Friday, May 24, 2013

As I saw it: The Painful Episode IPL- 6 and the Controversies

As I saw it: The Painful Episode                                                     24 May 2013

IPL- 6 and the Controversies

IPL 6 is towards the fag end. And suddenly “Delhi Police” reveals the big nexus of bookies and some of the young & not too young players being part of a “fixing” deal. That is to play to the tune of the bookies. There is a difference in “fixing a game” to loose, or to play to the tune of the satorias and bowl certain balls to the needs of the satoria’s. I am quite sure people should be aware that betting goes, on each and every ball, in this small format of game.

Some of the youngsters may be new to this hifi of the game of IPL. They were lured to make more money by unfair means. Was this a new phenomenon? Not at all it is well known in our country and even globally, and in every type of game. In some developed and advanced countries betting stands Legalized.  We certainly would have to isolate our young players of this lure of making easy money.

How do we do that?

Once the players are auctioned or bought by the franchise the controlling body should prepare “a code of conduct by the players”. Specially so cautioning them not to fall prey to the unethical effects of the bookies. What could be the petty gains, would result in damages of the suspension/life bans and the most important their own and their family’s reputation. We should not forget that a large of no of Indian players, part of the IPL are from modest background. They are exposed to huge sums of money for the first time.

Even the franchise should have mentors and psychotherapists to counsel and indoctrinate the players of the evils of this wonderful format of game of cricket. Franchise should even engage private detective to monitor the movement of bookies into the premises of players. Don’t forget there is large variation of money coming to the players in a genuine way. Those who are have notes are the easy targets for the bookies.

All are praising the efforts of Delhi Police in revealing this nexus. These new young are new to the glitter of hifi life. By no stretch of imagination they are criminals. These evil could have been stopped at the right time. Delhi Police have acted, in a manner “knowing a young woman is likely to be raped, they wait for the woman to be raped and then act and try to catch the rapists”.

Notwithstanding the above the Delhi Police would have done a better job by cautioning the BCCI, Franchise or even the players of the nexus of the satoria’s and the methodology of such people to trap the innocent players.

May be a preventive therapy would have been better than a cancerous surgery. 

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