Friday, July 3, 2015

As I Saw It

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See big, think big, act big and get big result

The parameters for living come from the bone-crunching limitations of your past. It is like walking though a narrow lane, thinking that this is the only way through. But did you not look for a broader, brighter, greener and freer road to walk through?

Just imagine, if life were to narrow down your chances further. You will have to walk narrower lanes than those which you walked through first. And finally, you will come to a dead end.

As you read this and visualize the scenario, you may feel defeated and a bit claustrophobic with your breath failing you momentarily. Life is the other way round. Your past is not an example not is it a guide to your current life or the future. It is just a bundle of events that happened. One must leave it at that. If you have a bright, evergreen and a vibrant outlook towards life today, you must look forward to live a brighter, greener and more vibrantly abundant life tomorrow. Visualize it and live like that. You work for what you wish. And your thoughts and actions will be all open, free from hurdles and full of opportunities to choose from.

Abundance is not about growing richer materially, it’s about the value and wealth of your positive thoughts, your ability to think the right way, and in harmony with others. Being big is to care and share one’s abundance of life. Remember, what you give to others and with whatever attitude is exactly what you will get back. So, open up your heart, and become magnanimous. See big, think big, plan big, and also interact with people who think the same way and you’ll see the result will also be big.

And continue to share your big heart as you go along. Nature has no limitations.

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