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The Greats of Corruption-to Kill the Lokpal

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The Greats of Corruption-to Kill the Lokpal

The debate on corruption initially Anna’s movement (IAC) and now the presentation of Lokpal Bill and its heated debate in Parliament (unprecedure during 2011) refreshed my memories.

Three great exponents of putting their best foot forward to stall every possibility to see Lokpal Bill in the Parliament.

Bhartiya Janta Party ¼Hkkjrh; >xM+kyw ikVhZ½-The major opposition party in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha put best of arguments to throw out the bill. During 2001-2002 NDA was in power. Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain was the MCA. He represented North Bihar constituency of Purnea. Purnea is one of the satellite air fields of the IAF. Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain put all possible pressures on the Air Force to prepare Purnea for opening up for commercial traffic. There was no hope of any commercial activity for such an initiative. This was a clear case of using his position to create the political constituency by misusing his position and exchequers financial resources. A case of high level of corruption. Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain has been the biggest spokesperson of his party on a strong Loakpal Bill. And finally BJP putting all their efforts not to make it a success.

Samajwadi Party-Late 90’s was a period when Netaji was the RM in the Govt of Deve Gowda & IK Gujral. One of the biggest defence deal’s was finalized at that time. SU-30 was chosen within a period of six month on a single tender basis. The project cost was Rs. 36000/- crores. Nearly Rs. 800/- crore was the kickback. SP is the biggest vocal opponent of the Lokpal Bill.

Bahujan Samajwadi Party- The way Mr. SC Mishra of the party was defending his party supremo and advocating making CBI an independended institution, is highly praiseworthy and pleased his master. The amassment of wealth by unfair means is well known. Just to show their commitment to fight corruption 20 ministers of the cabinet have been removed on various charges. Difficult to digest and grasp. Party supremo collects nearly Rs. 100/-crore per day from 72 districts (75 now) of the state. Facts stated by businessmen and Govt Officials in their informal discussion. BSP is one of the biggest exponents to make the Lokpal Bill exercise a futile attempt.

Wake up India.
Happy New Year to All

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