Saturday, July 7, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 10/2018 8, July - 2018

Friends – This is in response to my write-up on same subject dated 01 July, 2018. This was responded to with negative comments as well as very harsh responses. All are highly appreciated and respected.   
A-    Bank Nationalization – this was the biggest economic reform of its time. There might have been some teething problems at the initial stages. Which are expected in any big decision of this kind. But the whole thing made the banking at the door steps of the common men. Once during the 90’s when economic reforms were brought in a good number of foreign banks came in and this brought in competitive banking. Having dealt with foreign banks as well as public sector banks I have no hesitation in saying that SBI has excelled in all banking activities.

B-    A friend of mine commented “Chamcha Giri Chodo” Don’t talk politics it is very bad. I ask “Chamcha Giri of Who” More then 40 years spent in uniform where the solemn word was “HARD WORK, KNOWLEDGE, and PRROFESTIONALISM.” Those friends who could not with stand the organizational pressure decided to leave for greener pastures. Though it was call of the time. One may not be in politics but has to remain politically vigilant and alive. Don’t We Vote ? We excise our choice of party and the candidate in a confidential manner, isn’t this Politics ?  

C-    An observer mentioned about half a dozen names of probable PM’s. May be none of them find a place to become the PM but don’t for get the system throws in anybody. We have had Morar Ji Desai, Charan Singh, Chandra Shekhar, VP Singh, I K Gujral, even Devi Gowda reached the position of PM. No body lasted what to say of full tenure, Some of them didn’t even the face the parliament. Our country has seen many challenges and capable of facing them.  

Comment : The divisive, disruptive and destructive policies can not be supported. Truth hurts and absolute truth makes one wonky. Our activity has to be with in the defined parameters of our CONSTITUTION. The pre amble is very articulative on the subject.      

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 09/2018 (1 July 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Conduct of Shri Amit Shah Ji :
You are a Baniya from Gujrat. It is well known all over that Baniya’s are cunning and clever. But you have proved your self to be much beyond that.

A-    You used a name PAPPU and recently upgraded this name to BABUA. Everybody knows you are talking about Rahul Gandhi. Are you trying to ridicule him or you scared of him politically. This dose not reflect a mature and seasoned behavior of a politician of your seniority or status. On the same lines I have chosen a word for you – JHA BUA. This stands for Jhagdalu, Badmash and Arrogant Anywhere you go you create environment of rebellion, agitation, and you address you cadre to create lawlessness and bloodshed. And when all that happens blame the existing government. Your recent visit to Kolkatta is a testimony to this you were snubbed by the intelligentsia.

B-    Jan Samarthan - you yourself went to meet Shiv Sena Chief to Mumbai your were snubbed by Uddhava Thakre. You sent Vijay Goel to Shahi Imam of Delhi who rejected Vijay Goel and Muktaar Abbas Nakvi made his intrusion into minorities but was disappointed.

C-    25 June 1975 – Was highlighted by your ministers including the Hon’ble PM. The whole exercise is a political gimmick to dilute the image of Indra Gandhi. Who can be described as the most powerful PM India has had. Just to quote two examples (a) – Nationalization of Banks a 1969 – This was the biggest economic turn over in India’s economic history. If that hadn’t happened None of your welfare schemes introduced would have been a success (b) – Creation of Bangladesh, (1971) Splitting Pakistan into 2 Nations, is an example to the world. Instead of learning you are still experimenting in the state of J&K. (c) – Hon min Arun Jetely was most critical – I ask you had an opportunity 1977 – 1979 when you created JANTA PARTY and failed with in two years, would you like to share your performance and experience of that time. And see the guts of INDIRA GANDHI she bounced back with 2/3 majority.

Special Note : PM Sir along with Amit Shah you are termed as RANGA & BILLA of the Indian politics to day. To assist you created Bhade ke Tattoo’s, most important are Sambit Patra and Gaurav Bhatia – They sound like barking D………. gs on the TV screens.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 08/2018 (24 June 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

PDP and BJP :
A relationship that was bound to fail. Neither the PDP nor the BJP could offer a real solution for reconciliation in Jammu & Kashmir. A few month after he had taken over as CM of J&K in the spring of 2015, Mufti Mohd. Sayeed hosted a lavish Kashmiri WAZWAAN Dinner for journalists in the capital. Question was asked “How long will this BJP – PDP alliance last ?” His answer reflected his optimistic mood. “I am hopeful that between Modi Saab and Me, we can create history and bridge the divide between Jammu & Kashmir forever” – Says Rajdeep Sardesai

Where The Gun Rules :
From Shujaat Bukhari to Gauri Lankesh the middle ground is under attack. Both radical Hindutva forces and radical jihadist forces benefit when society is polarized, and the moderate middle of the rodar becomes their arch any me because he or She is determined to prevent this polarization. The murders of Bukhari and Lankesh reveal the urgent need not only to protect the middle ground but also to stop the inherently violent big government (of whatever political stripe) from encroaching too far on individual freedoms; when government (directed primarily by politicians) encroach too far, civil society is inevitably polarized into potentially violent rival political camps leaving no space for the non violent middle ground. – Says Sagarika Ghose

Comments :
What we have seen since 1990 in the valley needs a bit of scrutiny. It was 9th December 1989 Rubaiya Saeed was kidnapped in Shrinagar. Mufti Mohd. Saeed was then the home minister at the centre. He flew to the valley in special aircraft in midnight operation. To get his daughter released he agreed to release 17 hard core terrorist who were languishing in jails this release of 17 hard core terrorist changed the face of militancy in the valley. It gave rise to unimaginable atrocities. Like killing of air force officers waiting in uniform to board the air force bus, professors and Vice Chancellor of academic institutions, targeted Pandit’s and forced them to flee the valley.

Just imagine I was holidaying in the valley in July 1989. Staying in the heart of Srinagar with a friend of mine in a hired house. Visiting Amar Singh Club, Srinagar Club, Nageen Lake or Newly constructed Golf Club was a routine. Who was responsible for this sudden change of scenario, None other then Mufti Mohd. Saeed then Home minister and now the PDP man.

Two major attempts have been mad during the NDA’s term. First Vajpayee Ji took a soft diplomatic initiative with Lahore bus yatra (Feb. 1999) which resulted in Kargil and now a very hard military initiative by Modi Govt. No solution or reaching some what normalcy is insight. We have to find a middle path some where.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 07/2018 (10- June - 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

No Vijay Yatras Against Army, Politicising Cantonment roads hurts the Army, harms the nation and jeopardizes security – Says Nalin Mehta.
Anyone who has ever felt anything for the Indian Army cannot help but be taken aback by the spectacle of political Vijay Yatras that were seen in the last few days on some of our army cantonment roads. Cantonment are the bedrock of the Indian army. Event if you think that some cantonment roads needed to be opened up in wider public interest, televised images of lower-level BJP workers celebrating a Vijay yatra in Pune cantonment – swarming around on bikes and SUVs draped with party flags distributing sweets and posing for self-congratulatory sound bites outside military gates-made for terrible optics.

Even if there have often been long standing tussles over sacrifice areas but these have always been resolved at local levels. Even as the public respect for soldiers has increased in recent decades, many in the defense forces have begun to feel a growing lack of understanding of their concerns within the bureaucracy. They see the current controversy as reflecting that larger malaise. This is why it is important to move cautiously on this matter and address it holistically.

Many articles / write-ups have papered in the print media. An arbitrary order of the RM to throw open the military area roads, not only that even on electronic media debates have generated heat. The pet barking dogs of the ruling party have not spared any effort to defend the senseless order of the RM.
What these restrictions meant ? A good conduct, discipline and order. Restrictions by the cantt board did not restrict the movement within the areas but only restricted the entry point. Now the gates have been opened like prostitutes entry points. So that goonda and unruly mobs of the ruling party can create BALWAS, and show their JALWA,. They did so in Pune and Lucknow .

RM’s order was like a TALIBANI FARMAN, stupid senseless atrocious. Madam RM what have you achieved  (a)  Enhanced the INSECURITY around the army cantt’s  (b)  Given impetus to indiscipline, given authority to your boorish, goonda elements to create vandalism in the cantt areas  (c)  Tried to dilute the discretionary powers of local commanders  (d) You have succeeded in pleasing your local MLA’s MP’s for vote bank politics.
The  two Women ministers that is SI and you NS have shown immaturity and lack of discharging your constitutional responsibilities. Both of you need to be sacked but may be NM and AS have special consideration for both of you. Only GOD CAN HELP.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 06/2018 (03 June 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

A)    Chankya’s Not 21st Century. Misuse of power in Karnataka cannot be justified as on ancient art of politics In 2014 Narendra Modi won promising an end to the Congress culture, but today the ruling party has become a mirror image of its main enemy by constantly mimicking the 1970s Congress. An anti-democratic majoritarian view of democracy where a naked power grab is justified, will first lead to illegality then criminality then to loss of life on the streets because this kind of politics has the potential to rapidly degenerate into all out war.  -Says Sagarika Ghose
B)    A prayer for secularism Hindu Rastra, which would make my country a saffron Pakistan is profoundly anti-national. Archbishop Couto is not the only Indian to have raised such concerns. I know countless Hindus who have condemmed the covert and overt attempts to demolish institutions. - Says Julio Riberio (the famous Police Officer)
C)    We seem to be in a regressive mode. The spirit of India is weakened when graduates from top institutions act on a divisive agenda. Former IIT students who have formed the Bahujan Azad Party says Shashi Shekhar of HT.
(Special Note : It is very interesting when Karnataka Nautanki was going on. Ram Madhav the second most powerfull man in the BJP organizational structure was asked how are you going to manage the numbers in the Karnataka assembly. Ram Madhav replied “We have no problem. We have Amit Shah with us. Meaning a great manipulator and Jadugar.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 05/2018 (20, May 2018)


Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

A)    Blind faith in social media is a threat – Before getting influenced by the opinions and messages published on it, exercise wisdom. Says Shashi Shekhar of HT.
B)    Violence doesn’t move us anymore Its normalization is inducing society to accept cases such as rapes as routine and mundane. Says Shiv Vishwanathan of Jindal University.
C)    In Kashmir, both BJP, PDP have lost ground. Scaremongering and communal narratives have compromised normal life in Jammu & Kashmir. The community has barely complained when militants and solders camp have blocked their mountain roots. Not only for targeting such a peaceable community but also for its catalytic role in shaping and polarizing perception, this crime against a child has had far reaching effects. Says David Devadas an auther.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Modi Sarkar/Voice of the People 04/2018 (06 May, 2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

A)    BJP leads in delivering provocative speeches. A think tank “Association for Democratic Reforms “based in Delhi examined 58 such speeches, delivered by MLA’s & MP’s. Out of them 17 cases were that of BJP MP’s and MLA’s. The recent addition has been newly selected, elected and appointed CM of State of Tripura who passed very stupid and communally based statement firstly against Diana then more stupididly advised the young generation to open Pan Shops as means of employment.
B)    The top leadership of the BJP that includes NM, Amit Shah, Yogi and dully supported by Sadhvi (U.P.), Giriraj Singh (Vihar), Vijay Vargheya (MP) and Naya Mulla Deb (Tripura), are bent upon damaging the social fabric of the country. Even Ram Madhav the second most powerful man of BJP, who in all possibility would succeed Amit Shah leaves no opportunity to add his Mirch Masala in Damaging the social environment.
C)    A very unique way of Dalit Love of BJP is being manifested. A minister in the UP BJP government reaches a Dalit house at 11:00 PM (nearly mid night). Ministers Chamchas March in with food from some restaurant along with mineral water. What a sham and shame?
D)    They Don’t Really Care About Us. Our politicians have mastered the art of electioneering untied to performance or public welfare. Says Rishi Seth.
E)    India’s Netas are losing their way. The violence during the bharat bandh shows how caste politics has taken a dangerous turn says Sashi Shekhar of HT.
F)     Special mention – In coming decade the three leaders who are going to change the face of the world  (a) Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for bringing in significant social and structural changes  (b) Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Possibly Reunification of North and South Korea. And denuclearization of North Korea. (c) XI of China – the life long head of the State he took an extra ordinary initiative and invited Modi Ji to Wuhan to discuss the outstanding border issues to meltdown and soften the present environment, and XI succeeded. It would be proper for our PM Modi Ji to extend an invitation to his counter a part in PAK to display his statesmanship.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.