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As I saw it: The Painful Episode IPL- 6 and the Controversies

As I saw it: The Painful Episode                                                     24 May 2013

IPL- 6 and the Controversies

IPL 6 is towards the fag end. And suddenly “Delhi Police” reveals the big nexus of bookies and some of the young & not too young players being part of a “fixing” deal. That is to play to the tune of the bookies. There is a difference in “fixing a game” to loose, or to play to the tune of the satorias and bowl certain balls to the needs of the satoria’s. I am quite sure people should be aware that betting goes, on each and every ball, in this small format of game.

Some of the youngsters may be new to this hifi of the game of IPL. They were lured to make more money by unfair means. Was this a new phenomenon? Not at all it is well known in our country and even globally, and in every type of game. In some developed and advanced countries betting stands Legalized.  We certainly would have to isolate our young players of this lure of making easy money.

How do we do that?

Once the players are auctioned or bought by the franchise the controlling body should prepare “a code of conduct by the players”. Specially so cautioning them not to fall prey to the unethical effects of the bookies. What could be the petty gains, would result in damages of the suspension/life bans and the most important their own and their family’s reputation. We should not forget that a large of no of Indian players, part of the IPL are from modest background. They are exposed to huge sums of money for the first time.

Even the franchise should have mentors and psychotherapists to counsel and indoctrinate the players of the evils of this wonderful format of game of cricket. Franchise should even engage private detective to monitor the movement of bookies into the premises of players. Don’t forget there is large variation of money coming to the players in a genuine way. Those who are have notes are the easy targets for the bookies.

All are praising the efforts of Delhi Police in revealing this nexus. These new young are new to the glitter of hifi life. By no stretch of imagination they are criminals. These evil could have been stopped at the right time. Delhi Police have acted, in a manner “knowing a young woman is likely to be raped, they wait for the woman to be raped and then act and try to catch the rapists”.

Notwithstanding the above the Delhi Police would have done a better job by cautioning the BCCI, Franchise or even the players of the nexus of the satoria’s and the methodology of such people to trap the innocent players.

May be a preventive therapy would have been better than a cancerous surgery. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Fact File- Azam Khan’s visit US

The Fact File                                          02 May 2013
Azam Khan’s visit US   
Aam Khan accompanied by Akhilesh Yadav (CM of UP) went on a visit to US. Supposed to be on the invitation of “Howard Business School”.  Was there any need for the two ministers to go? The job was done by the Govt. Machinery. The team to represent UP Govt should have been lead by Chief Secretary of UP Govt and accompanied by some officials who were directly responsible for the successful conduct of the Kumbh Mela. A 12 member’s team went to US.
Our politicians in power are so much enamoured by “Lam Lushker” yke y”dj and special treatment, that they are totally misfit to visit on a sponsored visit.
I am reminded of my visit to Canada (Toronto) in the year 2004. We were staying with a friend of ours. One day a lady drove in a car (self driven). She was of Indian origin and an elected MP and holding a ministerial post. It was a very unusual happening. On my query she replied only PM of the country is entitled for a chauffler driven car. A pilot vehicle and a stand by car follows. Will our Netas ever learn such courtesies?.
Mulayam’s outburst on China
“China is No 1 enemy. Go to war to shunt them out”. It is just to please those who do not understand the nuances of “State Craft”. When all avenues of diplomacy and persuasion have failed and security of a nation endangered one can think of war. Are we going to entrust the reigns of our country to such irresponsible, eccentric leaders?

Fact File- Point to Ponder

Fact File- Point to Ponder                                                                              
 30 April 2013

‘India is the only country where Muslims exert influence without fear’

Tarek Fatah is a Canadian writer and advocate of a progressive and liberal Muslim identity. Speaking with Aarti Tikoo Singh, Fatah discussed his emphasis on Muslims fighting tyranny, why left-wing groups are often wrong in assessing Islamic movements-and how Indian Muslims are uniquely placed to challenge repression:

You’re visiting India for the first time-what are your impressions?

I’m relieved all my impressions turned out to be realistic. India is the only country offering a future in terms of what the nation state would be and how to accommodate languages, races and religions with all the difficulties that go with that. As a Muslim, I found it fascinating that this is the only place in the world where Muslims exert influence without fear. Muslims are better equipped in India than in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I talked to prominent Muslims who said, “You’re not going to make me deal with issues as a Muslim. I am an Indian. “But I feel they are abdicating the responsibility they have, as the only Muslims with the freedom to stand up against those who wish to take this freedom away.

But serious questions remain in India about Muslims being discriminated against isn’t that of concern?

I don’t deny that-but I would rather live with discrimination, where I have the right to speak out, than live somewhere women and others are targeted in the name of Islam. Of course there’s oppression in India too against women but nobody says it’s an act of piety-it’s ‘dadagiri’, not piety. It can be corrected with better enforcement of laws offering equality and protection. In the Islamic world, the law itself says women are inferior to men.

It is the responsibility of liberal Muslims to discuss issues and say this or that is not acceptable. If Muslim women cannot go to a mosque and sit in the front row, it is not a Hindu problem. If Muslim men don’t treat female relations with equal dignity, why are they complaining that others aren’t doing so?

I put harsher responsibility on Indian Muslims because they are free, living in a democratic society. If they want to know what it’s like to live under Islamic rule, they can see what’s happening in Pakistan.
Extract from TOI 19 April 2013

Fact File- Beemar Samaj Ke Apradhi

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Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)
                                               PVSM AVSM VM


‘Gudiya Kand’ The child rape and out rage                                                       01 May 2013
A five year old girl was raped and inhumanely treated by two young man who are the neighbors. Some very relevant question need to be raised in our minds and answered to ourselves.
·         Heinous crime was committed by ‘AAM Adami”
·         Can police provide protection to every child girl or a woman.
·         Why the parents of child, did not raise their voice loud and clear when the child was missing. The criminals must have lured the child earlier.
·         Our people on the roads are only playing polities not analyzing the  and suggesting ways to bring some check & balances.
·         Even electronic media is playing to the gallery

Some thought provoking ideas

lksp cnyks Sounds very moral and reforming. As it is underwear and Baniyan, this would take decades may be half a century. What did Sharad yadav (President JDU) and Chairman (NDA) said in parliament after 16/12/12 incident of gang rape of Damini. Hkw[k vkSj I;kl gj vkneh dh jkst dh t:jr gSA blh çdkj ;g Hkh (Sex) gj bUlku dks gj 15 fnu esa t:jh gSA Javed Akhtar- Famous  bollywood writer and husband of actress and social activist Shabana Azmi said in Rajya Sabha on 22 April  2013.
Women have been under social subjugation for centuries, even…….when a girl child is born in a family it is the sad day Infanticide is very common and girl child is often murdered immediately after birth. And we talk of respectablity  and dignityFor women in our society?
What are the real causes:

Exploding Population

1:25 billion now rising 1:40 billion by 2025
1.60 billion by 2050 2.00 billion by the end of the century
Rapidly declining polity opportunistic and way ward.
Declining standards of education at all levels
Declining  opportunities of employment and progress
All these lead to declining moral standards and leads unrest, social discrepancy social disharmony and crime would continue to rise
What do we do?
·         Well defined population policy
·         Effort to improve standard of education at all levels.
·         Generate Job opportunities.
·         Politicians to restrain and improve their conduct “stop politicking every issue”.
·         Castrate the rapists, specially child rapists
·         Hang the culprit immediately publicity. Even Sushma Swaraj advocated the same in the parliament.
·         Is the nation ready to deal with this Epidemic?

Fact File on Namo

Cabbages and kings                                                                      20 April 2013
Much like fascism in Germany, the rise of Narendra Modi’s BJP is driven by similar agendas of neo-liberal economic reform and communal polarization

While the Gujarat chief minister is mounting a feverish pitch for being projected as India’s future prime minister, his Bihar counterpart, a vital NDA ally, has not minced words in expressing total disapproval.

This, notwithstanding the choice of using platforms of India Inc. and the servile response that the Gujarat CM is getting, is chillingly reminiscent of the rise of Hitler and fascism. The CM, like the Walrus in Alice in Wonderland, has begun to speak many things- “cabbages and kings…..”

He wants to create a ‘vibrant’ India a la the illusory ‘vibrant’ Gujarat. The 2002 communal genocide in Gujarat is sought to be replicated for the rest of India as the foundation to achieve such‘vibrancy’.  This is the debt that the Gujarat’s chief minister claims to have repaid to his state and now wants to repay to India.

With little signs of reversal of our domestic economic slowdown and with the global economy continuing to falter, the yearning of India Inc. for profit maximization needs such a messiah. There is much historical evidence of how global big business, particularly US corporate giants, had played an important role in the rise of fascism. In his book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony Sutton provides a documented account of the role played by major US corporations in funding the rise of Nazism. The Guardian in its obituary of American historian, Gerald Feldman (January 15, 2008) says, “ Gerry wrote a sober, balanced but in many ways devastating official history of the Allianz Insurance Company whose chief Executive Kurt Schmitt was for a time Hitler’s economics minister.” Mischael Dobbs writes in the Washington Post (November 30, 1998), in an article “Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration”: “ I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration’, Hitler told a Detroit News reporter two years before becoming the German Chancellor in 1933, explaining why he kept a life-size portrait of the American automaker next to his desk.

He says, “Fascism acts in the interests of extreme imperialists but is presents itself to the masses in the guise of the champion of an ill-treated nation and appeals to outraged national sentiments.” Further he says, “Fascism puts the people at the mercy at the most corrupt and venal elements but comes before them with the demand of an honest and incorruptible government. Speculating on the profound disillusionment of the masses, fascism adapts its demagogy to the peculiarities of each (situation)”.

History has its own ways of conveying messages through historical coincidence. It was on February 27, 1933, that the Reichstag (Germany’s seat of power) was set on fire. On February 27, 2002, Coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express burst into flames at Godhra. The former was used by Hitler to launch a vicious anti-Communist repression, abrogate democratic rights, suspend the Weimar Constitution and proceed to consolidate Nazi fascism. The fire was later established to have been the handiwork of the fascist forces themselves. Further, on January 30, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. It is, indeed, an irony of history that on this very day, 15 years earlier, in 1933, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as the Chancellor of Germany.

Extracts of an article in HT 16 April 2013 by Sitaram Yachuri


Brought out very strongly the truth on “Namo  & Namo” Namo believes  speak loud, again and again, the whole untruth and people mostly ignorant of the real truth would start believing you.

We should not forget “Communalism generates hatred & divisiveness in the society, leads to rigidness and fundamentalism, fundamentalism leads to conflict situation, finally, ends up with, terrorism. Are we inclined. For a social divide of a kind which could lead to Polarization?

Just Think!