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Advantage Modi 12-2015

Advantage Modi 12-2015                                                                                       05 March 2015
Constitution is my govt’s only scripture, says PM
“My governments only religion is ‘India first’, my government’s only religious book is ‘Indian constitution’ our only devotion is ‘Bharat Bhakti’ and our only prayer is ‘welfare of all’, he said in Lok Sabha while replying to a debate on President’s Address.

He declared that as the Prime Minister, it was his “responsibility” not to allow “anaap shanap (ridiculous) comments in the name of religion. “Nobody has the right to discriminate on the basis of religion… “No one has the right to take law into his hands, “he said. “Communalism for political reasons has destroyed the country. Hearts have been broken,” Modi said, asking why question are being “posed to us”.

Insisting that “We want all religions to prosper”, the Prime Minister said it is possible only in India under its constitution which has been prepared with the thinking of thousands of years of the country’s history. “This nation full of diversity. We are for unity in diversity, not disunity. All religions should flourish. It is the uniqueness of India because of its Constitution, he said.

“We want to take the nation forward within the frame work of the Constitution,” Modi said, adding he saw only the “tricolor” and “no other colour”.

The words of the PM sounded superficial and artificial. His (PM’s) present organization (RSS) and other affiliates are spilling venom and creating an atmosphere of social & religions disharmony. Every day a new chapter is opened by some one or the other.

The latest is quoted below:

Hindu must boycott khan films: BJP leader

“Hindus should boycott the films by the Khans of Bollywood as they “promote love jihad”, said BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi at a meeting of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Dehradun on Sunday. She also criticized Mother Teresa, saying she was opposed to laws against conversion, and suggested president Rahul Gandhi marry an Indian girl”.

Would anyone shut them up, Happy Holi

Wake up India.

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