Saturday, February 25, 2017

Facts File :- Modi Sarkar – 10/2017 05, March 2017

Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji

The Lawless lawmaker

        As Chief Election Commissioner, I ran into the leader of a major political party. I asked why his political party nominated criminals. I pointed to MLAs with heinous criminal cases pending against them, including murder, rape and kidnapping. Was there a solution to his problem/ He replied, “When elections are on the horizon, our only mantra’ is ‘winnability’.
            The EC has written to successive governments that those charged by a court of law with heinous offences, punishable by five years of imprisonment or more, be debarred from contesting elections. The EC believes this to be a reasonable restriction. However, various parliamentary committees have turned this down, instead offering the establishment of special courts and day-to-day trials. No such mechanism is in sight. The conclusion is inescapable. ‘Winnability’ continues to prevail over clean politics. :-
Says Navin B. Chawla

Comments : -  Modi Ji and Shah Ji you have the highest number of criminals contesting the current elections in five Sates I salute you both for your obnoxious  achievement. An example of grooming futuristic criminals is quoted blow –

ABVP ‘nationalism’ violence on the rise
A - Jainarainvyas University, Jodhpur (Raj.)    B – Central University of Haryana, (Mahendragarh)
C- Jadavpur University Kolkata                       D – Univeristy of Hyerabad
E- Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi    

The Nationalism is State Sponsored if truly looking good for India encourage Patriotism. The later is indigenous and reflects true feelings of Citizens which will result in peace and prosperity.

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