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The Fact File-Let the Good Time Roll

Let the Good Time Roll                                                                                           18 June 2014
Not just good governance, people must also show their better selves for ‘acche din’

A catchy slogan of the new government was ‘Acche din aane wale hain’, translating to ‘good days are about to come’. There are other nebulous elements of acche din. What exactly does it mean? Is it enough we don’t have a scam-tainted government anymore? Or that we have a PM who asks babus to come on time and clear files fast? Is the rising sensex a sign of acche din? Well, perhaps to a certain extent. However, there’re clearly more expectations Indians have from these acche din.

The generic term carries with it a massive burden of aspirations, across socio-economic categories. A slum dweller wants running water, a graduate wants a good placement, a village lady wants a toilet in her home, a stockbroker wants the stock market to rise, parents want a good school for their children, a commuter wants good public transport, a businessman wants lower taxes and regulations-the list is endless.

One, care for those beneath you.

Two, have a certain civic sense. As a general rule, follow rules. Never litter, disobey traffic norms or do anything at the expense of society.

Three, respect women. No respect doesn’t mean you fall on their feet and start calling them devi or ma or behen (goddess or mother or sister). Respect means treating them as human beings.

Four, respect talent, innovation, creativity, risk-taking and entrepreneurship. Instead, we respect power, money (no matter how it is attained), connections, and the well-settled.

India has tried its best to put a government in place that seemed to be the best alternative available. However, acche din needs a little more than an acchi sarkar. It also need acche log.

                                         An extract of an article by Chetan Bhagat, TOI June 14, 2014

Comments & Observation:

Very cleverly Modi or new “Modi Sarkar” has defined any time frame. “Acche Din” the most important aspect is “We the People”. Unless the quality of people improves nothing is Possible. The most important factor is Population Control & Stabilization. Any initiative honor’ble PM Sir? 

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