Friday, September 9, 2011

Osama and the would there after

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Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)

Osama and the would there after

• The beginning of another war against Terror.

First Three Months

• Regrouping, charting out new strategies, redefining new targets.
• Regionalization and new command and control structures.
• Intensity heavy blows in / Afghanistan/Pakistan & India.
• Europe as a whole / UK and France will be their prime targets, Attempt to strike in US may not succeed.
American citizen and the US interest globally would be the prime targets.
These observation comments were offered during 1st week of Jun 2011. (on completion of one month of operation “Geronimo”).
The recent downing of two “heavy lift helicopters” in Afghanistan is an indicator. Just the beginning.

Article/observation on “Operation Geronimo” is attached.

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