Monday, April 27, 2015

Advantage Modi-11-2015

AdvantageModi-11-15                                                                                                                             02 March 2015                              17 Commandments For Modi                                                                                                                    
1.       Here is a list of 17 action points if BJP wants to remain the dominant political party in India.
2.       The PM, with all due respect, is floating too high. Come back to earth. Don’t try to present an image of a global statesman. You have won an anti-in-cumbency election when Congress was weak, by increasing BJP’s vote share by a few percentage points.
3.       Don’t just get claps from NRIs. If they love you so much, ask them to pay.
4.       Get the Lokpal. Have a good, independent CBI and CVC office. Clean up corruption systemically. Don’t say if Modi is there, nobody can be corrupt What if Modi isn’t there tomorrow?
5.       Don’t bully the media or juniors in the party. Inspire respect, not fear.
6.       Shut up regressive Hindutva fanatics.
7.       Don’t be overconfident in your speeches.
8.       Dress down. Charisma comes from integrity, competence and compassion. Not from expensive clothes.
9.       Stay connected to and do something visible for the youth.
10.   The party president may be really clever. But sometimes it isn’t about who is most clever but who genuinely cares.
11.   Don’t talk down to people. Talk to people. Don’t address people if you never want to take questions. Don’t give monologues on radio.
12.   Open more colleges. Open up tourism. Reduce taxes on high employment sectors. Give tax breaks for companies that move head quarters to smaller cities. Do anything to take skills and jobs to the interiors. Fix the primary schools. They have to teach well. Half our school kids can’t read properly.
13.   Be real. Have work life balance. Why can’t the PM catch a movie sometimes? Or eat chaat in Delhi somewhere? A humanized PM works better than a glorified PM.
14.   No statues, please. School or statue? Hospital or statue? No need to explain further.
15.   No personal attacks on opponents.
16.   No hanging out with rich industrialists.
17.   Ultimately, all of the above comes down to the party listening and acting according to the wishes of the people.
As listed by Chtan Bhagat and compiled by self.

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