Thursday, June 19, 2014

Modi Sarkar’s Dillemma

Modi Sarkar’s Dillemma                                                                                                  20 June 2014

Gen VK Singh (Retd) Former COAS

General VK Singh (Former COAS) raised a bogey, as was expected, on the appointment of Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag as the next COAS. VK kept on fighting for the change of his DOB during last 18 months of his retirement. VK’s sole objective was to get extra term for himself and more importantly to set the heirerical ascendancy of an order of his choice. To achieve this aim VK did not hesitate to put all possible obstacles in the way of General Bikram Singh and Lt Gen DSS to become “Army Cdr’s”.His another aim towards last stage has been to see his “Samdhi” ¼le/kh½ Lt Gen ashok Singh as the next COAS.

VK is vindictive, partisan, revengeful full of venom. Thank “GOD” his dream of occupying in the cabinet as DM did not materialize. BJP is to watch out this man he can be an embarrassment.

Watch out Pak-Responses and actions.
Modi and his supporters  were thrilled on inviting neighboring countries. Heads of states. Among those equals, Pak PM occupied an exalted space.

While leaving the country the response from “Sartaj Ahmed” “was we achieved more than expected”. This was countered and diffused within 3-4 days.  When a response was received from Pak. “Our PM was not treated well”. The utterances were jointly cooling off. when now (11-13 June) cease fire violations started. Round the clock firing in Poonch, Mandher, Rajori sector. ABV has trusted Pak leadership a great deal. In anticipation of his (ABV) Bus Yatra to Lahore in Feb 99. PMO had advised Int agencies to keep low profile on Pak in Oct 1998. ABV thought he will break the ice and become a history What happened we had KARGIL- lost nearly 550 young officers and soldiers.

We should not forget, through Pak claim to be democracy. PAK is ruled by 3A’s.

(a)    Allah-which include Jehadi elements,
(b)   Army-which include ISI
(c)    America –Economic Aid and broad foreign policy agenda is directed by US.
Pak is to be always looked with doubt & suspicion.  Continuance of dialogue at all levels should be a regular process. But we should never lower our guards.

Eliminating Tainted and criminal elements from electoral politics.

NaMo mantra during election campaign as well as during President’s address to the Parliament, Namo emphasized this point. But the dilemma is there are 98 MP’s among the BJP count of 283, out of the 98 66 are charged with serious crimes. If Namo is serious he should bring a legislation “who are charged with Murder/Rape/embezzlement  of funds corruption, such individuals against whom charge sheets are filed would not be eligible to contest elections”, till they are proved not quality at least by the lowest court.

The embarrassment of a kind what is now faced with MOS Nihal Chand (Raj) is charged with a rape case. 

Are we really serious?

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