Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
Anna Hazare
Anna has again occupied the centre stage on electronic and print media. His ultimate aim appears to be anti congressim. On 11 Dec he fired another Trisul ¼f=’kwy½ by inviting political parties to air their views on Lokpal bill-as enough has not been said by them through TV Channels and interviews to the print media.

Anna projects himself a modern day Gandhi. One does not become Gandhi by visiting Gandhi-Samadhi and pray in silence. One has to be with thought and conviction ¼fopkj] dk;Z รง.kkyh½ He has used all possible adjectives for the PM or for that matter congress president and Rahul Gandhi. The people so called core committee (4 people) seem to have hijacked Anna for achieving their ulterior motive of creating political space for themselves. Anna has encouraged indiscipline and anarchy ¼vuq’kklughurk vkSj vjktdrk½.

Who are these people gathering for such an agitation? Seventy five percent are those impatient disenchanted due to lack of opportunities.

Right thinking people have to find ways and means to combat this new civil society members, otherwise we go back by 20 years from where we started to recover.

Wakeup India we need to be Responsible Citizen ¼ftEesnkj ukxfjd½

What does Anna & his team of four members want (Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sisodia, Prashant Bhusan) to whom Anna described as “Chandal Chokri” ¼pUMky pkSdM+h½-
_ All categories of Govt employees (As there is no corruption in corporate
sectors and NGOs.
- All elected representatives MP’s (LS+RS) MLA’s. And MP’s for their action with in Parliament or Assemblies
- All Judiciary including HC’s and SC
- Investigating Agency & vigilance outfits.
- Citizen charter
- Whistle blower charter

Having had all central employees, all investigating agencies/vigilance departments the plan of Anna’s and his four members team intend proceeding as follows.

Step one- All complaints against the people as suggested above would be lodged with the Lokpal
Step two- Lokpal would decide which complaint to be accepted and rejected.
Step Three- Investigating agency would be assigned the task to investigate, under the supervision of Lokpal.
Step four- Once investigation is complete Lokpal would decide its acceptance or rejection.
Step five- Once investigation is accepted as the final report by the Lokpal, an individual would be an offender & a culprit.
Step six- Lokpal would decide the punishment to the individual. The individual would be somewhat like a person a nongranta.
Step seven- An individual would have fallen a victism to Anna & his Chandal Chokri.

Are we ready for this powerful Monster? This would be most powerful dictatorial system of Governance.
Do we remember HITLER, STALIN of older Era and Saddam Hussain & Gaddafi of recent times.
Will there be any role left for our elected representative, what would they contribute.
What a Monster to create if we go by the guideline of Anna & His chandal Chokri. (In this context kindly go through my three earlier letters to Shri Anna Hazare)

FDI in the DOCK

Govt came out with a major policy issue, FDI in retails sector. Bad politics, rather rotten politicians always negate “Good Economics”. All the major corporate institutions, top economists cooperates heads have welcomed and supported the move. Beneficiaries are two the farmers and the consumers, market surveys indicated 65% to 92% favouring the decision.

Whether it is the Lokpall Bill, the foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail or the proposal for monitoring social networking websites, the common factor has been the inability of the government to effectively communicate. As a result, it has ended up cutting a sorry figure and inviting ridicule. It almost seems that the government failed to recognize he dynamic shift in principles of communication that has taken place the past few decades. They believe that ordinary people will accept whatever they say without a murmur.

To be effective and to ensure support for its policies and programs, the government needs to realize the change in principles of communication, which now includes the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of a message rather than just ‘who’ is making the statement.

Likewise, when it came to selling the concept of FDI in retail, commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma said that the reform would create 10 million jobs, help farmers get more and make products cheaper for consumers. Did enough people find the statement credible? No, Because Sharma did not sub-stantiate those claims.

The government has the most potent weapon of communication-to decide when to release information. And yet, it fritters away this advantage.

Not only that Coalition Dharma should have been of paramount importance. The UPA should have ensured enough communication and dialogue with their allies i.e. NCP/TMC and DMK. At least they wouldn’t have joined the opposition to oppose the move.

Another important failure was time of announcement of the proposal. UPA was as it is facing challenges in parliament on account of PC, burning issue of Lokpal, battle is on for 2012 election in five states. Even commercial & business houses look for an appropriative time to launch the new products or even market.

Those who advise on such issues are highest paid people. May be the politician have no time or imagination to adopt time tested market strategies-Like SWOT analysis or ORM (operational risk management). Wakeup UPA still there is time to identify right people to connect with the Aam Admi ¼vke vkneh½.

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