Thursday, June 19, 2014

Modi Sarkar’s Dillemma

Modi Sarkar’s Dillemma                                                                                                  20 June 2014

Gen VK Singh (Retd) Former COAS

General VK Singh (Former COAS) raised a bogey, as was expected, on the appointment of Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag as the next COAS. VK kept on fighting for the change of his DOB during last 18 months of his retirement. VK’s sole objective was to get extra term for himself and more importantly to set the heirerical ascendancy of an order of his choice. To achieve this aim VK did not hesitate to put all possible obstacles in the way of General Bikram Singh and Lt Gen DSS to become “Army Cdr’s”.His another aim towards last stage has been to see his “Samdhi” ¼le/kh½ Lt Gen ashok Singh as the next COAS.

VK is vindictive, partisan, revengeful full of venom. Thank “GOD” his dream of occupying in the cabinet as DM did not materialize. BJP is to watch out this man he can be an embarrassment.

Watch out Pak-Responses and actions.
Modi and his supporters  were thrilled on inviting neighboring countries. Heads of states. Among those equals, Pak PM occupied an exalted space.

While leaving the country the response from “Sartaj Ahmed” “was we achieved more than expected”. This was countered and diffused within 3-4 days.  When a response was received from Pak. “Our PM was not treated well”. The utterances were jointly cooling off. when now (11-13 June) cease fire violations started. Round the clock firing in Poonch, Mandher, Rajori sector. ABV has trusted Pak leadership a great deal. In anticipation of his (ABV) Bus Yatra to Lahore in Feb 99. PMO had advised Int agencies to keep low profile on Pak in Oct 1998. ABV thought he will break the ice and become a history What happened we had KARGIL- lost nearly 550 young officers and soldiers.

We should not forget, through Pak claim to be democracy. PAK is ruled by 3A’s.

(a)    Allah-which include Jehadi elements,
(b)   Army-which include ISI
(c)    America –Economic Aid and broad foreign policy agenda is directed by US.
Pak is to be always looked with doubt & suspicion.  Continuance of dialogue at all levels should be a regular process. But we should never lower our guards.

Eliminating Tainted and criminal elements from electoral politics.

NaMo mantra during election campaign as well as during President’s address to the Parliament, Namo emphasized this point. But the dilemma is there are 98 MP’s among the BJP count of 283, out of the 98 66 are charged with serious crimes. If Namo is serious he should bring a legislation “who are charged with Murder/Rape/embezzlement  of funds corruption, such individuals against whom charge sheets are filed would not be eligible to contest elections”, till they are proved not quality at least by the lowest court.

The embarrassment of a kind what is now faced with MOS Nihal Chand (Raj) is charged with a rape case. 

Are we really serious?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Fact File-Let the Good Time Roll

Let the Good Time Roll                                                                                           18 June 2014
Not just good governance, people must also show their better selves for ‘acche din’

A catchy slogan of the new government was ‘Acche din aane wale hain’, translating to ‘good days are about to come’. There are other nebulous elements of acche din. What exactly does it mean? Is it enough we don’t have a scam-tainted government anymore? Or that we have a PM who asks babus to come on time and clear files fast? Is the rising sensex a sign of acche din? Well, perhaps to a certain extent. However, there’re clearly more expectations Indians have from these acche din.

The generic term carries with it a massive burden of aspirations, across socio-economic categories. A slum dweller wants running water, a graduate wants a good placement, a village lady wants a toilet in her home, a stockbroker wants the stock market to rise, parents want a good school for their children, a commuter wants good public transport, a businessman wants lower taxes and regulations-the list is endless.

One, care for those beneath you.

Two, have a certain civic sense. As a general rule, follow rules. Never litter, disobey traffic norms or do anything at the expense of society.

Three, respect women. No respect doesn’t mean you fall on their feet and start calling them devi or ma or behen (goddess or mother or sister). Respect means treating them as human beings.

Four, respect talent, innovation, creativity, risk-taking and entrepreneurship. Instead, we respect power, money (no matter how it is attained), connections, and the well-settled.

India has tried its best to put a government in place that seemed to be the best alternative available. However, acche din needs a little more than an acchi sarkar. It also need acche log.

                                         An extract of an article by Chetan Bhagat, TOI June 14, 2014

Comments & Observation:

Very cleverly Modi or new “Modi Sarkar” has defined any time frame. “Acche Din” the most important aspect is “We the People”. Unless the quality of people improves nothing is Possible. The most important factor is Population Control & Stabilization. Any initiative honor’ble PM Sir? 

Monday, June 16, 2014


IRAQ IS BURNING                                                                                                  18 June 2014
Stem this dangerous tide

The extremist takeover the several Iraqi cities threatens to plunge the volatile region  into further chaos

This is the stuff of nightmares. An al Qaueda affiliate is taking over major cities in northern Iraq. Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) overran Mosul on Tuesday, sparking the exodus of half a million Kurds living there. The ISIS is now in control of Falluja, The oil refinery town of Bayji, and Saddam Hussein’s stronghold, Tikrit. The Sunni extremist group is believed to be moving towards Baghdad from both the north and west. Iraqi forces are failing to put up a fight, feeling in places and leaving behind a huge cache of weapons. The ISIS created havoc in the Syrian civil war in recent years. Its energies have now been directed to the Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict in Iraq, which has ravaged the country since the US invasion in 2003. The Americans invaded the country and left hastily, leaving the Shiite majority that suffered under Saddam, a Sunni, in charge. Analysis believe the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made matters worse by openly backing the Shiite majority in the sectarian conflict, thus setting the stage for a Sunni counter-reaction through ISIS.

This development has a huge bearing on the future of Iraq and the region. ISIS is expected to continue its surge in Sunni areas, where the invasion is said to enjoy a measure of popular support. There is a fear that Iraq, in time, will effectively splinter into three parts controlled by the Kurds, Shias and Sunnis. It remains to be seen if Mr. Maliki and the Iraqi forces will take the fight to non-Shia areas and retake lost cities.

The US has termed the situation as “extremely serious” but it is not clear if Western nations will take steps beyond exporting weapons and urging Iraqi forces to fight. The Obama administration is facing criticism for failing to leave a troop presence in Iraq that could have ensured stability. But Washington will be wary of getting drawn again into a Sunni-Shiite conflict. Instead, it may oddly hope that Iran tackles this crisis. The US must, however, do what it can to prevent the break-up of Iraq. It is the least it can do for a country irrevocably scarred by its ill-conceived invasion.

By the time these lines are put in black & white may be Baghdad would have been run over by ISIS elements.

Having visited IRAQ may a times between 1978 & 1988 (when Saddam Huaasin was the President Dictator) one feels sorry to read IRAQ in such a sorry and delipated state. IRAQ was a very prosperous and progressive Islamic state is the West Asia region IRAQ was the most liberal Islamic state. There were “Belly Dancing” Bars, liquor was not a taboo. Women were dressed in a fairly modest western style dress. Women would wear skirts up to knee length with a scarf around their head. They could be seen in Belly dancing Bar. Nobody dare stare at them or be indecent to them. IRAQI Dinar was a strong currency one ID could fetch 3-5 dollars. There were no terror attacks since Saddam Hussain was a head of state-with a firm hand.

India provided great assistance in building IRAQ specially the Railways, Health services. At one time nearly 100 top class (A1+A2) pilot instructors of the IAF were on deputation to train the Iraqi Air Force.

What have you done Mr. Bush to IRAQ? You went in 2003 to eliminate Saddam Hussain and take over the OIL FIELDS and left suddenly IRAQ to fend for themselves IRAQ is nearly heading for decimation. Will you intervene US & NATO?  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fact File

03 June 2014 was a sad day. Nation lost a ground based leader a mass leader, risen from the lowest ebb by his hard work. The Nation mourned, the political party mourned the family mourned.  A spirited man who cared for his people was lost. The sadness of the accident, at early hours of the day. The vehicle he was travelling had jumped the red light may be he was in a hurry to catch the flight. The best part of the story was, the driver of the vehicle which had bumped, into the minister’s car did not leave the scene of the accident. This driver only informed the police. The minister’s car had immediately left-for AIIMS, rightly so. The driver of the Indica Car waited for the police. The only person who acted responsibly.

Since then the minister of transport ( Shri Nitin Gadkari) is bent upon to overhaul the traffic laws, the road safety norms and other related issues.  As he is going to control and bring down the road accidents. Nearly 500 people die in road accidents perday (As reported by NCRB) If it was so simple the rape laws were changed dramatically & drastically after NIRBHAY case on 16 Dec 2012, rapes are on the rise every day. Causes are:

(a)   Rising rather exploding population
(b)   Larger no of vehicles on the road increasing day by day
(c)    And we are indisciplined ¼vuq”kklu jfgr½and irresponsible citizen ¼xSj ftEesnkj ukxfjd½

Mantri ji a Nation becomes great only by its quality of people. Do we have any agenda on:

(a)   Population control and stabilization
(b)   Agenda to create masess with discipline ¼vuq”kklu½ and sense of responsible citizenship. ¼ftEesnkj ukxfjd½

We need a change of ATTITUDE change of law only would have negligible effect.

Denounce these Hindutva groups                                                                                   

The Centre must crack down on communal violence and make sure Pune murderers pay the price. It could not get more frightening or uglier: A Face book post could cost the life of an innocent person in as cosmopolitan a place as Pune. A young Muslim techie was attacked and beaten to death after someone else put up an FB post allegedly derogatory to the late Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray and the Maratha warrior king Shivaji. Mohsin Mohammed Sadique Shaikh has nothing to do with this, yet the goons from a Hindu extremist outfit (Hindu Rashtra Sena) thought nothing of murdering him. Not content with this appalling violence, the alleged killers then exchanged sickening messages saying “Pahili wicket padli” (the first wicket has fallen)/ This suggests that these criminals are under the impression that they are in some sort of position of power and can do pretty much what they like to the minorities. The police have arrested a number of persons in connection with the murder and seven have been charged. But the crux of the matter is that the goons, allegedly from the Hindu Rashtra Sena, acted with no fear of the law. If they had any misplaced sense of confidence that they could act like this since a Hindu nationalist party was in power at the Centre in alliance with the Shiv Sena, they must be disabused of this notion immediately. Such ultra right outfits would become more and more visible and more aggressively and ostensibly-unless controlled and tamed. May be unprecedented electoral victory is making them feel abrasive and protective.