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An Open Letter to Shri Anna Hazare

Air Marshal Ashok Goel (Retd.)
11, Silver State, Pilibhit Byepass Road,
Bareilly-243005 (U.P.) INDIA
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“As I Saw it”

An Open Letter to Shri Anna Hazare
India Against Corruption
20 August 2011
Dear Shri Anna Ji,
Sadar Pranam,

1. I write this letter to you with high sense of appreciation and deep anguish & pain.

2. We both belong to the same class. You served the Indian Army for 15 yrs (1963-1978) and I served the Indian Air Force for 40 yrs (1963-2003). You have been a social crusader since you left the army and brought dramatic social transformation in the life of the people of your village “Ralegaon Sidhi”. I have been working voluntarily as a “Social Entrepreneur” for the empowerment of mentally challenged & other disabilities through medium of games & music. And also for the welfare of ex-servicemen.

3. Your crusade against corruption is legitimate and praise worthy.

But let us look at the problem (corruption) more holistically.
This (corruption) is not a “Stand Alone” problem. While delivering a National Security lecture in the yr 2001 I had probed on the subject “What ails this county” (India). I had coined an algebraic formula. P-3, C-5. P-3 is at National level and C-5 is at Political level.

P-3 at National level:-
 Population
 Poverty
 Pollution

C-5 is at Political level:-
 Casteism in politics
 Communalism in politics
 Criminalization of politics
 Corruption in politics
 Compromises in coalition in politics

Corruption is a fallout of these ailments and many more.
I shall be brief on

4. Population:-
in 2011, 1.25 Billion (125 Crore)
in 2025, 1.40 Billion (140 Crore)
in 2050, 1.60 Billion (160 Crore)

By the end of the century we would have 2.0 billion (200 Crore) people. We occupy just 2 % of land mass and nearly 18% of population (as of now) by the end of this century we would be nearly 25 % of the total world population. We are facing population explosion, which is disturbing demand and supply equation, impatience / anger / unemployment / lack of opportunities are on the increase. Massive crowds of youth represent that.

5. Every country man is corrupt in some way or the other.
a. Purchase & sale of property (Home and land) :- transactions take place in unaccounted money (Black money) to the tune of 20% to 60% to evade tax, registry charges. The registration department is fully aware of this. They demand and receive gratification, because the individuals have faltered.

b. Power:-Globally T&D losses (transmission & Distribution losses) are 2 %. Once upon a time Maharashtra was considered to be the best managed and T & D losses were 8%. In the state of UP T & D losses are 60 %. Common citizens thieve the power by unfair, means in connivance with the departmental people. The department people collect gratification on these weaknesses.

c. UP Govt.:- Most corrupt political outfit in the country. More than ten ministers of the state are behind bar – (for murders, planned murders, rapes attempted rapes). Of the remaing (ruling party and some others) more than half are recorded criminals. A substantial amount (in crores) is collected from each of the 72 districts of the state to fill up the coffers of the ruling political outfit. You wanted permission to hold meetings in UP, in the month of June. Fearing you could have fuelled the fire in the state, you were denied this permission. But see the apathy the same political out fit is supporting you, and supporting Justice Sen in the parliament.

6. Unfortunately your methodology has given larger space to castiest and communal forces. Both are divisive and spread hatred and anger in the society. Your civil society members have only talked about Fundamental Rights. We have some Fundamental Duties also enshrined in our constitution. We should strike a balance between Fundamental Rights / Fundamental Duties. One sided approach would result in weakening of our well established democratic institutions.

7. Politics:-
Over all decline in standards of poliety due to reasons mentioned

 Political reform:- We have more than 600 political parties registered with the Election Commission. An individual elected just represents 10% to 25% of the people. We need to consider a change.

 Electoral reform:- There is no taboo on criminals to contest elections. If a person is charged with the kind of murder abetment to murder, rape attempt to rape embezzlement, he should be debarred to contest election, till proved not guilty.

 Judicial reform & business reform.
 Administrative reform
 Police reform

List could be long.

8. I appreciate your concern to route out corruption from the system. I am also over whelmed by the support to this call.
I once again reiterate, “to route out corruption,” can not a “Stand Alone” movement. To route out corruption in totality we all have to be well aware and concerned of the contributing factors.

9. Respected Anna ji, I shall request you to kindly issue an appeal to the fellow Indians.

a. Firstly:- Follow a small family norm, preferably one child But certainly not more than two. Exploding population is a greatest danger for our country.

b. Secondly:- Exercise your voting right. Elect only honest and secular candidates. Do not elect tainted and criminals.

c. Thirdly :- Be a responsible citizen – contribute to nation building. Even if you are on agitation do not cause damage & destruction of private and public property (This you did emphasizes in your on going agitation). Be a disciplined citizen in every facet of life.

d. Fourthly :- Not only exercise your fundamental rights, the duties of a citizen as enshrined in the constitution of India should be part of our daily life.

e. Fifthly :- Do not indulge in to corrupt practices as an individual.

Ask not what country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your county :- Words of President of USA Mr. John Kenndey

Gandhi was a democratic leader and believed in dialogue. You apparently are following gandhian path. Respected Anna ji do not be a yksdrkaf=d rkuk”kkg (Democratic Dictator). Fallow Gandhi ji.

Jawan’s & Kissan’s are the ultimate hope of this country.

Tk; toku] t; fdlku] ;s gS ns”k dh “kku!
;s nsa lsok] lqj{kk vkSj lEeku] bu lcdks gS esjk lykeA

Jai hind, Jai Bharat.

Air Marshal Ashok Goel (Retd.)

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