Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

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Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)

Random Thoughts
Cricket :- Cricket is a game of British origin. Has flourished a great deal in this continent, particularly so in India. To the extent it has beaten totally the game of Hockey, in popularity and performance. There was a time when we Indians could not be outplayed and surpassed in performance in international or national events. Today even to make a respectable appearance is questionable.
Where as Cricket has assumed an unprecedented heights specially so during last 5 yrs. We are no-01 in Test cricket, T-20 world champions, winner of champion’s trophy, world no-2 in ODI’s. And recently added another feather in our cap, won the “World Cup” after 28 yrs.
The introduction of IPL (Indian Premier League or Indian Paisa League) added a new dimension to this game. Undoubtedly this format has given large opportunities to many, to show their mettle and make money. The busy cricket calendar has resulted in frequent hurts to the players, even touching them emotionally. Resulting in non availability of players when they are needed most to represent and play for the country.
The time has come for the BCCI to review their schedule of events. I would recommend:
(a) Whenever there is “World Cup” the IPL should not be held that year.
(b) After every major event or a tournament a break of 10 days should be prescribed, for the players to rest and give them time to charge up emotionally. By being with their families/ friends and give them time to lead their normal life.
(c) This would bring in a new charged up life among the players.

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