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Changing The Rules (Three Dada’s of Indian Politics)
Amma, Didi and Behenji know what the people want and they’re giving it to them

All three are spinsters, head their own regional parties. Dictational, authoritarian, offensive, abrasive, defensive by being offensive & impertinent.

EPS, PPS and GPS- these three syndromes are the source of the enormous power and clout enjoyed by Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh, Mamata Banerjee in Bengal and Jayalaithaa in Tamil Nadu. And paradoxically, also the Achilles heel that has kept these formidable women by and large confined within their state boundaries where they operate like private limited companies anxiously experimenting to get the right mix for a national IPO.


To start with, Mayawati exhibits all the traits of EPS or the Eva Peron Syndrome. As soon as she took over as chief minister of UP for the fourth time, she embarked on an image-building exercise. Opting for the most literal interpretation, she inundated the state with statues of elephants, her political mentor Kanshi Ram, dalit leader Babasaheb Ambedkar, and yes, of herself. Mayawati’s birthday is branded Jan Kalyankari Diwas; she announces extravagant welfare schemes, draped in jewellery and garlands of Rs 1,000 notes. If WikiLeaks is to be believed, a private jet flew half way across the country to pick up a pair of shoes for her.

When she became UP’s first dalit chief minister, former prime minister PV Narashimha Rao called it “a miracle of democracy”.

Mamata Banerjee

Then we have PPS or Poor Person Syndrome; if wealth is Mayaati’s calling card, the exact opposite works in Bengal. It’s a state that has traditionally preferred knowledge as an end in itself, romanticized poverty and championed the underdog. No surprise then that its leader is a ostentatiously ‘poor’ as her rival in UP is rich.

Mamata aka Didi is a great example of PPS. She has toppled a communist government by becoming an even more convincing working class hero, with her uniform of plain white saris and a jhola. Mayati’s net worth far exceeds Mamata’s frugal declaration of no house or cat to her name. The latter’s stated disinterest in riches makes her a leader in a state that’s traditionally viewed the wealthy with suspicion. So iconic is the image of Didi’s self-sacrifice, it occludes the fact that many of her ministers are bona fide crorepatis.


Tamil Nadu the sky is the limit, not just to the chief minister’s ambitions but to the many cut-outs of her across the state. Back for a third term in power, Jayalalithaa is Amma to her people; part mother, part goddess, all redeemer.

It’s a state where films and politics have been fused for the last three decades. MGR, the original God, and Jayalalithaa, his chosen successor, have brought a quasi-religious fervour to an already muddled mix.

The state being in the throes of GPS or Godlike Personality Syndrome. No one can tell where political loyalty ends and worship begins.

Behenji, Didi and Amma may sound like three characters in search of a prime-time soap opera. But via EPS, PPS and GPS, they tap into a need that’s as important to the people as roti, kapda, makaan and action against corruption.

Mamta takes the lead she opposes everything what the Govt at the centre does which she supports.

• She lets down the PM and the country by not accompanying him on Bangladesh tour. Through it was planned by her consent.
• She opposes the FDI in retail, just to be difficult.
• She opposes the NCTC and gives lead to other non congress state govt.
• Fire in the hospital, death of children all are blamed on the CPM.
• Rape to defame her Govt.

All such actions display poor Governance of the state govt. But the etcwjh of a coalition govt. they can’t be tough.

Reflects compromises in coalition Governance.

The End

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