Saturday, May 6, 2017

We the People of India – 11/2017 (07 May, 20017)

Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji
Kashmir is BURNING Still
We are not LEARNING
Some Statics
(a)  2012-2014             171 people were killed
(b)   2014-2015            221 were killed
(c)  2015 & 2016         300 people were killed
(d)  2017 in Last four months more than 250 people were killed
(e)  During Last 30 moths more than 1300 x border violations have taken place
Some Comments 
(a)  “IN THE VALLEY DARKNESS DEEPENS – The Indian case in and for Kashmir was made fragile in the past by the rigging of elections, And it is made fragile in the present by the rising tide of jingoism, which insists that the government of India and the Indian Army have never made a mistake in Kashmir, Indeed can never make a mistake in Kashmir”     – Ramchandra Guha.
(b)  “ ARE WE ON THE VERGE OF LOASING KASHMIR – Collectively, these are worrying questions for India’s democracy. At their heart lies the apprehension that the Valley is losing faith in India’s democracy. But are we ready to accept that.?                                  – Karan Thapar
(c)   “KASHMIR GEMENTS THE IDIA OF INDIA – India’s interests are too deeply entrenched in Kashmir to let it go. And we can easily accommodate a Muslim-majority state.
-          A. S. Dulat (former RAW Chief)
(d)   “THE YOUNG AND THE RECKLESS -  The youths of Kashmir are disenchanted with mainstream politics. Violent clashes with security forces have become routine. So have deaths. The PDP, which once offered a middle ground to separatists. Seems to have lost its grip, partly because of its alliance partner, the BJP. Given the current situation, it could be quite difficult to bring back the voters.                                                                                        – Tariq Bhat
(e)  TIME TO REVISIT OUR J&K STRATEGY -  Population plays the most decisive role in the success of counterinsurgency and counter proxy war operation. Advised politicians should hold their tongue.
– General Bikram Singh (Former Chief of Army Staff)

“We the peple of India” are deeply concerned about the happening in the Valley. Though many suggestions have been made earlier, however the most concerned is the role of separatist, like Gilani, Yassen Malik & many others. They are disruptive and destructive. We are sheltering them for decades. The time has come we should ENGAGE them or ELEMINATE them. Int agencies are competent to under take such operations, ABDUCTION / ENCOUNTER them. You both are experts (NM & AS) you have done it before in Gujarat. Or search a police officer of the caliber of KPS Gill.


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