Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fact File 10/2017 - Wake up India (27 August - 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Media and Modi Ji   
Amit Shah is a master strategist and Jadugar. He runs an ‘Academy of Scoundrels’ and AS is the chancellor of this institutions. He trains spokespersons, Lectures MP’s and even ministers of NDA. Main subjects covered are :
a)     Our boys and girls make no mistakes. (Cases of Sushma Swaraj & Vasundhra Raje were vital related to Lalit Modi).
b)     Speak offensively – be louder and louder on irrational issues.
c)     Speak lies again and again on our party failures.

Recent Examples :
a)     Death of 100 of children in U.P. – specially in Purvanchal.
b)     Violent incidents in Haryana and around. 36 people already killed. Union  Home Minister very boldly stated ‘Don’t blame the state government.
c)     Spate of Rail accidents in Muzaffarnagar and Oraiya. More than 100 people killed and three times injured.   

Our PM is expert in covering up the weaknesses and his goons are also experts in this class.
Recent Happenings :
a)     Why should heads of state unveil municipal projects ? Getting the president and PM from New Delhi to Bengaluru and Kochi is a move in the wrong direction.
b)     Climate of Fear – Lynchings are proliferating as lines between communalism and nationalism are blurred. Gone are the days when patriotism was taught as unity in diversity and respect for each other. Today Nationalism means toeing the line and shutting up.
c)     We are moving towards manufactured Patriotism and forced Nationalism.
d)     On Haryana happenings Sakshi Maharaj a BJP MP stated ‘Why are you taking the evidence of two women, when Baba Rahim has following of more than Two Crore people’ will our PM sack him ?  

Wake up India, are We Secular Indian or Liberal Indian or Communal Indian

We have to decide
Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fact File -9- 2017

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Media and Modi Ji   
Media must question those in power. When powerful politicians won’t take political questions, it reflects badly on our democracy Earlier this month, the BBC, in the spirit of true democracy, had both the prime ministerial candidates in Britain face the general public with no choreographed questions. How many of our political leaders are willing to subject themselves to a similar no holds – barred interrogation?.    -‘Says Rajdeep Sardesai’

This govt. is afraid of debate and divergent views. We now have propaganda, Jargon, tweets and Man Ki Baat. But Man Ki Baad is one person telling his Man Ki Baat. There are 1.2 billion man ki baats in India. They need to be heard.  - ‘Says Aruna Roy, Rights Activist’

TV Debates
Are becoming more and more acrimonious, appears to be spreading disharmony and hatred.

Are we to dictate to the Janta to say :
a)     Barat Mata Ki Jay
b)     Singh Vande Matram
I am reminded of erstwhile Soviet Union (The USSR)
a)     You saw the hoardings of Karl Marks and Lenin only
b)     Slogans Sounding big for Marxism and Communism
c)     They sang only in the praise of Marxism and Communism
Is that we are heading for ?

The day is not far when Sanghis would dictate to the Armed Forces
a)     What to wear
b)     How Conduct drills
c)     And what should be The War Cries of the Regiments.

Wake up India, are We Secular Indian or Liberal Indian or Communal Indian

We have to decide

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fact File -8- 2017 (13 August 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Hon’ P.Ms Various National Programmes   
P.M. Sir you have given a call for ‘Swach Bharat’ / ‘Swasth Bharat’ / ‘Surakshit Bharat (Road Safety)’. None of these are possible as Stand Alone Programmes. What we need most is a disciplined India (Anushasit India). We are Anushasan Rahit Citizens as a whole. The earliest you make Anushasit Bharat as your primary agenda you would find all your programmes succeeding.

Just a word about Road Safety. Nearly 600 people are killed every day in road accident (as per N.C.R.B. published stats). It is interesting to note that a three wheeler designed to carry one driver max three passengers carries 12 people four on the driver seat and 8 behind. Similarly a Bolero designed to carry maximum of 6-8 people carries 24 people.

Why it is so ? We should have a bit of look at our demographic expansion or I would say an explosion.
a)     By 2024 we shall be the most populated country. By passing Chinas 1.36 billion mark may be earlier.
b)     By 2040 we shall reach 1.5 billion mark.
c)     And by the end of the century we should be touching 2 billion mark.

We are surely heading for a demographic disaster or we may call it a demographic SUNAMI….

Respected P.M. Sir would you spell out a “National Population Policy”. This may not get you many votes but you would go down as a STATEMAN in the annuals of the Indian History.

We have to decide

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fact File 7/2017 - Wake up India (06, August 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Black Money, Corruption & Tax Evasion  
Hon. P.M. Sir you remain most concerned on these three issues. You have talked in your political sermons, talked to younger generation, and often expressed your concern in your routine ‘Man Ki Baat’ a monthly radio programme. The issues are briefly are as such.

Black Money (Few examples) :
Maximum black money is generated by private practicing Doctors. Their daily earning in cash amounts to 1 to 3 lacks. Monthly amounts to 30 to 90 lacks per months which amounts to nearly 90 lacks per month. Annual pocketed money amounts to nearly 10 crore a year.
Private professional college charge nearly 30 lacks for graduate courses, and to the tune Rs. 3 crore per student as under hand money. What is IT Department Doing ?

Corruption :  
A small example is satellite bus stand in Bareilly. Where Police generates Rs. 6 to 8 Lacks per months from Hawkers, Scooter Rickshaws, Tempo Drivers, for un authorized parking. Otherwise Suvidha Shulk is prevalent in every office activity.   

Tax Evasion :
If we a really serious on extending the network to bring larger people into tax circuit we need to extend the hand of law to such people as mention above.
If we are really serious the biggest corrupt person politically – is our friend AS who is indulging in Todo, Jodo & Marodo type of politics. Can we tame him ?

Weekly Special :
Bihar – Nitish Kumar has suddenly become from Modi Mukt to Modi Bhakt. It is fore casted by me that Bihar will go for by election in 2019 along with general election. That will be the demise of NK and J.D.(U) in Bihar and Sungh Parivar will wield power in Bihar.

NITI AYOG : An old Institution Planning Commission was renamed and reconstituted with new defined aim and objectives. Panagrahia was invited from University of Colambia in US, who is a well known economist. He resigned since he found himself doing an absolute clerical job. Rather than a thinker and planner of Indias destiny, he could not swallow it any longer.

We have to decide

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.