Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Thoughts 7

Random Thoughts

Sachin’s Ton’s Ton- Sachin wins India loses

India beaten by Bangladesh by 5 wickets was most unexpected and humiliating. It appears Sachin’s Ton of Tons was more important than India’s win. Sachin scored 113 runs out of 147 balls and the remaining team scored 175 runs of 145 balls. The score was deficient by 20-30 runs.

Firstly Sachin played (nearly 25 over’s) with caution keeping his personal scoring rate low. And to help Sachin the remaining other players sacrificed their performance.

We have to think and decide, priority is, individual achievements or National Pride.

On Budget

Railway Budget: A bold step, long awaited. The whole exercise has been in the right direction. Kudoes to Dinesh Trivedi to fight the whimsical, dictatorial leader of the TMC. Finally he has been sacrificed to the dictates of dictator Mamta.

General Budget: Constrained by economic circumstances the finance minister has made the best of a poor hand. The budget is a job well done, under difficult conditions. Opposition role in our democratic set up is only to be critical of the Govt in power. Very disappointing to see the opposition functioning.

The new Govt in UP: Akhilesh Yadav is the youngest Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh a very refreshing change. He has good intentions, a clean image, would be utmost honest. But has inherited mostly seasoned politicians, who are hard core manipulators who match the present generation. Though we have to give some time say about twelve weeks to six months. But the present or the recent happenings do not indicate the revolutionary change.

Firstly: Nine ministers included in the cabinet are with varied criminal back ground.
Secondly: On the day of swearing in at Lucknow, the sight on the dais immediately after, was indicative of the hooliganism which prevails with the youths or the youth wing of the party.
Thirdly: Beating up of the employment officer (at Ghaziabad on 16/3) during the registration process (for unemployment, Bhatta) depressing and horrifying
Fourthly: Day later the murder of a BSP local leader is reflective of revengeful politics.

These immediate emotional out bursts could be the result of an immediate exuberance of unexpected grand success. However the young CM would have to put all his imagination and skills, to control such acts which could result in falling short of people’s expectations.

Good luck to you Akhilesh!

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