Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Advantage of Modi- Series VI

Advantage of Modi- Series VI
BJP’s mixing a deadly cocktail                                                          07 Oct. 2014

The central government is pursuing the diabolic agenda of anti-people economic reforms and communal polarization.

This Modi government is showing greater enthusiasm and eagerness in implementing the trajectory of economic reforms designed to provide greater profit maximization opportunities for foreign and domestic capital, while imposing greater economic burden on the people. Despite their claims of having begun an economic turnaround, the ground situation continues to worsen with factories closing down and unemployment growing. Whatever relief that the rural employment guarantee scheme provided is being drastically curtailed. Price rise continues to take its toll. Our farmers continue to commit ‘distress’ suicides. Under these conditions, the large-scale privatization of the public sector, drastic labour reforms and other such measures are, in fact, worsening the live hood quality of the vast majority of our people.

Hence, the RSS and its political arm, the BJP, have returned to their basics-sharpening communal polarization. The latest on this score is the sudden spurt of communal incidents in Delhi in anticipation of assembly elections that are due. In areas like Bhawana, nandnagari, Trilokpuri and Samaypur Badli, former BJP legislators are allegedly creating communal confrontations. In this they see their only way to consolidate the Hindu communal ‘vote banks politics’ of the worst order that is designed to destroy the secular democratic character of the modern Indian Republic by posing serious threats to our social unity and integrity. The pursuit of this diabolic agenda-a deadly cocktail of anti-people economic reforms and communal polarization – cannot be allowed to succeed.

As narrated by Sitaram Yechury (HT Nov 04, 2014)

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