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We the People of India – 10/2017 23 April, 2017

Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji

Sino-India Relation – Where we stand

India Today publication about two years back had a photo of Dalai Lama in there weekly issue – heading “DO WE NEED DALAI LAMA
Dalai Lama escaped to India in 1959. He was accorded political asylum in India and since then he is heading Tibetan Govt. in EXILE from Dharamshala. Which resulted the 1962 Indo-Sino War. (Which is well known and not being discussed).
As a follow-up the US opted to extend extra ordinary help to India assuring military take over of Tibet. With this idea an organization was created named “Directorate General of Security. It had three wings ARC (Aviation Wing ) SFF (Military Wing) SSB (Social Wing) US Govt. promised India to prepare a Para force of nearly 20000 personnel to be Para dropped to take over Tibet. Not going into further details much didn’t happen. The DGS was merged with RAW in the year 1968 when the organization (RAW) came into being.
The US took full advantage of the situation and established their Intelligence activities against China. Not only that their Intelligence agency CIA started supporting Dalai Lama and his total entourage in India. Mending ways with China would help freeing Pak from clutches of China.

NSG, Azhar shouldn’t derail India-China ties

The reason why Indian foreign policy has not been effective is that New Delhi shies away from transactional diplomacy The reason why Sino-Indian relations are in a bad state has a lot to do with the way India conducts its foreign policy, rather than their much talked up geopolitical rivalry.
India seems to be demanding that Beijing support to India’s entry into the NSG and lift its hold on the designation of Masood Azhar as a terrorist under UN’s 1267 committee, on principle. The only thing on offer is Indian goodwill, a currency that has little value with the hard –headed Chinese, Who like most other nation, believe that international relations are about given and take.  

India has to take vital decision in its foreign policy initiative
Do we need DALAI LAMA or CHINA ?


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