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Advantage Modi 17-2015

Advantage Modi 17-2015                                                                                  21 April 2015
Voice of the People
Narendra Modi projected himself as an alternative to a meek PM and a corrupt Congress. Nine months later, people have begun to realize that this talkative man cannot deliver.
Deepak Kanungo, Bhubaneshwar
When you have the RSS and the VHP running ‘ghar wapsi’ campaigns. Alienating the minorities and tarnishing the image of the government, who needs an opposition. Also the BJP may find it convenient to accuse the parties in opposition of behaving irresponsibly, but in the last 10 years, it had acted in a similar fashion and stalled Parliament on numerous occasions. The government must get its house in order and prepare itself to face tough times ahead.
Ambar Mallick, Kolkata
Having two ideologically opposite parties-the BJP and the Peoples Democratic Party-form the government in Jammy and Kashmir meant heated debates would be the order of the day (False Start in the Valley, March 23). While the PDP is constantly mindful of not alienating its Kashmiri vote bank and doesn’t want to be seen as following a ‘right-wing’ agenda, the BJP has the challenge of running a government in a troubled state while keeping its national interest and image intact. It is too early to pass a judgment on the success or failure of this alliance. Both parties have been out of power and have worked hard to win back the mandate; they will not be fooling and throw away the opportunity in J & K.
J.S. Acharya, Hyderabad
India has always ben patted for its tolerance unfortunately, the numerous instances of Muzzling of free speech and expression in the past few months have tarnished India’s global image. From banning movies to the sale of beef in some states, we have shown ourselves to be no better than fundamentalist countries that we so often make fun of.
V.K. Tangri Dehradun
Banning a documentary on the December 16 gang rape is no solution to the problem of growing incidents of violence against women in India. A ban culture cannot cure society of its crude mindset, whereas tough laws and strict punishment surely can.
Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

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