Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Racism, Our Dirty Secret

                                                                                                                              12/13 March 2014
Racism, Our Dirty Secret   

Prejudice based on one’s regional origins is deep-seated among Indians, including the police.

As a Nation, we are hardwired to see racial prejudice only where Indians are victims and where ‘white people’ are perpetrators. But racism against Indians by Indians thrives. And neither is it confined to the attitudinal behavior of ‘mainland Indians’ towards ‘northeasterners’, the latter also capable of their very own brand of xenophobia.

For the ‘social mindset’ to change, the law must first treat’ and be seen treating, crimes including non-racist crimes against northeast Indians seriously. It is how law enforcers deal with cases in which ethnic or racial minorities are victims and complainants that will determine whether India confines itself to benign discrimination. Until then, constitutional exceptions will continue to prove a shameful rule.
Adopted from TOI 10 Feb 2014
Modi believes in my way or highway

Referring to the recent win of congress’s student wing NSUI in the Gujarat University Student Union elections, he said, “Gujarat NSUI has taught a lesson to those believing in ‘my way or the highway’. The people believing in ‘my way or the highway’ have reduced Keshubhai Patel and LK Adwani to the status of trophies. They are now treating these people like trophies that have been won.” Babbar was addressing an NSUI convention here.
Raj Babbar on NaMo TOI 7 Mar 2014

Politics and its many shades of grey
Yes, I am talking about AAP. The party raised the hopes of a large number of Indians, but quickly dashed them.They did help identify a great problem –corruption- but the means used to fix the problem were superficial. Sometimes, they were even in conflict with other important moral values in a society such as decorum, stability, respect for rules and patience. No matter how deep and genuine your pain, society seldom allows violation of law, order and process to fix it on a regular basis.
Chetan bhagat TOI 9 Mar 2014
Farrukh Abdulla:
The country has to stop giving electricity for free. It is like giving them cocaine once people get addicted to it, you can’t stop it. After every five years (election time) have to just double the dose of cocaine.

Shadi ke side effect (A Movie) what Navjot Siddu said during the commentary in Asia cup “It is like Ice cream made of  “rh[kh gjh fepZ ” which you sip slowly. Farhan Akhtar was in the commentators’ box.

Chest Thumping
56 inch chest. This is political chest thumping at its most ridiculous. What would happen if a woman candidate were to speak of her ‘D’ cup. Shobha De on NaMo thumping his chest

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