Friday, September 9, 2011

Like the US, India must explore the option

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Like the US, India must explore the option
of covert military action against terrorists

Every time any country carries out a successful covert military operation against a terrorist target, the question inevitably arises in India as to why it cannot do the same. On the face of it, there are sound arguments as to why this option should be part of the country’s counter-terrorism strategy. India regularly gets listed as among the world’s worst affected countries when it comes to terrorism-and is probably number one or number two when it comes to the cross-border variety. Pakistan, which tolerates if not facilitates the actions of the militant groups responsible, has made it clear it sees terrorism as a means to extract concessions from India in the arena of normal statecraft. New Delhi’s seeming lack of a proactive military policy against terrorism is detrimental to its own attempt to project India as a rising power and a safe investment destination.

But this is not a simple decision of blood and guts. A number of larger issues come into play. The least significant is the issue of capacity. Countries like Israel, smaller and with less resources, have been able to create fear-inspiring covert military capabilities. India almost certainly lacks the capacity today, but the ability can be created if there is political will and public pressure to do so. Probably the most difficult facet of covert military actions is creating an intelligence system that can provide actionable information.

How US could do operation “Geronimo”
in Pak and why India cannot do & Succeed.

• US forces are operating from Pak terrority for last 10 years.
• They control 4 Pak air bases.
• They have undertaken anti terrorist attacks/including drone attacks within and in neighboring Afghanistan.
• US provides extra ordinary financial support to Pak, US rather is sustaining Pak economy.
• US is a Strong Economy.
• US is largest & strongest military power.
• US is an unchallenged power in the unipolar world.
• Pak is thousands of miles away from US.
• No possibility of escalation of the conflict.
• No threat or danger of any nuclear fallout.
Wake up
Yashwant Sinha - BJP Leader
G Parthsarathy - Former high commissioner to Pak
Dhobal - Former DIB
Jovadeker - spokes person BJP
Brig Kanwal - Director CLAWS

They are vocal on “Geronimo” type of ops from Indian soil.

The most problematic issue is whether such actions would be politically feasible in the kind of environment that exists in South Asia. Pakistan is happy to allow terrorist attacks on India because it is unconcerned about international opinion and, in fact, encourages the world to see the subcontinent as an unstable and dangerous place. India wishes to do the opposite and has the additional ambition to be seen as responsible global player.

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