicates fundamentals, but for economy to take off bold reforms are needed. Two of the biggest hurdles to in investment, economic growth and job creation are the impossibly complicated land acquisition law, and obsolete, counterproductive labor loss.
(d)   Pulin Nayak (Former Prof. Delhi School of Economics) We need a cash economy for stability. Demonetisation failed to achieve any of its stated objectives. Instead, it severely hit the poor.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 10/2017 (19-11-2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Corruption Part - 2

As a follow-up of 9-2017 – Some suggested measures are
a)      National Population Policy should be enacted
b)      Appointment of Lokaukt (at state level) Lokpal at the centre. Which you will never do as that would dilute your Dictatorial Authority
c)      Some political/electoral initiatives are required
1.      Presently there are 645 political parties registered with EC. Suggested, any political party which a receives less that 20% of votes at national level should be derecognized.
2.      Dal Badloos should be debarred for at least for 2 years to enter into any electoral battle.
3.      Any individual against whom Criminal charges or Corruption charges, or Immorality are established should be debarred from contesting elections. Till he is proved not guilty
d)     What dose the CNN report is states. BJP is the 4th Largest corrupt party in the World. Ahead  of PML (N) of PAK UGANDA’S No-2 and CUBAN Party at no. 3.

Weakly Happenings

(a)    We Need a Cash Economy for Stability Demonetisation failed to achieve any of its stated objectives. Instead, it severely hit the poor. – Says Pulin Nayak former professor Delhi School of Economics.
(b)   Yeshwant Sinha, Arun Shorey, and Even Subramaniam Swamy-All call Arun Jaitly                  IN EFFICIENT, no knowledge of economy and macro economic matter. They all say remove him.
(c)    Shatrughan Sinha says this is One Man Show, and Two Man Army. Will that generate good governance ?
(d)   On one side Hon’SC says don’t curb creativity and artistic elements, SC further states ‘These are Imperatives of an intellectual Society and fraternity on other hand the release of Film Padmawati has given utmost rise of Hindutwa Atankwad. Some element have asked to cut her nose. One individual SOM from Meerut has declared a Prize Money of Rs. 5 Corore  for the Head of Deepika and Sanjay Lela Bhansali. All prominent leaders of the ruling party at the centre have maintained utmost silence. To garner some votes.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.