Saturday, September 23, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 3/2017 (24 September - 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Economy Part-2:
What the economist say ?
Raghuram Rajan       (a) Note ban hit the economy hard.           (b) Don’t do chest thumping.           
(c) Tolerance important for growth.
Subhramanium Swamy- A pampered BJP MP
(a)  Economy is under depression. (b) Calculations for GDP done (5.7) will be further lower by 2%. (c) Forecasted a collapse if drastic measures not initiated (FM has already announced some worth  Rs. 50,000/- corers worth of initiatives).

Some Stats –
A – Agriculture production: (a) ABV– -0.7 (b) MMS – 1 + 5.4 (c) MMS – +2.5 (d) NM – -2.1
B– GDP (a)- 10/11 10.3% (b)- 15/16 7.5% (c)- 2017 1st qtr 6.6% (d)- and now 5.7%
C– Exports Growth : (a)- ABV 14.8% (b)- MMS 1&2  -  24.4% & 19.17% (c) NM -4.7% (Figures as circulated by RBI).
D– RBI says they are not aware of any black money retrieved during demonetization.
E– 7 Lacs IT jobs to be lost in nest five years.
F– Remittances to India sluggish by 6.2 billion dollars.
G– Even Ram Jethmalani stated on 19th August during a book launch – “Indian Economy is in Shambles.”
Weekly Happenings

a)     Prodyut Bora, BJP IT Cell founder quits on account of Modi & AS style of functioning . He stated “Madness has gripped the party. The desire to WIN at any cost has destroyed the ethos of the party. This is not the party I joined in 2004.
b)     Abe (PM fo Japan) in Ahmadabad, even NM planned a visit to a Masjid. What a master stroke just before the Gujrat elections.
c)     NM & AS stop fooling the Janta on your economic & development achievements.

Modi Bhakats are Blind folded. There thinking and intellect has been imprisoned. They are influenced only by the statements of Saffronites or the leaders of the BJP. Even the BJP MP’s have lost there voice – voice of the people are chocked.  

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 2/2017 (17 September, 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Economy Part-1: GDP slumps down to 5.7 during the last quarter (April-June, 2017).  Quite worrying but not unexpected. MMS had forecasted in Parliament on debate on DEMONETIZATION, now even global Magazine FORBES has described DEMONITIZATION as a LOOT of public money.
GST:- Though a good scheme but hastily implemented has brought the commercial and business activity to a standstill.
What the Economist Say ?
Aiyar :- India’s GDP growth has fallen four quarters in a row to just 5.7% in April-June, down from 7.9% in the same quarter last year. No longer is India the world’s fastest growing major economy –it has sunk well below china’s 6.5%. Manufacturing is the worst sector, with just 1.7% growth. So much for “Make in India” or “ache din”.
R. Jagannathan :- There is an important parallel in the challenges faced  by ABV’s govt. two years before the general election and Narendra Modi’s. In both cases growth has been sluggish, though formal growth number on Modi’s watch have been higher possibly due to a change in the methodology of calculating GDP (2% higher due to this factor). It will need an economic miracle of sorts for the economy to be kicking in favor of Modi wave in 2009.

Weekly Happenings

a)     Rahul in US – His interaction and extempore speaking was highly commendable and appreciated. Rather one can easily say this was his one of the best performances. The way Smriti Irani reacted reflected her personal hatred and dislike for RG. She is a defeated and rejected politician. And proved incompetent minister shifted from time to time. Fortunately she has the blessing of the top leadership of the BJP- NM & AS.
b)     ABE in Ahemdabad – very timely election propaganda launched by NM. What a road show of 8km. and other arrangements. All at the govt. expense. Well-done Modi Ji.
c)     All economic indicators GDP Industrial growth retail inflation are indicators of down ward trends. AS is one bragging in “Kolkata” ECONOMY HAS DONE WONDERS. Amit Shah Ji – Kuch to Sharam Karo.

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Modi Sarkar/Policy Initiatives and its Fallout 1/2017 (10 Sep. - 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji
Foreign Policy - Foreign Policy is defined and formulated “In the best interest of the Country. Priority wise “Good neighborly relations” – always remains on top of any country. You started well when you invited all Head’s of States of SAARC countries on 26 May, 2014. But you fell apart within three months when you met the same people at Katmandu you were not ready to see I to I with your counter part from PAK, What to say a shake hand. Finely Nepalis P.M. succeeded in avoiding awkward situation. (In brief foreign relation in our context are to be Immediate neighbors – West Asia – Look East – and then hop across to Europe in the West - & towards east to Australia and Japan and Others).

Similarly you accorded an unique reception and welcome to XI JINPING. Within no time you reached a situation that you wanted to go to war with XI on DEKOLAM.

Why ? : You ascended on Delhi throne, making false promises, and offering expectations where the opportunities did not exist. In a nutshell a “Bundle of lies”. Same things you said while addressing the Indian Diaspora on foreign lands. You thought you have achieved STARDOM and now you are a GLOBAL LEADER. Respected Sir the objective has to be the world should recognize these attributes – as Nehru and Indra were recognized as world leader on the merits time tested. Quality required are HONESTY – Not only of SCAMS, which you and your leader brag about. Honesty has to be of words, promises and hopes. Then comes MODESTY which you and your leaders lack. HUMILITY – Not seen. Last comes CONECTIVITY is limited only to you, your colleagues are Darbari and Sycophants.  

BRICS – 2017 : Resolving the DEKOLAM issue it was identified – DISPUTES – DISSCUSS – DESOLVE – DEMONSTRATE and go head. For a change Modi Ji you displayed farsighted and maturity. If you have the right vision do apply the same with Pakis and you would see the difference in Neighborliness. Terrorism is disrupting economy, Unrest, poor law and order in secure environment lack of confidence – economic activity in the valley has taken the back seat. We need urgent initiatives in the valley to bring the normalcy as soon as possible.
Weekly Happenings
a)     Reinstating Col. Prohit is a step towards saffronization of the Armed Forces
b)     Killing of Gauri Lankesh is a step towards silencing the voice of dissent

Wake up India, Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fact File 11/2017 - Wake up India (03, September 2017)

Hon’ble PM of India Shri Modi Ji    
Modi Ji   
Your 2014 campaign started with ‘ACCHE DIN’. Followed with Swach Bharat, from Yojna Ayog to Niti Ayog, Make in India (Not new, started in 60’s with MIG series of Air Craft production), Skill India, Startup India, Rozgar. In between you Brought in Sabka Vikas, Sabka Sath and now Empowerment and New India.
Don’t for get the slogan of 2004 SHINING INDIA (Coined by L.K. Advani and the BJP Failed).

Gujrat Model :
Gujrat is just 1/20th of India. You polarized the people and petrified a certain community by crating a division and fear psychosis. Now you have crated and environment of captive thinking, Captive Culture, Captive Media, Captive Judiciary, Captive RBI, Dictated eating habits. Nearly Driving Janta what to see and How to react.

Recent Happenings :
a)     When the State gives in to cults, Strong and timely action could have stopped  the Dra violence.
b)     Under the shadow of blind faith – just 24 hours before the happenings in Haryana the state education minister Ramvilas Sharma stated ‘CRPC 144 dose not apply to followers of Dera. They are the guest of the state it is our bounden duty to provide them with Food and Water. These people are peace loving and can not damage even a leaf.’
c)     It’s not easy to do business in India: Niti-IDFC survey States.
d)     The slowing of employment opportunity is a big challenge.
e)     Chasing Shadows – New India is not compatible with the state playing moral police.

Wake up India, are We Secular Indian or Liberal Indian or Communal Indian

We have to decide

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.