Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fact File

03 June 2014 was a sad day. Nation lost a ground based leader a mass leader, risen from the lowest ebb by his hard work. The Nation mourned, the political party mourned the family mourned.  A spirited man who cared for his people was lost. The sadness of the accident, at early hours of the day. The vehicle he was travelling had jumped the red light may be he was in a hurry to catch the flight. The best part of the story was, the driver of the vehicle which had bumped, into the minister’s car did not leave the scene of the accident. This driver only informed the police. The minister’s car had immediately left-for AIIMS, rightly so. The driver of the Indica Car waited for the police. The only person who acted responsibly.

Since then the minister of transport ( Shri Nitin Gadkari) is bent upon to overhaul the traffic laws, the road safety norms and other related issues.  As he is going to control and bring down the road accidents. Nearly 500 people die in road accidents perday (As reported by NCRB) If it was so simple the rape laws were changed dramatically & drastically after NIRBHAY case on 16 Dec 2012, rapes are on the rise every day. Causes are:

(a)   Rising rather exploding population
(b)   Larger no of vehicles on the road increasing day by day
(c)    And we are indisciplined ¼vuq”kklu jfgr½and irresponsible citizen ¼xSj ftEesnkj ukxfjd½

Mantri ji a Nation becomes great only by its quality of people. Do we have any agenda on:

(a)   Population control and stabilization
(b)   Agenda to create masess with discipline ¼vuq”kklu½ and sense of responsible citizenship. ¼ftEesnkj ukxfjd½

We need a change of ATTITUDE change of law only would have negligible effect.

Denounce these Hindutva groups                                                                                   

The Centre must crack down on communal violence and make sure Pune murderers pay the price. It could not get more frightening or uglier: A Face book post could cost the life of an innocent person in as cosmopolitan a place as Pune. A young Muslim techie was attacked and beaten to death after someone else put up an FB post allegedly derogatory to the late Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray and the Maratha warrior king Shivaji. Mohsin Mohammed Sadique Shaikh has nothing to do with this, yet the goons from a Hindu extremist outfit (Hindu Rashtra Sena) thought nothing of murdering him. Not content with this appalling violence, the alleged killers then exchanged sickening messages saying “Pahili wicket padli” (the first wicket has fallen)/ This suggests that these criminals are under the impression that they are in some sort of position of power and can do pretty much what they like to the minorities. The police have arrested a number of persons in connection with the murder and seven have been charged. But the crux of the matter is that the goons, allegedly from the Hindu Rashtra Sena, acted with no fear of the law. If they had any misplaced sense of confidence that they could act like this since a Hindu nationalist party was in power at the Centre in alliance with the Shiv Sena, they must be disabused of this notion immediately. Such ultra right outfits would become more and more visible and more aggressively and ostensibly-unless controlled and tamed. May be unprecedented electoral victory is making them feel abrasive and protective. 

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