Saturday, June 10, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 7/2017 11, June 2017

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

India’s Ban Mania – Cattle Market Prohibition Illustrates how
we suffer from too many restrictions
It is commonplace to say that India suffers from poor governance Less commonplace is to query why this should be the case. There can be worse answers than pointing at how too many laws imposed by a leviathan state are too heavy a burden on people. Forcing people to live at the margins of the law is bad for governance. One, it promotes general disrespect for the law. Two, ambiguously worded laws and red tape make it easier for authorities to harass people, incentivizing corruption. Three, heavy-handed laws promote the growth of vigilantes and therefore general lawlessness in society. When it comes to laws and regulation there can certainly be too much of a good thing.
Unfortunately, this is not a premise that has been realized during the years NDA has been in office-although, to be fair, opposition-ruled states or even courts have been as quick to breach this principle as BJP has (witness draconian prohibition laws introduced by the Bihar government, or the supreme Court ban on liquor within 500 meters of highways).

Is this my country? A story of alienation and divisivesness –
Divisions The feeling of distrust between the BJP government and Muslims in U.P. has grown after the recent assembly elections, Often branded ‘anti-national the community is disturbed at the increasing polarization. They are petrified and feel quite disturbed and away from the main stream.

We are loosing the shine of INDIA ‘The Unity in Diversity’ So Much talked about the First Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

We have to decide – Are we
Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant. 

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