Monday, April 27, 2015

Advantage Modi 6-2015

Advantage Modi 6-2015                                                                                                23 Jan 2015
Main Chup Rahoonga Starring “Narendra Modi”

This is seriously worrying. Too many voices were silenced recently. And our voluble Prime Minister said nothing. Yes, he did condemn the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and tweeted about it. But closer home, when Perumal Murugan, a highly respected scholar from Tamil Nadu, was forced by rightwing extremists to declare his own death as a writer and flee, there was no official response from Narendra Modi or his team. The reason behind the PM’s stony silence is naturally being attributed to what we in India call ‘vote bank politics”. It is being said he didn’t condemn the killings in France too vociferously for fear of antagonizing the clerics back home. And he stayed mum about Murugan to appease those who play caste politics in a state where his party has no real presence.

Producer & Director Shobha De TOI 18 Jan 2015

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