Sunday, February 12, 2017

Facts File :- Modi Sarkar – 7/2017

Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji

Electioneering – 2017
Observations :

a –    You have degenerated the standards of utterances
b –   You are duly supported by the team who can be termed as BITING D. – S, Swami Yogi, Giri Raj Singh, Vijay Vargeya, Sakhi Maharaj, Sadhvi BARKING D. – S, Sangeet Som, Suresh Rana, Baliyan, Katiyar, PET D. – S, Sudhanshu Mittal, Shudhanshu Dewadi, Sambit Patra.
c –    You gave an abbreviation – SCAM defined Samajvadi / Congress / Akhilesh / Mayawati.
d –    Akhilesh’s response Save Country from Amit Shah and Modi how appropriate.
e –    Rahul responded Service / Courage / Ability / Modesty – What a mature response.

Parliamentary Speech :
          On 9th Feb. while concluding the motion of thanks to the President’s address to the Budget Session, you made a slimy remark on the former P.M. Dr. Manmohan Singh. Remarks were atrocious, disrespectful uncalled-for from a P.M. in Parliament representing 130 corer population of India. You should reflect maturity and sobriety in your utterances.

            You remind of HAFEES SAEED of Pak. whose utterances are directed to wards India reflecting his hatred towards India and its people. You as the P.M. while addressing for Electioneering or in Parliament a directed towards apposition mainly the Congress. But your effort can be compared with H.S. of Pak.

            Under you leadership BJP can termed as
a – Bhartiya Jhagralu Party
b – Bagiyo Ki Janta Party

Hope you get a befitting reply

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