Saturday, June 3, 2017

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar – 6/2017 04, June 2017

3 Years of Modi Sarkar - A Review

MN&AS you have fostered you stooge Yogi as the CM in U.P.    
Nearly 80 days have lapsed for Yogi Ji as CM. The two issues which were the main election campaign agenda was Power and Law and Order. Power situation remains the same frequent break downs Law and Order is actually getting worse day by day.

a)      A new militant force is being trained under the banner of Bajrang Dal These people ware trained in Hardoi with arms. They also took out procession in City Displaying their weapons to show their power. The police remained a mere spectator.
b)      On going beef controversy a senior leader of affiliate of RSS stated that anybody who consumes beef his tongue should be chopped.
c)      Most surprisingly no responsible leader of the ruling party ever condemns such shameless happenings or statements. This by itself is an encouragement to such elements.
d)     Yogi Ji you are busy in further promoting Hindu Culture and Polarization in your state of U.P.
e)      All these negative approaches are enough to petrify the minorities.
We have to decide – Are we
Secular Indian / Liberal Indian or / Communal Indian
Stakes are high, are we the people of India Vigilant. 

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