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Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 5/2017 04, June 2017

 3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

Militancy in J&K and the General   
I quote the HT dated 29, May – 2017
“The General has it wrong – Justifying Gogoi’s Action could undermine the Army’s prestige. It is highly regrettable that Gen. Bipin Rawat, the Chief of the Army Staff, has chosen to justify and extol the actions of Maj. Leetul Gogaoi, who used a Kashmiri civilian as a human shield against stone-pelters in Budgam on April 9. It is understandable that Gen. Rawat feels a loyalty to his men, and a concern for the morale of his troops. But his defence of Maj. Gogoi achieves neither of those objectives. If anything, it undermines the prestige of the Army, and makes even wore a bad situation in the valley.”

What the Gen. should have Said – “Indian Army is a traditional, disciplined, tolerant, and professional FORCE. It has been proved in many operation within and outside the country. Examples of IPKF operations and op CACTUS (Maladives) are fairly alive. Our troops have done the maximum number of UN assigned operations along the globe and always earned laurels.
This incident of April just during the election was an isolated one, where this young Maj. Thought of an innovative idea to avoid bloodshed. Such incidents is not for repeated happenings. We in the Army are engaged in large scale activities for the locals. We run education centers, medical centers, training of youngsters to join the army / security forces. We are a CARING ARMY.
“Undoubtedly it is a DIRTY WAR. Remember what we feel, you all are Indian, born in Kashmir and display Kashmiriyat. You have no resemblance of terrorist, but your actions support the disruptive elements. We have to contain such disruptive forces, we need your cooperation and help to contain such disruptive elements. Remember economic activity would bring in better times in the valley. Achche Din” 
Genral Sahib use the PSY War tactics as innovative idea. Your statements are being condemned in the Print Media and being debated in Electronic Media. Not done any good to you and the Indian Army.

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant.

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