Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Fact File- Azam Khan’s visit US

The Fact File                                          02 May 2013
Azam Khan’s visit US   
Aam Khan accompanied by Akhilesh Yadav (CM of UP) went on a visit to US. Supposed to be on the invitation of “Howard Business School”.  Was there any need for the two ministers to go? The job was done by the Govt. Machinery. The team to represent UP Govt should have been lead by Chief Secretary of UP Govt and accompanied by some officials who were directly responsible for the successful conduct of the Kumbh Mela. A 12 member’s team went to US.
Our politicians in power are so much enamoured by “Lam Lushker” yke y”dj and special treatment, that they are totally misfit to visit on a sponsored visit.
I am reminded of my visit to Canada (Toronto) in the year 2004. We were staying with a friend of ours. One day a lady drove in a car (self driven). She was of Indian origin and an elected MP and holding a ministerial post. It was a very unusual happening. On my query she replied only PM of the country is entitled for a chauffler driven car. A pilot vehicle and a stand by car follows. Will our Netas ever learn such courtesies?.
Mulayam’s outburst on China
“China is No 1 enemy. Go to war to shunt them out”. It is just to please those who do not understand the nuances of “State Craft”. When all avenues of diplomacy and persuasion have failed and security of a nation endangered one can think of war. Are we going to entrust the reigns of our country to such irresponsible, eccentric leaders?

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