Friday, June 14, 2013

As I Saw it- Point to Ponder

“India Strategic” magazine helds two International seminars every year. One “National Seminar is on Aerospace Technology” and the other one-“Fire Power”. Both are attended by International fraternity from Industry, Business, Defence, Diplomacy, R & D and ultimate in the line the practioners of their weapon systems, (i.e. the people from the Armed Forces, Army, Navy the Air Force and the Para Military Forces).

The last Seminar “Fire Power-2013” was held on 22 May at Delhi. I was to make the “concluding Remark”.

I asked the august gathering a question:

When we are discussing development of “Fire Power” to be more devastating destructive, accurate, lethal and easily applied. We are advancing towards these requirements, no doubt.

What is our objective on application of such a “Fire Power”?. To make the world less violent and move towards “PEACE”. Immediately after the gruesome event of 9/11 US started pouncing Afghanistan (since7 Oct 2001). Have we reached any finality-excerpt elimination of “Osama Bin Laden” on 2 May 12 through “Operation Geronimo”.

US would withdraw by 2014, bleeding Afghanistan and its neighbourhood. What is the idea of developing Such a Fire Power and its usage? Nobody (in the seminar) had the answer.

The views of Akbar Ahmed an Academician a thicker on usage of “Drones” in Afghanistan and its neighbourhood are produced below.

Drones kill three bad guys-and 30 innocents’
What do drone strikes just before and after Nawaz Sharif’s inauguration reflect about US policies towards his government?

These reflect a certain contradiction in American policy these almost suggest a confrontation with the new PM which the US does not want.

Are drone strikes making the world safer?

I can categorically answer that in the negative. Apart from the dubious arguments justifying drones, this is a highly ineffective method of checking violence. With every three bad guys killed, there are some 30 innocent women and children who die.

How have these strikes and militarization impacted the tribal regions?

Although a debate has recently begun in the US about their legality, few are able to connect the dots between the drones’ use and impact.

Drone strikes, the Pakistan army’s anti-taliban operations, suicide bombers and tribal rivalry have shattered society’s fabric. A large percentage has sought shelter in the shanty towns of the bigger cities. As these are impoverished areas with virtually no hospitals, colleges and industry, an already destitute area is facing disaster.

Have drone strikes widened the gulf between Islamic communities and the West?

While the US and the West do much good, including development aid and education projects, the drone has become the focal point for many in the Muslim world.

Even before these of drones, the gulf between the West and Islam had opened frighteningly wide on 9/11.

How are things going to pan out following America’s with drawal from Afghanistan?

Well, the US will depend increasingly on Pakistan to provide it cover through land routes and use its influence to keep hostile groups under control for an orderly with drawal.

Pakistan has a direct interest in what happens in Kabul to prevent what it argues is an Indian attempt to encircle it. Both China and Russia are also interested as is Iran.

Internally, there will be a falling back to tribal configurations. The Taliban will play a role in afghan politics-but it will face greater resistance.

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