Saturday, February 25, 2017

Facts File :- Modi Sarkar – 9/2017 26, Feb. 2017

Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji

Electioneering - 2017

Progress report :
        Narendra Modi has again kept his minister on their toes by asking them to submit details of their tours within the country during the last three months. They have also been asked to give details of the functions and conferences they attended, and their outcome. Modi wants to ensure that his ministers spend more time on government work and visit priority states in the northeast and Jammu and Kashmir. Some ministers are grumbling that hitherto no prime minister had asked for details of domestic travel. Some weeks ago, Modi had asked all ministers to submit details of money credited into their personal bank accounts after demonetization.

Comments :
A free press is not enough
Both the American president and the Indian Prime Minister try to limit journalistic access and centralize the flow of information.
Both seek to delegitimize the media to insulate their rule form Criticism and to Distract the Public on questions of policy. Both have a large base of supporters who are convinced the media is biased against their leaders :-
Says Kanishk Tharoor
Press on Regardless :
            Trump, Modi, all leaders hate critics, want only embedded journalists
            Says Bachi Karkaria

            Modi ji and Shah – You both symbolize Hafiz Saeed and Daud Stop spreading communal disharmony. You both have seen what Trump has caused in U.S. the killing of Indian origin Engineer. You are creating similar circumstances in India. There are many utterances but I will confine  only two Kabristan and Shamshan and comment on KASAB you both are biggest KASAB of Gujrat.

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