Monday, September 22, 2014

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,- Series-II

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,-       Series-II                              September 20, 2014

 (1)     He’s not a listener, so learn to live with it – says Mark Tully
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to remind me of an old-fashioned headmaster. He reportedly treats his ministers as schoolchildren, telling them what to wear, who to meet, and what to say.
Communicating by twitter and disregarding the voices of experience can isolate the PM.
As narrated by Mark Tully HT August 31, 2014.

 (2)     Listen, Achee  Din Aayenge kab ? As disused by Meena Om
Acchhe din or good times will come only when there is goodness in society. For  this, thorough preparation is needed. We need to become good humans in order to form a better society. If good times were to arrive with mere money power, then it should have happened by now, considering that materially, we are ahead of what we were earlier, as a society. Our purchasing power has increased; our desired have grown, but goodness has not grown. Seva Bhaav, service, respect for others, love, reverence for resources all these have not moved up. 

Goodness can manifest only when it is supported and enhanced by truth, Badappan, large-heartedness and Prabhuta, perpetual joy in life. How can it come? God is not an externality to be achieved through worship or sycophancy; God is Satchidanand, eternal bliss of a truthful soul, manifesting through Santosh, contentment,  Badappan, magnanimity, forgiveness, understanding, good relationships and, most importantly, by not looking to the fruits of one’s labour but working selflessly. Forgiveness, fearlessness and love do not cost money.   
As narrated by Meena Om  HT August 30, 2014.
(3)      Modies Work Force
Category ‘A’ :- Rajnash, Jaitly, Sushma Swaraj, Gadkari, Amit Shah leaders now.
Category ‘B’ :- V Naidu, P Javadeker, Ravi Shanker Prasad, Rajeev Pratap, Piyush Goel.
Category ‘C’ :- Smiriti Irani
Category ‘D’ :- Shahnawaz Hussain, MA Naqvi
Stated fact :- Rajnath & Sushma Swaraj would be wiped off in this tenure earlier (2019) Next to follow would be Gadkari & Javadekar.

(4)    Your “Teachers Day interaction” with the students was a very clever move. Why was this not done for Teachers only? The interaction with young students would have been done on “Bal Divas” 14 Nov. But you saffronite detaste Nehru, the leader thinker, visionary and one of the statesman builder of Modern India.

              You could be called a very shrewd politician. You address to the students of 10-15 yrs of age is a very well planned “Political Strategy”.  You were baptizing futuristic young voters of India is next to 5 to 10 yrs. That is why you made a very confident statement “I am safe till 2024”.   

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,- Series-I

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,-       Series-I                              September 18, 2014

(1)      Advantage Modi  

You are sailing on “High Seas” safe and sound, with your own 283+50 (of your gang SAD, SS, TD). Your no is 333. Highest ever in last 30 yrs. Not only that all of them have been elected because of Modi. In 40% of there 333 constituencies locals did not evem know who is the candidate. Just to elaborate I asked my “ ekyh fdldks oksV fn;k ” very reluctantly  he told me “ eksnh dks Mky fn;ks ”. He did not know the candidate.

(2)            Modis Mantra of Good Governance
·         Blame the UPA. Organize / Reorganize the Ministries.
·         Cleaning campaign of the offices.  
·         Lecturing the new MP’s on etiquettes / behavior within the parliament and outside.

(3)      Rail Budget
(a)              Semi high speed trains, Bullet Train World, class railway stations examples Beijing & London. Where we get world class people ?
(b)              I recently travelled by an express train from Bareilly to Lucknow (31 August 14), AC II tiers.  Curtain were torn windows were cracked/or with patch work. On the return by a VIP trains from Luckonw the train was held up (at Katra) for engine problem for 2 hrs.
(c)               The necessity is to improve the existing standards of up keep of trains & railway stations, catering, on time performance and foremost a courteous behavior from the railway staff.

 (4)     No meeting or greeting here
A week ago, a Cabinet Minster with important portfolios was on his way to meet a leading industrialist in Mumbai when he received a call on his cell phone from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). A senior official was on the other end and clearly aware of the minister’s whereabouts. The PMO’s message was short but stern: he has no business meeting the industrialist. The minister, sensing danger, not just returned to his hotel but took the next flight back to Delhi. Big brother is watching you.

 (5)     Fringe Hindu groups are dong no good to Narendra Modi

While the entire nation was mourning  the demise of Jnanpith award winner UR Ananthamurthy, it came as a cruel chock to learn that a few hooligans, allegedly belonging to some Hindu fringe groups, celebrated his death by dancing and bursting crackers. These fringe elements must remember that their celebration is not only in bad taste but could also do Narendra Modi More harm than good. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Afghanistan holds the key to regional stability

Sep 06, 2014

The next government in Kabul must work towards national reconciliation and cooperation with its neighbours

Afghanistan is endeavouring for a successful outcome of the recently held election. It has been marred by accusations of electoral forgery by Abdullah Abdullah, a presidential candidate, against his opponent Ashraf Ghani. The fruitful conclusion of the election is paramount for constituting a legitimate and stable government; a determinant for relative stability in an otherwise largely volatile society. Post 2001 the country has been struggling to familiarize itself with the trappings of a progressive society: Democracy, education, industrialization, and an awareness of a singular national identity over exclusive ethnic and tribal loyalties.

Between 1996 and 2001 Afghanistan was subjugated by Pakistan through the rule of the Taliban, whereby Pakistan established a strategic backyard to counter perceived aggression from India. Afghanistan had displayed significant antipathy towards Pakistan after 1947 over its border dispute along the ‘Durand Line’, opposed Pakistan’s membership in the UN, and laid claims to Peshawar. India, however, refrained from exploiting the situation and pursued bona fide diplomacy with Afghanistan. India and Pakistan’s policies towards Afghanistan have been the antitheses of one another. Pakistan has consistently worked to ensure the domination of Afghanistan as an end in itself, while India has emphasized social progress, infrastructure building, and the grant of financial assistance for the country’s growth and stability. Pakistan views Indian activities in Afghanistan as a tit for tat for Pakistan’s support to terrorists in Kashmir. It accuses New Delhi of supporting Baloch insurgents, denying Pakistan economic, trade and energy linkages to Central Asia, and thwarting the rise of a pro-Islamabad regime in Kabul that would permit the rise of anti-Indian jihadist groups. To counter these assumptions Pakistan has actively supported terrorist groups to counter the growth of Indian influence in Afghanistan. That has incurred the wrath of the Afghan people and its leaders, steadily eroded Pakistan’s credibility in inter-state diplomacy, and in turn germinated a slew of terrorist groups within Pakistan which have resorted to violence and challenged the legitimacy of the Pakistani State.

India has eagerly provided Afghanistan with generous assistance. In 2011, then PM Manmohan Singh signed an agreement with Afghanistan promising closer cooperation on a myriad issues including national security. However, Afghan governance has major flaws: a mixture of rampant corruption, incompetence, misunderstandings with US-led international troops, and insensitivity, vitiates Hamid karzai’s government. It has given an opportunity for the Taliban to strike back. In 2013, civil casualties increased by about 14%. Some believe that the Taliban presence will increase after the departure of the international troops. But, the successful elections indicate a sprouting of a democratic culture. It will deter the permeation of subversive activities. Suggestions by some officials and ministers to form an interim government run by a committee, in the event of an unduly long election impasse, are a pointer to a resoluteness of the Afghans to thwart the resurfacing of ethnic tensions. Whatever the outcome of the election and whoever is provided the mantle to govern Afghanistan would do well to keep in mind the imperatives of national reconciliation, effective and accountable governance, wise use of the country’s treasure chest, and meaningful diplomacy and cooperation with its neighbours and the wider world. It would deal an effective blow to the scourge of terrorism in the region and usher in greater regional stability.

As narrated by Ranajoy Sen  HT 29 August 2014

Comments: -      Now we have three devastating elements in the region Taliban, Alqaeda and ISIS. Each one is vying to show their strength and supremacy. Greater thread to Indian Security Better watch out.