Saturday, December 30, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Recent Happenings and likely trends 3/2018 (31, December 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Gujrat Elections :-
Modi Ji you won Gujarat by a narrow margin. No candidate of BJP won by more than 5000 boats. The tide in favor of  BJP was with big cities (Ahmdabad), Vadodra, Surat,). Out of total 46 seats in these three major cities BJP won 39 seats if the Congress Party had won even 1/3 of the seats the story would have been different.
Now you have placed Ram Madhav in the North East to engineer defections, to garner support for BJP as you did earlier in Manipur and Goa. Ram Madhav is suitably being trained for dirty tricks departments. He is being trained in all aspects of dirty politics to take over finely the position of Amit Shah. In all probability RAM MADHAV bill take over as president of the BJP before 2019 General Elections.
Modi Ji in all probability 10% of your MP’s would revolt before the nest general elections Mostly you would have rejected them and some with a probability factor of not making it for the next elections. Because none of MP’s have made it on their own merit. Though BJP would emerge as the largest single party (240 to 260 seats). You would need a larger coalition.

What the Congress has to do :
  • To become a 24/7 party. Identify state vise young leaders (below 60 years).
  • Strengthen youth wings, Students federations.
  • Ex-Servicemen Department to be given larger role and importance. Aam Janta has significant support for the veterans of the armed forces.
  • Create a hyper active dirty tricks department to beat the efforts of Amit Shah and Ram Madhav.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Idiotic, Stupid-Bakwas Era 2/2018 (17 December 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Some Recent Happenings
A)          As a part of dinner diplomacy-a part of track-II diplomacy, which has been well attempted. VajpaeeJi was a great admirer. The way P.M. Sir turned the whole event in to a political conspiracy to interfere in Gujrat Elections. A very shallow thinking.
B)          Sambit Patra a spokes person of the BJP has already designated you BAPU. However you didn’t spare any Congress leaders by calling them some names. Your Nautanky and Drama is Superb and need to be complimented.
C)          ModiJi you should designate yourself as a candidate for every election any where and for any post-Panchayat, Block, Assembly or Parliamentary seat. You are in a election mode though out. You just finished Gujrat, with 34 meetings, and you have already launched election campaign from Mizoram and Meghalaya. You have established beyond doubt that no election can be won by BJP without you spear heading the campaign.
D)          Just to prove a point you flouted all norms for a ride on the Sea Plane  a) aircraft was flown in from Pakistan     b) A foreign pilot was the captain      c) A single engine aircraft  d) No security check was carried out.     e) Where was the Blue Book on PM Security ?      f)  Were the SPG guidelines on PM security followed?

To My Fellow Citizens :
We Must Learn to keep it simple and move on from the past- We need to keep things simple by moving on with life without being stuck in the past. It is essential to disperse the cloud of negative thoughts that hold you back in time where everything in life may have been pleasant.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Idiotic, Stupid-Bakwas Era 1/2018 (10-12-2018)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Mani Shankar Aiyar :
The utterances of MSA are unwarranted, deplorable and to be condemned at all levels. One can easily recall when Hon’ P.M. Sir had used Jumla “Main Neechi Jati Ka Hun” It was used to garner political gains. May be MSA couldn’t differentiate between “Neechi Jati” and “Neech”. After all MSA is a Brahman from Tamil Nadu.

Rahul Gandhi :
Undoubtedly he will occupie the position of president of AICC after having gone through the democratic process of the congress party. Though everybody would call this a Stage Managed elevation. The BJP spokesperson Rao calls Him Babar and Khilgi Vanshaj, and PM Sir adds further fuel to the fire calling him AURANGZEB. What a pitty.

Who decides in BJP on the president of the party, He is nominated by the SANGH. BJP certainly have no moral ground to question “The Internal Party Democracy”

Comment :
The standard of Polity and Electioneering has come to its lowest standard of the era. And the PM Sir I have no hesitation in saying that you have set such standards. PM Sir don’t remain only a politician to catch votes. Go beyond and try to achieve the status of STATES MAN.   

To My Fellow Citizens :
We should always be ready to help others in our own small ways. We should think of our selves as fortunate to help people. We should not confine our selves to our comfortable life style, but rise to the occasion to help others.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 11/2017 (3rd December 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Electioneering, Elections & Political Environment  

A)       90 Years of RSS planning & hard work ? has given adequate dividend to their political outfit the BJP. First sign was electoral victory of 2014 elections when the polarization of votes was visibly evident. The BJP emerged with full majority. Same experiment was experimented in U.P. in the big success was achieved. The same formula has been applied for Nagar Nikay elections in U.P. and they seem to have succeeded in this experiment also
B)    Modi Ji we have to see where we stand in terms of Social Cultural and Political Environment in the country. The environment is polluted, diluted & full of hatred.  (a) Sanjeev Baliyan-a former minister and M.P. from Muzzafnagar (b) Sanjeev Som an MLA form the same area  (c) BJP head of Bihar State announced to cut fingers and hands of those who will be critical of the P.M. The first two announced bounties of rupees 10 corore who will behead Bhansali & Deepika Film of “PADMAWATI”.
C)    Your utmost silence indicates your tacit approval. Their appears to be no doubt that you would succeed in 2019 as well. What is going to happen to further consolidate Hindu Votes. Firstly – your hardcore Hindutwa CM of UP will erect a Ram Mandir by April 2019.  Secondly - 2022 would be Diamond Jubilee of our independence. You would ensure a new constitution for India. Basically it would change the PREAMBLE from secular to HINDU RASHTRA. Your dream of NEW INDIA would have materialized and 90 years old philosophy of RSS – A HINDU RASHTRA would have taken shape.

What Our Present Thinker’s Say

(a)    Arun shourie – No PM office weaker than today’s because of insecurity of people of the top: He further states in 40 years of observing politics he had never witnessed an exaggeration of false hood of the kind happening now.  
(b)   Anuradha Chnoy (Prof. J.N.U.) Don’t stifle creative freedoms. For the nation to scale greater heights, academic autonomy and cultural space are vital factors.
(c)    Jayant Panda (BJD) M.P. Moody’s: Glass Half Full. Upgrade vindicates fundamentals, but for economy to take off bold reforms are needed. Two of the biggest hurdles to in investment, economic growth and job creation are the impossibly complicated land acquisition law, and obsolete, counterproductive labor loss.
(d)   Pulin Nayak (Former Prof. Delhi School of Economics) We need a cash economy for stability. Demonetisation failed to achieve any of its stated objectives. Instead, it severely hit the poor.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 10/2017 (19-11-2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Corruption Part - 2

As a follow-up of 9-2017 – Some suggested measures are
a)      National Population Policy should be enacted
b)      Appointment of Lokaukt (at state level) Lokpal at the centre. Which you will never do as that would dilute your Dictatorial Authority
c)      Some political/electoral initiatives are required
1.      Presently there are 645 political parties registered with EC. Suggested, any political party which a receives less that 20% of votes at national level should be derecognized.
2.      Dal Badloos should be debarred for at least for 2 years to enter into any electoral battle.
3.      Any individual against whom Criminal charges or Corruption charges, or Immorality are established should be debarred from contesting elections. Till he is proved not guilty
d)     What dose the CNN report is states. BJP is the 4th Largest corrupt party in the World. Ahead  of PML (N) of PAK UGANDA’S No-2 and CUBAN Party at no. 3.

Weakly Happenings

(a)    We Need a Cash Economy for Stability Demonetisation failed to achieve any of its stated objectives. Instead, it severely hit the poor. – Says Pulin Nayak former professor Delhi School of Economics.
(b)   Yeshwant Sinha, Arun Shorey, and Even Subramaniam Swamy-All call Arun Jaitly                  IN EFFICIENT, no knowledge of economy and macro economic matter. They all say remove him.
(c)    Shatrughan Sinha says this is One Man Show, and Two Man Army. Will that generate good governance ?
(d)   On one side Hon’SC says don’t curb creativity and artistic elements, SC further states ‘These are Imperatives of an intellectual Society and fraternity on other hand the release of Film Padmawati has given utmost rise of Hindutwa Atankwad. Some element have asked to cut her nose. One individual SOM from Meerut has declared a Prize Money of Rs. 5 Corore  for the Head of Deepika and Sanjay Lela Bhansali. All prominent leaders of the ruling party at the centre have maintained utmost silence. To garner some votes.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 9/2017 (12-11-2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Corruption Part - 1

Corruption is defined as moral deterioration or decomposition.
A corrupt person is defined wicked, deprived, rotten or bribed. These are dictionary definitions.

Corrupt people can be categorized in Three Categories :   
a)      Political corruption – leaders make false promises, give expectation not likely to be filled – that is to garner votes and come to power.
b)      Bureaucratic corruption – Babus who are indebted to above class, become sycophants and Yes man to serve their masters and earn long term favors.
c)      Clerical corruption – All Govt. Offices are infested with the disease and the diseased employees.

PM SIR – whether Bhrastachar or Swatch Bharat – none of them are stand alone. We have to understand what ailes India, i’e P-3, C-5, (This algebraic formula was coined by me 30 years back).
P-3, is at national level that is POPULATION – POVERTY – POLUTION. India would be the most populated country by 2022. India would cross China’s Population of 1.38 billion.
C-5 is at political level. Political environment is infested with a) - Corruption    b)-  Criminalization    c) – Communalization   d) – Castsism     e)- Compromises in Coalition Politics.

Special Note : Some suggested measures would be penned down nest week (19-11-2017)

Weakly Happenings

(a)    Demonetization Anniversary – Demonetization was downer. A national survey Centre for Monitoring Indian economy estimates 1.5 million jobs were lost this year between January and April. If demonetization was a success JANTA would have celebrated not the Govt.     
(b)   Train Management – On an average trains are running 7 to 21 hours late. Now you have put a very efficient Minister – Piyush Goel having removed inefficient Suresh Prabhu.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 8/2017 (05, November 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Lal Batti – VIP Culture

PM Sir - you are a great DREAMER. In Nov. 2016 you dreamt of DEMONITIZATION. You thought this would bring to end – Black Money, Corruption & Funding to Terrorist outfits. Did much happen any body’s guess. Some time in 2017 you dreamt of banning LAL BATTI, thinking that VIP culture would come to an end. This has been part of India for centuries. Lal Batti is removed but your MLA’s & MP’s are exerting pressure on local administration outfits and ensuring to meet their personal objectives. Such people are pouncing on toll gates to ensure free passage. Such people are also trying to empower the police stations and threaten the SHO’s to free the culprits who are charged with various crimes. The list is very long if you ask your intelligence units to keep you and the PMO informed.

Weakly Happenings

(a)    Collapse of a foot bridge at one of the Railway Station in Mumbai resulted in stampede resulting in death of nearly thirty people. Your RM has directed the Army Engineers to build these bridges at Railway Stations. Undoubtedly the Army is certainly called to meet under very emergent condition of National Disasters. This was a clear case of Negligence. We should not forget what the Egyptian Govt. did ? They started engaging the army for such civilian tasks. The army became totally NON Professional. In the six day war of 1967 small country like ISRAEL wiped OFF Egypt in totality because they were a highly professional fighting force.
(b)   NTPC blast at Rae Bareli killed nearly 30 people. An alarming state of neglect. Safety valves were chocked and plant was running. Is somebody answerable. Power Minister and culprits should be hanged for DELIBERATE MURDER.
(c)    Kamal Haasan talked about Hindu Terrorism. He his not wrong. Irrational and provocative statements by political leaders are true examples. Rise of militants is also a matter of concern. To prove this Hindu Mahasabha says – Hassan should be shot dead.
(d)   The Real Challenges – Modi is right party democracy is needed, but above all Democracy is needed – says Kanti Bajpai
(e)    NM in Himachal says drive out DEMONS. Mitroon biggest Demons are AS & NM, yes do throw them out.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 7/2017 (29-10-2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Tourism Part – 2

India is a large country with a population 1.3 billon increasing day by day. Our specialties are
a)      Unity in diversity     b)   Varied culture, dialect & Bhasha Changes every 250 to 300 km.  
b)      Taste and quality of food also changes every 500 km. No where around the world such a variety exists. Even when you travel WEST wards from Israel to San Francis Co (US) the taste of food is nearly the same.

The kinds of tourism we offer  a)  HISTORICAL   b)  CULTURAL  c)  RELIGIOUS   d)  HILL TOURISM   e)   VILLAGE TOURISM, We can develop defined villages at least in one in each of the 645 Districts of the Country.    f)   Medical Tourism   g)  Music Tourism - To organize Varied Types of Musical Events – Classical, Bollywood Nights, Quawali Nights, Mushairas   h)  Dance & drama Tourism    j)  Literary Tourism   k)  Food Tourism.
Repeatability of costing wood generate tourism a great deal suggested GST rates for Eating Places are suggested as follows.  a)  Janta Class 3% to 5%     b)  middle class 6% to 10%     c)  Luxury Class 11% to 15% .  This wood give wider base, volume, greater participation and thus resulting in greater Tax Collection.
But to make all this a success we need secure and safe environment. Janta has to understand the value of DISIPLINE and good and RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR.

Weakly Happenings

(a)    CM Yogi in Agra – The Taj Mahal One of the Worlds Most Iconic Monuments, has been in the eye of a political storm. Kind Courtsy Sanghis. TAJ needs constant loving care. It has seen a drop in tourists and must be protected from pollution and the ravages of time. The visit of the CM could be termed as a damage control.
(b)   As this was not enough a boy and a girl of Swiss orign, on a visit to Fatehpur Sikri Are ridiculed & thrashed. Boy has a skull fracture and the lady is brutally injured. What a SHAME for we Indians. Though FM did take care of some damage control – but in reality the tourism minister of UP Should have visited the tourists immediately.
(c)    Modi Govt. nothing but UP A III, says RSS-affiliate BMS – Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh Has UPPED the ante against the centers economic policies. Saying they have not crated Jobs or Helped Indigenous Production’s Grouth.
(d)   Appointment of Dineshwar Sharma former DIB as the soul interlocutor with a Cabinet Secretary Rank. He is a direct appointe of NSA. NSA is an appoint of RSS. It would be RSS which will guide and dictate the Agenda. This whole system would dilute the position of the Governor (The constitutional Head) and the CM (The Political Head.)

 Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 6/2017 (22 October 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji

Tourism Part – 1

Tourism for any country is a big industry. Generates tremendous Job opportunities, a foreign exchange earner, creates favorable image of the country to invite business ventures from abroad.
But our dilemma is Atithi Devo Bow Bow. What foreigners may make of diet advice given by India’s new tourism minister – It is generally accepted that travel broadens the mind and widens the horizons. Going by the advice to India-bound travelers from the new tourism minister KJ Alphorns, it can also induce constipation, hunger and bellyaches, among other conditions. In a moment of great insight that does justice to the portfolio he has been given the minister has suggested that since beef is becoming a no-no in modern India, foreigners could eat their fill of red meat in their home country before coming to India.
The minister further says – Because our air and water is so polluted, visitors can finish their breathing, hydration, bathing, etc before coming to India. We expect them to hold their breath while in India.
As the India’s tourism minister was not enough another controversy about TAJ MAHAL has been raised initially by cultural minister (Chaudhary of UP) about TAJ MAHAL.

Feudal Obsession :- By tilting against Taj Mahal and Mughals, BJP undermines development rhetoric of the PM After UP BJP MlA Sangeet Som bashed the Taj Mahal-the one iconic Indian monument that is recognized world wide – BJP spokes person GVL Narasimha Rao chose to stoke further controversy by describing Mughal rule as Barbaric, a period of Incomparable Intolerance. This gives an impression as the spokes person of the BJP is describing the present rule of the BJP.
One can easily say that the present govt. is not serious about Tourism. Tourists gets attracted only when the environment of the country is friendly safe, secure, and amicable. Only GOD can help this country to invite tourists.

Weakly Happenings

(a)    CM Yogi in Ayodhya. The celebrations are to be admired in Ayodhya. However what about promises of election agenda. Power, Law and Order, Women’s Safety, Pot Holes on Roads all are the same or are getting worse day by day.
(b)    PM in J&K (LOC, and IB) and at Kedarnath – it is encouraging and morale boosting for the troops. But the happenings along the LOC are on the increase. Body bags continue to be as a regular feature, when do we see any sign of reduction in such happenings. The PM also went to Kedarnath and made a tall claim of is earlier visit in 2013 as CM of Gujrat that “I would have saved the situation better”.
(c)    All these visits / statements by the CM and the PM are diversionary tactics.

 Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 5/2017 (15 October- 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Defence Part -2

Forces seek Rs. 27 lakh crore over next 5 years for Defense Projects
High Projection comes amid face of with China, Pakistan.
Problems :
A-`India Imports 65% of its weapons and ammo, due to poor domestic defense-Industrial base.
B-  Maintenance of large armed forces pay & pensions.
C-  Arms procurements done in ad hoc manner without long-term planning.
D-  Army has critical gaps in artillery guns, infantry weapons, light helicopters, night-fighting capabilities etc.
E-   IAF dose not have enough fighters, mid-air refuellers, AWACS, drones etc.
F-   Navy grappling with lack of adequate subs, multi role captors, minesweepers, etc.        

STOP – Chest Thumping and Bragging
The PM and Amit Shah are enough to indulge in this exercise. Request Bipin Rawat (COAS) and BS Dhanoa (CAS) you don’t fall in their trap. The experts and experienced are there to make a correct evaluation of the situation and put in the media.

Weakly Happenings
(a)  Dusserah is founders day of the RSS. Sarsangh Chalak makes, say kind of a address to the nation. Besides many issues amounting to Modi Govt’s, Policy Paralysis. He mentioned “GAU RAKSHAKS” haven’t caused any harm or hut to anybody. What a big LIE. This habit of LYING appears to be in the DNA of SANGHIS.

(b)  Amit Shah is bent upon to disrupt and rupture cohesive existing social fabric of the MALYALEES. And on the other hand the President of India has admired the composite and happy driving culture of Keraliets during his first visit to the state. What a dilemma, AS would you Shut up and stop your dirty tricks. 

(c)  Govt. Hospital in Kerala many could learn from - Cost effective facility gives pvt ones a run for money. BETTTER THAN THE BEST Taluk Hospital in Punalur Conducts 80,000 tests every month at rates one –fourth of a cost of a private lab.

 Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 4/2017 (8th October 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Defence Part -1
What Sitharaman needs to do, to reform India’s Defense Sector ?
After period of three & half years of Modi Govt., a defense minister has been installed. Hope fully for the remainder of Modi Govt., Besides acquisitions, she must reorganize the civilian – military hierarchy. A good minister is some one who sets goals, takes decisions, has sound judgment, listens, learns from experiences, and has authority within the Govt. (Though very doubtful proposition in the present dispensation).

Raffle Deal stands diluted.
IAF had projected a requirement of 126 MMRCA (4th Generation Aircraft). The process commenced in the year 2007 with RFP (Request for Proposal) floated. Six vendors responded. 3 from Europe 2 from US and 1 Russian. A very extensive assessment process was set in. The stages were A-Technical Evaluation  B- Operational Assessment (At High Altitude, Desserts High Temp., C- Temperate Climate D- Hidden Costs E- Finalization  F- Price Negotiation. After the first Five stages Raffle of French Origin was identified to be most suitable It is only during the PNC a technical hitch had arisen between HAL and OEM, witch could have been sorted out amicably. In the mean time Govt. had changed and our extra ordinary active PM took initiative to dilute the complete deal. The PM went to France and Signed a deal for 36 Aircraft at the cost 3 times of the deal of the original process. And more then three years are to lapse and there is no sign of those 36 Aircraft. Will some body raise a question to our Hon’ble PM.

Visit of Mattis the US Defence Minister to India
He primarily came to sell LOCKHEED’s defunct Aircraft F-16 to India. Along with to transfer technology and manufacturing plant. We should not forget that F-16 is a third Generation Aircraft and this was the 1st Aircraft declared unsuitable by the IAF at very initial stages.     

AWACS – (Air Bone Warning and Control System).
The system is a force multiplier. IAF acquired three such platforms mounted on IL-76 Aircraft in the year 2010. We just have only 3 of them. To day when be are talking of two front war, we need to have at least 10 to 12 of them. Just to elaborate China has 20, Pakis have 7 of them and we are sitting with 3 of them.

 Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 3/2017 (24 September - 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Economy Part-2:
What the economist say ?
Raghuram Rajan       (a) Note ban hit the economy hard.           (b) Don’t do chest thumping.           
(c) Tolerance important for growth.
Subhramanium Swamy- A pampered BJP MP
(a)  Economy is under depression. (b) Calculations for GDP done (5.7) will be further lower by 2%. (c) Forecasted a collapse if drastic measures not initiated (FM has already announced some worth  Rs. 50,000/- corers worth of initiatives).

Some Stats –
A – Agriculture production: (a) ABV– -0.7 (b) MMS – 1 + 5.4 (c) MMS – +2.5 (d) NM – -2.1
B– GDP (a)- 10/11 10.3% (b)- 15/16 7.5% (c)- 2017 1st qtr 6.6% (d)- and now 5.7%
C– Exports Growth : (a)- ABV 14.8% (b)- MMS 1&2  -  24.4% & 19.17% (c) NM -4.7% (Figures as circulated by RBI).
D– RBI says they are not aware of any black money retrieved during demonetization.
E– 7 Lacs IT jobs to be lost in nest five years.
F– Remittances to India sluggish by 6.2 billion dollars.
G– Even Ram Jethmalani stated on 19th August during a book launch – “Indian Economy is in Shambles.”
Weekly Happenings

a)     Prodyut Bora, BJP IT Cell founder quits on account of Modi & AS style of functioning . He stated “Madness has gripped the party. The desire to WIN at any cost has destroyed the ethos of the party. This is not the party I joined in 2004.
b)     Abe (PM fo Japan) in Ahmadabad, even NM planned a visit to a Masjid. What a master stroke just before the Gujrat elections.
c)     NM & AS stop fooling the Janta on your economic & development achievements.

Modi Bhakats are Blind folded. There thinking and intellect has been imprisoned. They are influenced only by the statements of Saffronites or the leaders of the BJP. Even the BJP MP’s have lost there voice – voice of the people are chocked.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 2/2017 (17 September, 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Economy Part-1: GDP slumps down to 5.7 during the last quarter (April-June, 2017).  Quite worrying but not unexpected. MMS had forecasted in Parliament on debate on DEMONETIZATION, now even global Magazine FORBES has described DEMONITIZATION as a LOOT of public money.
GST:- Though a good scheme but hastily implemented has brought the commercial and business activity to a standstill.
What the Economist Say ?
Aiyar :- India’s GDP growth has fallen four quarters in a row to just 5.7% in April-June, down from 7.9% in the same quarter last year. No longer is India the world’s fastest growing major economy –it has sunk well below china’s 6.5%. Manufacturing is the worst sector, with just 1.7% growth. So much for “Make in India” or “ache din”.
R. Jagannathan :- There is an important parallel in the challenges faced  by ABV’s govt. two years before the general election and Narendra Modi’s. In both cases growth has been sluggish, though formal growth number on Modi’s watch have been higher possibly due to a change in the methodology of calculating GDP (2% higher due to this factor). It will need an economic miracle of sorts for the economy to be kicking in favor of Modi wave in 2009.

Weekly Happenings

a)     Rahul in US – His interaction and extempore speaking was highly commendable and appreciated. Rather one can easily say this was his one of the best performances. The way Smriti Irani reacted reflected her personal hatred and dislike for RG. She is a defeated and rejected politician. And proved incompetent minister shifted from time to time. Fortunately she has the blessing of the top leadership of the BJP- NM & AS.
b)     ABE in Ahemdabad – very timely election propaganda launched by NM. What a road show of 8km. and other arrangements. All at the govt. expense. Well-done Modi Ji.
c)     All economic indicators GDP Industrial growth retail inflation are indicators of down ward trends. AS is one bragging in “Kolkata” ECONOMY HAS DONE WONDERS. Amit Shah Ji – Kuch to Sharam Karo.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 1/2017 (10 Sep. - 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Foreign Policy - Foreign Policy is defined and formulated “In the best interest of the Country. Priority wise “Good neighborly relations” – always remains on top of any country. You started well when you invited all Head’s of States of SAARC countries on 26 May, 2014. But you fell apart within three months when you met the same people at Katmandu you were not ready to see I to I with your counter part from PAK, What to say a shake hand. Finely Nepalis P.M. succeeded in avoiding awkward situation. (In brief foreign relation in our context are to be Immediate neighbors – West Asia – Look East – and then hop across to Europe in the West - & towards east to Australia and Japan and Others).

Similarly you accorded an unique reception and welcome to XI JINPING. Within no time you reached a situation that you wanted to go to war with XI on DEKOLAM.

Why ? : You ascended on Delhi throne, making false promises, and offering expectations where the opportunities did not exist. In a nutshell a “Bundle of lies”. Same things you said while addressing the Indian Diaspora on foreign lands. You thought you have achieved STARDOM and now you are a GLOBAL LEADER. Respected Sir the objective has to be the world should recognize these attributes – as Nehru and Indra were recognized as world leader on the merits time tested. Quality required are HONESTY – Not only of SCAMS, which you and your leader brag about. Honesty has to be of words, promises and hopes. Then comes MODESTY which you and your leaders lack. HUMILITY – Not seen. Last comes CONECTIVITY is limited only to you, your colleagues are Darbari and Sycophants.  

BRICS – 2017 : Resolving the DEKOLAM issue it was identified – DISPUTES – DISSCUSS – DESOLVE – DEMONSTRATE and go head. For a change Modi Ji you displayed farsighted and maturity. If you have the right vision do apply the same with Pakis and you would see the difference in Neighborliness. Terrorism is disrupting economy, Unrest, poor law and order in secure environment lack of confidence – economic activity in the valley has taken the back seat. We need urgent initiatives in the valley to bring the normalcy as soon as possible.
Weekly Happenings
a)     Reinstating Col. Prohit is a step towards saffronization of the Armed Forces
b)     Killing of Gauri Lankesh is a step towards silencing the voice of dissent

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fact File 11/2017 - Wake up India (03, September 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Modi Ji   
Your 2014 campaign started with ‘ACCHE DIN’. Followed with Swach Bharat, from Yojna Ayog to Niti Ayog, Make in India (Not new, started in 60’s with MIG series of Air Craft production), Skill India, Startup India, Rozgar. In between you Brought in Sabka Vikas, Sabka Sath and now Empowerment and New India.
Don’t for get the slogan of 2004 SHINING INDIA (Coined by L.K. Advani and the BJP Failed).

Gujrat Model :
Gujrat is just 1/20th of India. You polarized the people and petrified a certain community by crating a division and fear psychosis. Now you have crated and environment of captive thinking, Captive Culture, Captive Media, Captive Judiciary, Captive RBI, Dictated eating habits. Nearly Driving Janta what to see and How to react.

Recent Happenings :
a)     When the State gives in to cults, Strong and timely action could have stopped  the Dra violence.
b)     Under the shadow of blind faith – just 24 hours before the happenings in Haryana the state education minister Ramvilas Sharma stated ‘CRPC 144 dose not apply to followers of Dera. They are the guest of the state it is our bounden duty to provide them with Food and Water. These people are peace loving and can not damage even a leaf.’
c)     It’s not easy to do business in India: Niti-IDFC survey States.
d)     The slowing of employment opportunity is a big challenge.
e)     Chasing Shadows – New India is not compatible with the state playing moral police.

Wake up India, are We Secular Indian or Liberal Indian or Communal Indian

We have to decide

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fact File 10/2017 - Wake up India (27 August - 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Media and Modi Ji   
Amit Shah is a master strategist and Jadugar. He runs an ‘Academy of Scoundrels’ and AS is the chancellor of this institutions. He trains spokespersons, Lectures MP’s and even ministers of NDA. Main subjects covered are :
a)     Our boys and girls make no mistakes. (Cases of Sushma Swaraj & Vasundhra Raje were vital related to Lalit Modi).
b)     Speak offensively – be louder and louder on irrational issues.
c)     Speak lies again and again on our party failures.

Recent Examples :
a)     Death of 100 of children in U.P. – specially in Purvanchal.
b)     Violent incidents in Haryana and around. 36 people already killed. Union  Home Minister very boldly stated ‘Don’t blame the state government.
c)     Spate of Rail accidents in Muzaffarnagar and Oraiya. More than 100 people killed and three times injured.   

Our PM is expert in covering up the weaknesses and his goons are also experts in this class.
Recent Happenings :
a)     Why should heads of state unveil municipal projects ? Getting the president and PM from New Delhi to Bengaluru and Kochi is a move in the wrong direction.
b)     Climate of Fear – Lynchings are proliferating as lines between communalism and nationalism are blurred. Gone are the days when patriotism was taught as unity in diversity and respect for each other. Today Nationalism means toeing the line and shutting up.
c)     We are moving towards manufactured Patriotism and forced Nationalism.
d)     On Haryana happenings Sakshi Maharaj a BJP MP stated ‘Why are you taking the evidence of two women, when Baba Rahim has following of more than Two Crore people’ will our PM sack him ?  

Wake up India, are We Secular Indian or Liberal Indian or Communal Indian

We have to decide
Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fact File -9- 2017

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Media and Modi Ji   
Media must question those in power. When powerful politicians won’t take political questions, it reflects badly on our democracy Earlier this month, the BBC, in the spirit of true democracy, had both the prime ministerial candidates in Britain face the general public with no choreographed questions. How many of our political leaders are willing to subject themselves to a similar no holds – barred interrogation?.    -‘Says Rajdeep Sardesai’

This govt. is afraid of debate and divergent views. We now have propaganda, Jargon, tweets and Man Ki Baat. But Man Ki Baad is one person telling his Man Ki Baat. There are 1.2 billion man ki baats in India. They need to be heard.  - ‘Says Aruna Roy, Rights Activist’

TV Debates
Are becoming more and more acrimonious, appears to be spreading disharmony and hatred.

Are we to dictate to the Janta to say :
a)     Barat Mata Ki Jay
b)     Singh Vande Matram
I am reminded of erstwhile Soviet Union (The USSR)
a)     You saw the hoardings of Karl Marks and Lenin only
b)     Slogans Sounding big for Marxism and Communism
c)     They sang only in the praise of Marxism and Communism
Is that we are heading for ?

The day is not far when Sanghis would dictate to the Armed Forces
a)     What to wear
b)     How Conduct drills
c)     And what should be The War Cries of the Regiments.

Wake up India, are We Secular Indian or Liberal Indian or Communal Indian

We have to decide

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.