Monday, April 27, 2015

Advantage Modi 16-2015

Of ‘presstitutes’, (as good as prostitute) politicos                                                             17 April 2015
and other ‘buyable’ types

The unwritten rule in the UK and quite a few other Euroean countries is that, once you rise above a certain rank in the military, you automatically bar yourself from anything like a political career. This is a good rule: it keeps top-level command decisions from being influenced by anybody’s future ambitions; it stops old generals, air marshals and admirals from interfering in military matters; it ensures that the defence minister will always be a civilian providing critical checks and balances for the armed forces; it protects against a certain military mindset from bleeding into civilian life, where the requirements of a democracy are fundamentally opposed to the unquestioning obedience all top brass have got used to over their careers, It short, it’s regrettable that any retired general should enter politics in India. In any care, V K Singh was an utterly avoidable choice, and it’s now clear that he’s out of his depth in the job he’s been given.
It’s an untrue cliché that minds steeped in military manoeuvres usually lack a sense of humour and are blind to irony. History provides us several examples of witty and self-aware generals but perhaps V K Singh is not among them. Had he been, he might have hesitated before broadcasting this little coinage, realizing that if the Indian fourth estate is a house of ill-repute, then its most frequent customers, not to mention its managers, are people from his own political formation. He might also have given a thought to all the ‘keeping’ our politicians owe to the oligarchs. In any case, one coinage often inspires another-so I, for one, would must rather be a presstitute than a polstitute.
Extracted from TOI 12 April 2015
Why can’t Mr Zaveri live where he wants?

Modi doesn’t like answering unscripted questions but if I had the chance I would like to ask him: When you told an audience in Paris on Friday that your government will defend the rights of citizens of all faith, does that include defending the right of a Muslim citizen to live where he wants? If the answer is yes, do you intend to arrest Togadia and other like him who constantly attacks the right of Indian citizens of the Muslim faith? Since you became PM, you have given us all sorts of great advice. Don’t defecate in the open. Pay your taxes. Make in India. Would you consider exhorting the Hindus of Gujarat to stop discriminating against Muslim citizens? Are you prepared to tell India that Mr Zaveri’s house can be wherever he wants it to be?
Extracted from TOI 12 April 2015
On one hand PM Modi addresses people of Indian origin in France “I will provide equal and safe environment to the people of all castes and color”. And at the same time BJP alliance partners in Maharashtra & the central govt calls for taking away the voting rights from Muslims and the BJP maintains utmost silence , whom to believe? And now the same people have advocated castrate them so that they don’t grow and further.

It is surprising how come no Bajrangi and hard “Hindutva” advocates have made no noise on channel “Zindagi’ relaying Pak serials and the Pak cricketers actively participating in the ongoing IPL (Wasim Aktar/Ramees Raja/Shoiab Akhtar) not only now since beginning of IPL.

Wake up India. 

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