Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fact File – VI (Modi Sarkar) 25h, Dec. 2016

All BJP spooks persons  describe this way

Modi’s Surgical Strikes –
First One :- On 28-29 Sep. 2016,  it was a commando raid to avenge the URI attack. Those who wish to know “what surgical strike is may see “Macmillan’s Dictionary”

Second One :- On 8th November -  Demonetization nearing 50 days, Nearly 90% of the people mostly low category are suffering. MSME units are crumpling down, unemployment is on the increase final result will be seen only after March 2017.

Third Surgical Strike : -  On 17th Dec. finely Modi Sarkar revealed the senior most appointments of the Army Chief Air Force chief and RAW and IB chief (delayed by 6 weeks).
A man third on the seniority list appointed the COAS. It is something like the appointment of General Bajwa as the new Pak Army Chief .

Procedure followed :- Conventionally three senior most Lt. Gen. names are forwarded by the MOD for consideration by the cabinet. Normally senior most is appointed. All are equally competent.

Once you reach the stage of Army Commander your competence levels are not in doubt this jump to make the third man in order of seniority has sent shock waves in the serving senior officers and retired fraternity (the veterans).
Modi’s spokes person have vehemently defended the decision by quoting some past incidents.

1983 :- Lt. Gen. S. K. Sinha was superseded and Lt. Gen. A. S. Vaidya was appointed. That is the time when Indira Gandhi was faced with the biggest challenge of her political career. Terrorism was mushrooming in Punjab & even some major general (Retd.)  rank officer’s had joined the movement. Lt. Gen. S. K. Sinha was defiant and did not share the line of approach to tackle the situation. Not going further in the detail - operation blue star had to be planned. Finely IG/ASV/Beant Singh had to loose their lives. Sunder Jee, Bul Bul Brar many more committed army officers led lives of prisoner in their houses till they perished.

1988 :- Appointment of Air Marshal S. K. Mehra was effected superseding M.M. Singh. MMS was superseded for his personal and social activities.

2014 :- Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (Foc-in-C WNC) was super seeded and Robin Dhawan was appointed the CNS. Admiral Joshi resigned on  moral ground taking responsibility of some sub marine accidents where some sailors were killed. Vice Admiral Sinha could not have been considered since accidents took place under his jurisdiction.

Unprecedented happening of the past :-
30 Dec. 1998 Admiral Bhagwat was dismissed and Vice Admiral Susheel Kumar was appointed a big lobby by S.K. for 6 months (A happening of the then NDA Govt.).

Gen. B.C. Joshi :- Died in office Lt. Gen. Shankar Roy Chaudhary was appointed the chief. He was Army Cdr. Training Command since he was the senior most.

F. H. Major :- A helicopter pilot was appointed the CAS on 31st March 2007 since he was the senior most. ACM Major did a commendable job.

The present appointment of Lt. Gen. Bipin Rawat is not in conformity with the norms. This can be easily construed to be highly politicized (may be UKD elections and the formidable role of NSA is in question).

This is the 3rd Surgical Strike. Rest for individuals to have their opinion.

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