Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anna, former Army chief launch joint attack on govt

Anna, former Army chief launch joint attack on govt                    
                                                                                                                07 Nov. 2012
Demand Parliament Be Dissolved; Hazare Backs Kejriwal

“A new set of parliamentarians is needed. Let election be held so that people can decide if they are satisfied,” said V K Singh. “As per our Constitution India is a welfare state in which a democratically elected government is duty-bound to protect and improve the life of the masses,” said Singh. “But the current system has completely ignored these principles and has surrendered to markets forces.”

“People are feeling oppressed due to these policies. MPs too have stopped raising the issues of ownership of water, forest and land in Parliament. Is it not necessary to determine who own the forest, water, minerals and land of this country? To facilitate them in taking this decision, it is imperative to dissolve this Parliament.” This government is looting the nation even more than the British did. It’s time we brought it down.

As reported in the media
Dear General VK Singh

As reported in the newspapers, your recent boldness to caste aspersions on the functional democratic system is atrocious in totality. Reflects your frustration and sense of defeat. You need to update your knowledge on two counts:

(a)   The “British Raj” of more than 150 years and their misdeeds you praised the British Govt indirectly.
(b)   What progress has India made during last 65 years (1947-2012)

You are ignorant and devoid of any rational thinking & reasoning. You claim to have fought wars, the only war you fought as COAS was for revision of your DOB . Which reflected only your personal interest to ten month additional service, and you wanted to set the hierarchical order of succession to the post of COAS to your “CHAMCHA’  pepk

Finally the highest court of the country “Supreme Court” Indicted you and you were made to shut up. You should praise the present democratically elected govt to complete your tenure (as COAS) and retire honorably which you didn’t deserve. You should have been sacked and dismissed from service as Admiral Bhagwat was dismissed and removed as CNS on 30 Dec 1998.

You have shamed the Indian Armed Forces in general and Indian Army a great deal in particular. These are the views expressed by serving and retired officers.

Latest news indicates that you have also decided to “Gherao” parliament in the immediate future. You will further ridicule yourself and put the Indian Armed Forces personnel to greater shame. We wish the almighty better sense should prevail in you.

Air Marshal Ashok Goel (Retd)

Kejriwal-The crusader and damaging

Chortle  ¼tksj ls ‘kCn djuk½ Kejriwal- Utopian & Cynical

“The uncompromising Kejriwal is on mission to end corruption do not extend beyond a magical ombudsman, a Lokpal. A recent caravan profile also suggests that he ignores advice from associates and tends to use people even crowd pullers Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare. (Who had a public falling out with Kejriwal) The magazine quotes Ramdev’s aide Acharya Virendra Vikram, “He smartly used our platform and then turned his back at a crucial time”.
Samar Haliker
Kejriwal’s Hype is No Harbinger of Hope

“So trust him to continue to turn his press conferences into a kangaroo court where he can level wilder and wilder charges against powerful individuals and indict them with no opportunity to appeal to a higher authority. That is the chosen stratagem of a usurper. If, as a great French thinker, Benjamin Constant, wrote in a pamphlet published in 1814, ‘despotism banishes all forms of freedom, usurpation, in order to justify overturning what it then would replace, needs those forms; but in seizing them, it profanes them’. This is what Kejriwal has in fact done: with his moralizing zeal he has sought to delegitimize the system of governance as a whole. Sooner than later, this is bound to result either in anarchy or in the advent of a messianic leader who promises to impose a muscular regime in the republic. The way to nip this ominous development in the bud is for the political establishment to reassert its legitimacy with deeds, not words, to stem the rot in the system”.
Dileep Padgaonkar
Miss the Lokpal

With an institutional body to look into public impropriety in the cold storage, did we really expect everyone to keep quiet, asks

Couldn’t these charges of impropriety against individuals holding public office have been brought to notice and investigated by an institution rather than by a high-pitched individual? It is, after all, for strategic as well as functional reasons that institutions are preferred over individuals, however well-meaning and noble the latter may be. Now Kejriwal and his band of merry crusaders are convinced that Gadkari and his benefactors are guilty as charged. Their confidence in being right is understandable as they would be silly to make a half-hearted pitch. But being played out in the gamboling grounds of the media, especially in the ‘the-truth-will-return-after-a short-commercial-break’ television media, the invitation to take a leap of faith with IAC is as touching as it is pointless.
Indrajit Hazra

These are the views of three leading political commentators of the country. In a nutshell Kejriwal is Autocratic, Undemocratic, He thinks he is the only right person, He is choppy ¼njkjkas ls f?kjk gqvk½, Chortle ¼tksj ls ‘kCn djuk½ Clamorous ¼fpYykus okyk½  Media specially Electronic Media should get wiser and just ignore him.
As I was in the process of finalizing the write-up, Kejriwal exploded another IED on 31 Oct. This time on the firing line is Mukesh Ambani, the biggest corporate and the industrial house of the country, charge-nexus with the central Govts (NDA or UPA), having earned the contracts for oil exploration program in the country.
Kejriwal doesn’t appear to be in the know of high-tech and high capital investment in oil exploration programs all over the world. ONGC is the other Govt agency involved in oil exploration in the North East and Coastal based programs. Air Force has been a great support to the ONGC program. Any individual who is challenging such decision of the executive has to go into may technicalities and cost effective benefits and analyze before making such baseless allegations.
Do we realize that such baseless utterances would desist Corporate & Industrial houses to make investment in the development process of the country. Foreign investors would withdraw or think many a times for investment in India. Just to create political space for himself (Kejriwal) he is putting the countries development graph behind by decades.

Is he (Kejriwal) a friend or enemy of the country.