Friday, December 13, 2013

As I Saw it The Black Sunday- 08 Dec 2013

As I Saw it  The Black Sunday- 08 Dec 2013

Indian team was being thrashed by South Africa in their second ODI. The top team in ICC ranking. Some of the Indian batsman rated as the best were crumpling down as they were novice to this game of cricket.
Back home the four states (MP/Rajasthan/Chattisgarh/Delhi) were bringing in the most humiliating out come. The 125 years grand old party congress was thrashed and beaten down to most tragic low. The hallmark was corruption ¼Hkz’Vkpkj½ inflation eagxkbZ and women’s safety.

How and why?
·         The trend started with 2010 “Common Wealth Games” when number of small and big corruption cases were brought up. Top officials of IOA and GOC were put behind bars
·         This was followed by CAG report on 2G and coal mine allocation. Whether right or wrong the complete blame was attributed to the existing Govt (UPA-II)
·         Mishandling of Ramdev’s agitation at Ramlila Maidan and followed by Anna’s Lokpal bill agitation when he was arrested added fuel to the fire.
·         Gangrape of Damini in Delhi on 16 Dec 2012 and neglect and poor presence of top leadership of the congress did not associate with agitating young generation at India Gate and around. While Delhi remained paralyzed for nearly two weeks no central Govt or political leader “Connected” with the young agitating crowed in and around India Gate. 
·         Rising prices, devolution of Re further aggravated the situation.
·         Janta is angry and anguished with the ruling party (UPA-II)

Other reasons

  • Loose and controversial utterances should be avoided by senior leaders.
  • Lack of strong leadership at the state levels. People at the late stage being projected, Jyotirmay Scindia is an example in MP.
  • We must appoint state presidents strong committed with orational skills who are good communicators.
  • Such appointment should for full five years who are accepted by all class understand state politically well.
  • They should build cadres have full authority to appoint district, block, and Gram Panchayat Level organizational structure.
  •  It has to be a continuous process. Some bold decisions are required.
  • Non political forces to be encouraged. One such example is that of Ex serviceman. They project an honest and committed force and well respected by the people.

Next General Elections are 5-6 months away. Still time for the “Congress Party” to build up and come back as a “formidable Force.”

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our depleting and degrading politics and political environment

Our depleting and degrading politics and political environment
Party time in India: 140 new ones up in 60 days                                                
2014 RUSH EC insiders fear many floated launder money; pleas for more powers to check wrongdoing fall on deaf ears.

In the run-up to the 2014 general elections, it’s party time in India. No less than 140 new political parties have been registered with the Election Commission in the last two months. From 1,392 parties in August-September, the number swelled to 1,534 by mid-November.Godmen, builders, property dealers and retired bureaucrats are among those who have floated the parties, ostensibly to have a say in the world’s largest democracy. Election Commission insiders, however, fear it may not be all politics, but actually business-even of the shady kind-driving this rush into a field where the entry is all too easy. An unrecognized political party needs just 11 members to gt registered for all times. In the last Lok Sabha elections, 1,150 of the 1,250 registered parties accounted for only about 1% of the total votes polled. If these parties are not interested in political activity, then why are they floated?

Political/Electoral Reforms-
Mushrooming of political parties has degenerated the basic foundation of a strong democracy.
What we need to do.
- To start if recognized party is to get registered should have at least eleven hundred (1100) members and as of now.
- The membership no should increase to 11000 in 1 year and more than 1 lakh in 3 years.
-Any party who garners less than 10%  of votes be disbanded

The views of Veteran Politician-Som Nath Chatterjee

Former Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, is known for his frank views. The 84-years-old leader, who was elected to Lok Sabha 10 times, feels he is lucky to be out of active politics since he would not have been able to survive in the current atmosphere.

Politics appears to have become a freestyle boxing match, a shoddy game and the kind of language being used in public meetings and TV debates, one gets a feeling that some leaders are trying to win a competition in abusive politics. In my view, media is giving too much prominence to the abusive language being spoken by some leaders.

My point is that with the polls barely five months away, serious issues affecting the people of the country are missing from the public discourse and the role of media could have played in farcing the political parties to spell out their stands on price rise, unemployment, communal harmony and other related issues is not being done. Have the large sections of media not anointed a particular gentle man as the PM even before elections? Why is the media nowdays hesitant to discuss his past, particularly the role in communal riots, so let us be fair.

First of all, parties will have to decide whether they are ready to put an end to the politics of competitive abusiveness. Next, they have to ponder over the fact that why the youth of the country shun politics and look for other alternative avenues to express their views. In the last days of my life I will be happy if politics is not looked down upon with disdain.