Thursday, September 8, 2011

On National Security

“As I Saw It”
“On National Security”

Brig Gurmeet Kanwal has lamented once again on certain old issue “Big Chinks on our security armour”. (An article published in TOI on 24 July 2011)He starts with Subramanium committee report after “Kargil conflict of 1999.

Big chinks in our security armour

I quote Brig Gurmeet Kanwal on certain issues which he considers relevant.
“An issue that needs no further debate is the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff as the principal military adviser to the government. It is an idea whose time has come. However, the appointment of CDS should be followed by the establishment of tri-service integrated theatre commands for greater synergy in the planning and execution of military operations and aid to civil authority. Another key requirement is for the immediate raising of an integrated cyber, aerospace and Special Forces command.
The task force must also consider whether it is necessary to appoint a National Security Commission to oversee the day-to-day management of national security in this era of strategic uncertainty and threats”.
I had written an article on facts in Kargil at that time. And later also to elaborate certain issue-not known normally. I am again attaching the article for reference.
The issues brought out creation of IDS, NTRO, and creating other security related organizations don’t make the systems more efficient and effective. As far as NTRO is concerned, ARC was already there: we should have revamped ARC further. By creating more and more parallel organization we only dilute the effectiveness of already existing org.
I remember having attended one lecture by renowed ICS officer Shri AN Jha. He had stated we should have a “Plan Holiday” (referring to five year plans) and not announce new schemes but we should aims optimization of our already existing organizations and schemes. Same applies for the “Armed Forces”.
Creation of Strategic force command was an operational imperative. Creation of Inter services A & N Command on an experimental basis was also an operational necessity.
Brig Kanwal has once again lamented on creation of an institution of CDS. We have three chiefs of the armed forces. Three some becomes a much more powerful instrument to influence decision making at the political & national level. Only one individual at the apex level may not be rightful. Rather we saw the voice of three service chiefs more powerful in the implementation of the 6th pay commission. Three professional’s are more powerful to represent and advice the Govt. All three services chiefs should be the part of NSC. (National Security Commission) as and when created.
A CDS could be easily mollified and may finally result as a puppet to the Govt. Looking forward to some political gain.
As far as the synergy understanding, cooperation is concerned we have not found it lacking. We saw IPKF, Maladives, Kargil as the recent happenings (20 years hence) Bangladesh was another exceptional example of our synergy and professionalism (40 years hence). We have not gained much even by creating CIDS (except some more senior ranks) CDS would be no exception.

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