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Heroes of self determination

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Heroes of self determination


A very ordinary boy of average family of small city Ranchi of Jharkhand, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name was on few finger tips prior his shining as star in India cricket. His own contribution based on his labour, effort, passion towards the game, superseded his livelihood of ordinary job of TTC in Railways. Now setting an example of his personality through cricket to be included in 100 popular personalities of the world being placed on No 52 (Time Magazine 2010) leaving Obama (President of US) behind on 73. This is for the first time that any sportsman of such a small town has reached to this stage wherein only few big cities like Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, and Delhi were earlier on the list in this field. Now Dhoni is the pride of India as one of the best Cricket captains ever before.


Anna Hazare 73, a bachelor belonging to a interior backward village “Relgaon sidhi”, served as a army Jawan (1963-1978) settled down 80 km from Pune. He not only fought against liquor but initiated reform (population, poverty and pollution) in social, economic and civic field to convert a backward village to a model one. While the Govt. schemes for upliftment could not even touch the border line of the rural areas. Now revolutionary courage of Anna against corruption, the central govt. had to accept the necessity to bring in the “Lokpal Bill” in the Parliament and again in 1975.

Similar revolutionary agitation was started in 1970 by Jai Prakash Narain with special reference to political reform, administrative reform and police reform, resulting massive national uprise, political upheaval, changed the political demography. But the time passed and the followers forgotten the mission of JP by involving themselves in self upliftment suppressing/ leaving behind the national cry.


Now as a responsible citizen we need Anna Hazare in every locality. One of the important causes of corruption is overpopulation due to which work in demand is less than the availability of workers, which gives room to corruption.

Common feature of Corruption within us

Black money in home deals/ capitation fee, bribing for school admission/bribing for illegal driving license and now even a pilot license, avoiding paying income tax and many more.

Anna Hazare has boosted the courage in the masses to fight against corruption.

Anand Kumar- Super 30 belongs to rural area nearby Patna

Initially started his carrier by coaching to only 3-4 students of weak socialbackground and lead them to place in reputed position in the society. He started preparing students for IIT in 2002 in the name of super 30. In first batch of 30 students 18 were selected in IIT. In 2nd batch 22 out of 30 and in 3rd batch all the 30 were selected for IIT. Now the batch has been increased to number 90 with maintaining result to almost 100 percent. His simplicity and self confidence urge within him, created special power. His aim, passion, honest approach, hard and sincere work, risk taking ability, contributing to benefit others and enjoying the success of others. Anand Kumar stood as a boon to the society of neglected ones and now as a shining star.

At present he is a global personality and many countries like Japan, England, and Italy etc have known his caliber. Their representatives visited India to contact Anand Kumar. BBC had special broadcast about his specific thought for such a monarchial social upliftment. His personality development can be well estimated seeing his name in focus magazine of Italy, the only Indian to be included among 100 dignitaries of the world who have impacted the society.

Chhavi Rajawat- belongs to a village Soda 60 km from Jaipur

A charming and model type well educated girl (MA, English and MBA) holding a reputed post in Airtel, decided to improve the backward rural area where she belongs to. Due to her commitment with herself, she left the job and got elected to be the Sarpanch, in panchyat elections. She gracefully and challengefully started doing the reform in respect of social, civic and economic field. She has taken up the problem of basic requirement i.e.. water, toilets, neatness, schools and jobs. She is quite hopeful that she will transform her village in the list of best model village having all the facilities which town/city enjoys. She does not want money she wants people and organizations to adopt projects. She represented India at UN and addressed the session on poverty alleviation”. She displayed confidence of changing the face of her village in next 3 years (By end of 2013.)

If such feelings prevailed and efforts took place 250000 panchyat will definitely be on the global map to taking care of about 12 lac villages of the India. The Govt could not do even after 65 years of independence.

Note: Extracts from the lecture delivered on a seminar/convocation on 30 April - 01 May 2011 at one of the management colleges at Pune.

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