Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fact File 1/2017 - Wake up India Dated 29 June 2017

Honorable Shri Modi Ji, PM of India    


Though you have always been in election mode. You sounded the bugle of 2019 general elections on World Yoga Day, 21st June. You have made this a religio / political event rather than a World or National health program. You also chose lucknow as your lunch pad (in UP), as UP afford you the best electoral victory in 2014 & 2017. You reached your target of polarizing and communalizing the electorate of the country.
As you are not satisfied you chose 25th June (Man Ki Bat) on electronic media (AIR) and you only spoke on the emergency of 1975 – 77. You could have easily left this to your 3 musketeers Jaitely, Venkaiha Naidu and Ravi Shanker Prasad.

General Election – 2019 :-

Your victory is certain. Your Master Tactician / Magician (AS) is expert in Tod / Jod/ Marod and offers them most lucrative posts. There is no space left for principled politician and whatever is left your master tactician and Jadoogar would spare no afford to finish them.
Political Juggrnauts predict 2019 would be the last general election. WHY –
(a)    Complete political polarization – 2019 to 2024. You would have established a Hindu Rashtra.
(b)   Ram Mandir would have become a reality.
(c)    Almost marginalized opposition would have been “DECIMATED”.
The dream of Sar Sangh Chalak Guru Golwalker, (who headed RSS for 30 yrs), would have materialized.       

We have to decide
Are we Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

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