Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Solution to corruption: Stay single! – Says “Shobha De”

Solution to corruption: Stay single! – Says “Shobha De”

Narendra Modi sure has some unique solutions to offer India. The latest one is by far the most amusing. Modi declared with a straight face that being a non-family man, he has no incentive to be corrupt! Thereby implying, family breeds corruption. Errr…. Shouldn’t the same idiotic argument be used to excuse bachelor boy Rahul Gandhi as well? I really don’t know what Modi was thinking when he made that outrageous remark. It is not just misogynistic, but also misleading and mischievous.

To begin with, according to reliable sources, there is a Mrs Narendra Modi tucked away somewhere. Which makes Modi a bachelor by choice, and in legal terms. To the best of everone’s knowledge, he has not fathered any children. So far. He says the absence of such emotionally binging ties makes him the right candidate for the top job, since he can devote himself better to work for the people and the country.
So, if you want to succeed as a neta stay single and marry politics. If you want the country to be corruption free, vote for brahmacharis. And spinsters.

Assuming he makes it to the gaddi, will Modi form his cabinet on the basis of his new found theory? Will he carefully weed out married candidates and reserve sensitive portfolios for single people?

It is a pity that Modi has chosen to link marital status to corruption and temptation. This sends an awful message to those married who may be thinking of getting into politics at some point in their lives. Particularly, if the party of their choice is the BJP. Will they postpone having children? Or hide their families? Will singledom-by-choice become the new political badge to flaunt? One wishes Narendra Modi has taken a more serious/responsible position on corruption and actually presented his agenda to tackle it head on.


Modi-isms are often more difficult to understand than the intricacies of economics. Take, for instance, Narendra Modi’s recent analogy between women’s safety and price rise. “If Congress mahashay (Rahul Gandhi) is worried about women’s safety, they (the UPA) have to bring down price rise,” he said.  ‘They had promised to bring down inflation in 100 days. Did it happen? Children go to bed hungry and mothers weep. Delhi has become the rape capital of India. Yet, the Congress did nothing to ensure safety of women. You could have brought smiles on the faces of our mothers and sisters by tackling price rise.” What Modi meant by his words, even his supporters don’t know. 

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