Transforming India - 1

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Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)


Comparable data (As on Jan 2009)


1. India has 27,000 foreign students while Australia has 400,000 foreign students.

2. India has 1.0 million schools vs 1.8 million in China.

3. India has 373 Universities vs 900 in China.


1. Tourist traffic into India is only 4 million per year vs 80 million per year into China.

2. World trade is about 1.0% against 8.0% for China.

3. Electrical loss due to transmission and other losses from electricity boards vary from 25% to 50% in India vs 6% to 8% in China

4. Foreign exchange reserves about US $ 314 billion for India vs US$ 1493 billion in China


1. India has only 1.8% of world GDP. Buying power is low, but demand is high due to high population of 17%. Exports are the answer. Enough emphasis not given so far in 60 years. SEZ’s need to grow faster.

Employment Generation

1. While China spends nearly 2.5 % of GDP on Vocational Education & Training (VET) in 5000,000 VET centres covering nearly 3000 vocations. India hardly spends 0.1% of its GDP in VET in 5500 centres covering about 200 vocations. (The actual expenses in VET are more but data is not available).

2. The Demographic dividend of supplying young skilled manpower to the world markets must be seized by future Indians by using VET.

3. The present work force of 509 million can be divided into 29 million in the organized sector and 480 million in the unorganized sector. The biggest challenge facing us is to provide world class VET for the 480 million in the unorganized sector!

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