Monday, June 19, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 10/2017, 20 June 2017

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

Honorable Shri Modi Ji, PM of India

Recent Happenings:-    
(A)    The plight of farming fraternity:- You had promised Kisans a great deal, that MSP for all the produce will be production cost plus 50 %. I hope you may be aware of the Kisans are disposing off there produce below the MSP or even at the cost of production. To make a promise or give an assurance, that can not be full filled – If this promise is to be full filled the retail price will boomerang? Inflation will go high.
(B)     This is what is leading to:- Kisan agitation in MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and many others places. Police firing killed 6 kisanas in MP and number of Kisans have committed suicide in MP and even UP is not spared. (Kisans are dying MP CM undertakes 28 hrs fast – expenditure incurred Rs. 2.2 crore by the exchequer).    
(C)    How demonetization lead farmers in a loan trap:- Farmers needed cash which had dried-up. So the poor Kisan was left at the mercy of Bania, the local money lender. These money lenders offered loans to the farmers @ 2% months i.e. 24% a year. Wherever there was delay the money lender ensured Kurki of the farmers properties. This caused  humiliation and lead to suicide by the farming community.
(D)    Even the business community is deeply distressed:- A business man penned these lines ^^VwVh [kfV;k] QVk gS yaxksV Qal x;k O;kikjh eksnh dks nsdj oksV] lkspk Fkk ------ cfu;ku ds Åij “kVZ vk tk;sxh] D;k irk Fkk ------ ckn esa irywu Hkh mrj tk;sxhA gekjh Hkwy] dey dk Qwy^^ As posted on social media by a well known local businessman.   
Kashmir Continues to burn:-
Mufti Mohd Saeed the then CM of J&K in 2002 had said ^^u cUnwd ls u xksyh ls] ckr cusxh cksyh ls^^. The same words are repeated by Mehbooba Mufti a few days back. Where she very emphatically repeated ^^u cUnwd ls u xksyh ls] ckr cusxh cksyh ls^^. Are we ready for a dialogue with all the stake holders including the Hurriat as stated by the present CM of J&K?            

We find no response from the ruling party on these policy dictates on such very important issues.

We have to decide – Are we
Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian

Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant. 

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