Sunday, January 29, 2017

Republic Day Special

 Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji

You claim to be the savior of India

Some facts are – Jobless in less Cash Times. Contrary to government claims, workers and farmers are bearing the brunt of the crash crunch. A preliminary survey by the All India Manufacturers’ Association  reveals 30-40 per cent job losses across various sectors in just one month of demonetization.

A few suggestions – what ails India P-3, C-5
P-3 is at National level that is :
Population – we have grown from 33 corer (1951 census to 130 corer now, we would we 150 corer by 2050 and would reach a mark of 200 corer by end of the century.  

·        Poverty – It is fallout of the larger population.
·        Pollution – All this added gives larger pollution.
India is just 2% of land mass and presently we have 18% of world’s population.
C-5 is at political level that is :
·        Criminalization of politics
·        Corruption in politics
·        Communalization of politics
·        Casteism in politics
·        Compromises in coalition politics
·        Prime Minister – Sir you appear to be a doer some suggestion
·        A formulate a National Population Policy
·        Political Reforms – Presently there are 1900 registered political parties with the EC. Recently EC has derecognized 400 of them. Is it healthy for a democratic country like ours?
·        Electoral Reforms – To bring in some legislative measures that the people who are charged with serious crimes (Like murder, rape, embezzlement etc.) should not be allowed to contest elections till they are acquitted by the courts. Bagis (and Dalbadloos should be discouraged).

You have a super DON as the president of the Bagi Janta Party (BJP).

Sir I have no doubt that with your intentions of routing out corruption you would insist on LOKAUKTS in States and LOKPAL at the centre India is looking forward to your hard hitting decisions. 

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