Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fact File- Beemar Samaj Ke Apradhi

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Pilibhit Bypass Road,
PO Rohilkhand University
Bareilly-243006 (U.P.)
Mobile: 9411900090, 09999722636

Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)
                                               PVSM AVSM VM


‘Gudiya Kand’ The child rape and out rage                                                       01 May 2013
A five year old girl was raped and inhumanely treated by two young man who are the neighbors. Some very relevant question need to be raised in our minds and answered to ourselves.
·         Heinous crime was committed by ‘AAM Adami”
·         Can police provide protection to every child girl or a woman.
·         Why the parents of child, did not raise their voice loud and clear when the child was missing. The criminals must have lured the child earlier.
·         Our people on the roads are only playing polities not analyzing the  and suggesting ways to bring some check & balances.
·         Even electronic media is playing to the gallery

Some thought provoking ideas

lksp cnyks Sounds very moral and reforming. As it is underwear and Baniyan, this would take decades may be half a century. What did Sharad yadav (President JDU) and Chairman (NDA) said in parliament after 16/12/12 incident of gang rape of Damini. Hkw[k vkSj I;kl gj vkneh dh jkst dh t:jr gSA blh çdkj ;g Hkh (Sex) gj bUlku dks gj 15 fnu esa t:jh gSA Javed Akhtar- Famous  bollywood writer and husband of actress and social activist Shabana Azmi said in Rajya Sabha on 22 April  2013.
Women have been under social subjugation for centuries, even…….when a girl child is born in a family it is the sad day Infanticide is very common and girl child is often murdered immediately after birth. And we talk of respectablity  and dignityFor women in our society?
What are the real causes:

Exploding Population

1:25 billion now rising 1:40 billion by 2025
1.60 billion by 2050 2.00 billion by the end of the century
Rapidly declining polity opportunistic and way ward.
Declining standards of education at all levels
Declining  opportunities of employment and progress
All these lead to declining moral standards and leads unrest, social discrepancy social disharmony and crime would continue to rise
What do we do?
·         Well defined population policy
·         Effort to improve standard of education at all levels.
·         Generate Job opportunities.
·         Politicians to restrain and improve their conduct “stop politicking every issue”.
·         Castrate the rapists, specially child rapists
·         Hang the culprit immediately publicity. Even Sushma Swaraj advocated the same in the parliament.
·         Is the nation ready to deal with this Epidemic?

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